20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Meghalaya

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Meghalaya
25May, 2021

Creating a smart mobile app for your business is a great way to reach out to today’s customers. If you want an elegant, feature-rich app the best thing to do is to outsource the design to one of the best mobile app development companies in Meghalaya. By working with expert app designers you’ll be able to create the most effective solution for your business. They’ll also be able to provide professional insights as to which features are useful for the type of services you offer and how to impress the right customers. We’ve put together a list of the top mobile app development companies in Meghalaya, so that you can hire the best for your business.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is one of the most reputable mobile app development companies in Meghalaya. Their expert developers can help you create a visually stimulating state-of-the-art app that’s tailored precisely to your business purposes. They also put a strong focus on optimising the user experience. You can reach out to your target audience with a highly responsive and easy to navigate application for both iOS and Android.


Appsinvo builds innovative applications and is ranked as one of the leading mobile app development companies in Meghalaya. They create custom mobile apps and software for businesses of all sizes. Their skilled team of React Native developers have the experience to design smart and scalable mobile apps that will help you grow your business. They develop top solutions for iOS and Android with cutting edge features.


Codigion offers a complete service, taking your ideas and developing them all the way to deployment providing support at every stage. They help businesses design the best solutions including native apps, web apps, hybrid apps, and cross-platform apps. The team of developers at Codigon will give advice and information about which front-end and back-end services your business app needs according to the expectations of today’s users.


Encoders create iOS and Android apps along with progressive web app designs. They help businesses reach out to their customers with professional-looking UI designs and excellent features. Encoders is recognised as a reputable mobile app development company. They create stable apps that are both scalable and secure. You can rest assured they’ll bring your business into the 21st century and help you grow as a company.


Microtelesoft uses the best tools, software, and app development methodologies to produce high-quality apps for a range of businesses. They help companies create content-rich applications for high-end mobile devices. The expert developers have extensive experience in designing elegant apps across a variety of platforms including Android, iPhone, and Windows. They also provide mobile app training and help businesses launch their new apps successfully.

Marak Technologies

Marak Technologies follow a strict and thorough process when designing tailored app solutions for business. They begin with detailed research and conceptualisation, involving studying both the competition and consumer behaviours in your field. They lay out all the relevant features for you and will keep you updated so you can give feedback. Your app will also go through rigorous testing on various devices to ensure it’s compatible.


Groveus provides Android app development services at an affordable price. They build solutions that are custom-designed to meet your business needs. They have worked with a range of business clients from startups to SMEs, to larger corporations and have over fifteen years of experience in the field. If you’re looking to develop a smart Android app for your business, Groveus is one of the leading companies.

Spark Infosys

Spark Infosys is a top iOS app development company. Their experts can help you create an iOS mobile app that aligns with your business goals. They offer a complete app development service for a very reasonable price, so can work with any budget. Speak to a member of their friendly team about your ideas and they’ll help you make them a reality.


Cudoweb ranks as one of the best mobile app development companies in Meghalaya. They’re also international and have over ten thousand clients all over the world. As well as development apps for businesses they also offer responsive web design, creative graphic design, and digital marketing services. The expert team at Cudoweb will help you build brand awareness and connect with the right customers.

Base Infotech

Base Infotech builds high-tech applications for a range of devices and platforms including Android, iPhone, and iPad. As well as developing apps they all offer a range of other services such as support, maintenance, and testing. They can help you create all kinds of applications for your business and provide professional insights at every stage. They’ll also help you to plan an effective marketing strategy.

North East Web Designer

North East Web Designer offers a range of mobile app design services. They work with businesses to provide them with the tools they need to achieve their goals. You can get in touch with their friendly team and let them know your ideas. They’ll then create a custom-designed mobile app that’s tailored to the type of business you run. This will help you make your products or services more accessible to your customers.

Iewduh Techz Private Limited

Iewduh Techz Private Limited provides high quality technology solutions to businesses whether it’s custom-made software or a professional-looking app. Their experts have excellent technical knowledge across a wide variety of platforms, tools, and frameworks. They are continually investing in the latest resources and training their staff accordingly. If you’re looking to impress your clients with state-of-the-art technology then you’ve come to the right place.

Duplex Technologies

Duplex Technologies offer a five stage complete mobile app development process. They will plan, develop, test, and launch your app while offering updates on any progress and support. They design high-quality apps for a range of different industries. These include eCommerce, real-estate, education, retail, and hospitality. If you need to create an app for a particular service, speak to a member of the friendly team at Duplex Technologies.

Global IT Solutions Group

Global IT Solutions Group is one of the leading Android mobile app development companies in Shillong, Meghalaya. They offer creative app features, and UI and UX. They also develop native iOS and hybrid apps if yours needs to be compatible across different platforms. They offer world-class solutions at competitive rates with flexible costing options. During the development process, their customer service team also provides 24/7 support.


Smart5Solutions provides cost-effective and user-friendly Android, hybrid, and iOS solutions. Their expert developers will help you design specific features for your customers according to your unique requirements. This will allow you to create a truly engaging and interactive app that your clients will love using. They have built apps for a number of different sectors including business apps, medical apps, travel and tourism apps, real-estate apps, eCommerce apps, educational apps, and catering apps.

Gen X Infotech

Gen X Infotech creates mobile apps for businesses along with an extensive range of other services including web design, hosting, and promotion. If you’re interested in building a digital presence for your business they can help you do so across a variety of platforms. You can boost your brand recognition and create the right tools to connect with new and existing customers. Gen X Infotech offers innovative solutions for businesses of all sizes.


GrowUpNext will enable your business to harness the power of mobile-first with custom apps and complete development services. Their developers have expertise in creating innovative products across a variety of frameworks whether you’re looking for native, hybrid, or cross-platforms. Their services are reasonably priced and efficient. If you’re in need of a quick turn around, and a state-of-the-art design on a budget, GrowUpNext could be the right company for you.


DigiUp offers value for money mobile app design services. They also have expertise in other areas such as web design, digital marketing, graphic design, and software development. They have worked with clients across a number of industries including finance, education, travel, logistics, and eCommerce. They are experts in branding and graphic design so can help you create an app that truly represents the personality of your brand through visuals and tone of voice.

Manu Info Solutions

Manu Info Solutions is one of the top mobile app development companies in Shillong, Meghalaya. They can help businesses with any kind of app development products. Their team of experienced developers can help you multiply your businesses by making your services accessible on mobile platforms. They will help you keep up with the latest trends and impress your clients with state-of-the-art tools and technologies.


Kartcastle is one of the best mobile app development companies in Meghalaya due to their expertise and experience in superior coding. Their expert team can help create an app for your business that’s highly responsive, fast-loading, and totally user-friendly. They will take through every stage of your project from early concept to design and deployment. If you need a superb app to help grow your business Kartcastle can help you get ahead.