25+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in Massachusetts

25 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Massachusetts
22Apr, 2021

There’s no denying that smartphones and tablets have become extremely popular in recent years. Such devices have specifications that rival even mid-range desktop computers and offer plenty of productivity and gaming potential.

Both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store contain hundreds of thousands of apps for download. Research shows that over 218 billion apps got downloaded globally in 2020, up from 204 billion in the previous year.

Of course, there’s always room for new apps and games on both app marketplaces! Are you looking for a mobile app developer to help you create a new app or game for mobile devices?

If so, and you want to work with an expert in Massachusetts, who should you consider for your project? As you can imagine, there’s a vast amount of choice. The challenge is finding a shortlist of providers with a proven track record at creating successful mobile apps.

Thankfully, you won’t need to spend hours scouring the web searching for mobile app development companies to help you realize your project and turn your concept into a fully functional mobile app for iOS and Android platforms.

With all that in mind, the following is a carefully curated list of the best mobile app development companies in Massachusetts for you to consider, along with details on what they offer and the types of clients they typically work with:

1. Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is a leading app developer for mobile phones and tablet devices. We have offices worldwide and a team of design, development, and marketing experts.

Our company also offers enterprise software solutions, enabling businesses and organizations to better communicate with their remote teams. We also have particular expertise in building scalable mobile app solutions for large companies.

Exemplary Marketing provides its services to businesses and organizations of all sizes. We have technical experts that can help troubleshoot any mobile app roadblocks, such as mobile connectivity to proprietary IT systems that traditionally don’t have a web interface.

Aside from mobile app development, we also get involved with machine learning and automation projects, web app development, and a whole host of digital solutions for organizations looking to grow their brands online.

2. Thoughtbot

Thoughtbot is a Boston-based digital design and development business launched in 2003. While their primary focus is web development, they also offer mobile app development and primarily work with small businesses with a turnover of less than $10m.

3. 923 Digital

Launched in 2013, 923 Digital is a B2B app development company located in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts. Around three-quarters of their work relates to mobile app development, with the rest concentrated solely on custom software programming.

4. Rocket Farm Studios

Rocket Farm Studios is a company that offers mobile app development for iOS and Android and custom software development. They have expertise in UX and UI design. Plus, they typically aim their services at mid-market enterprises that sell directly to consumers.

5. Boston Technology Corporation

BTC provides custom app development and big data solutions primarily for mid-market companies, although they do also work with small businesses and larger enterprises. Most of their app development gets focused on the medical sector, such as clinical research.

6. ADK Group

If you’re looking for an all-rounder that can create mobile apps and code custom software solutions, you could also consider ADK Group. Founded in 2011, their primary focus is on the healthcare and education sectors, and they usually work on large-scale projects.

7. AndPlus

AndPlus, based in Southborough, offers a diverse mix of services: mobile app development, web development, and AI (artificial intelligence) solutions. They also provide IoT (Internet of Things) and machine learning development services, both in the U.S. and beyond.

8. Rocket Insights

Billing themselves as the fastest-growing digital agency in America, Rocket Insights comprises a tight-knit team of programming professionals. Launched in 2015, they offer mobile app development, web programming, and UX/UI design services to various sectors.

9. DockYard

Despite having a maritime-themed name, DockYard is a digital product agency based in Hingham that offers an array of mobile app, web, and custom software development services. Their industry focus is the arts, entertainment, business, and financial sectors.

10. Galaxy Weblinks

Established in 1998, Galaxy Weblinks is one of the oldest mobile app development companies in Boston, MA. They’ve worked on over 1,000 products since they launched and mainly work with companies in the USA’s education, IT, and healthcare sectors.

11. OrangeLoops

Another Boston-based mobile app development company is OrangeLoops. Their veteran developers have over 20 years of industry experience and code in mobile app languages like Objective-C and cross-platform with React Native. They work with clients in all sectors.

12. The Gnar Company

A top provider on this list of best mobile app development companies in Massachusetts is The Gnar Company. The curiously-named Boston company has enterprise-level coding experience and has a particular industry focus on the business and supply chain sectors.

13. PreApps

Founded in 2012, Boston-based PreApps is predominately a mobile app marketing business, although they do provide app development services as well. The company boasts of having helped 3,000+ apps gain success on both Apple and Google’s app marketplaces.

14. Full Cortex

Full Cortex is what you might call an all-rounder. They offer mobile app programming, marketing, and custom web development services. Launched in 2016, the firm specializes in small businesses in the consumer products and services, medical, and IT sectors.

15. Ballast Lane Applications

Ballast Lane Applications focuses on both mobile app development and custom software programming. Founded in 2011, the Marblehead-based firm also has offices in South America and Europe, offering a truly global service to small and mid-market businesses.

16. Intrepid

Cambridge-based Intrepid offers mobile app development to a broad spectrum of industries. They also provide end-to-end solutions for IoT and wearables technology – ideal for organizations looking for a technology-focused mobile app developer for their needs.

17. Echobind

Echobind is a digital consultancy firm that provides app and software development services to medium-to-large companies. Founded in 2015, they mainly work with healthcare industry clients, although they also have experience with financial services and manufacturing firms.

18. Mbicycle

Mbicycle is another curiously named company that provides mobile app creation services to clients across Massachusetts. The Boston-based business predominately works on medium-scale projects for small and midmarket firms across many industries and sectors.

19. Zero Negative Software

Founded in 2014, Zero Negative Software is another mobile app development brand that hails from Boston. While they work on projects from clients across a broad range of niches, their target market is small businesses in the e-commerce, education, and transport sectors.

20. MTC Labs

Once known as Massachusetts Technology Corporation, MTC Labs specializes in mobile app development and is also interested in machine learning and big data projects. Founded in 2001, their target client base is mid-market healthcare businesses and organizations.

21. Conor Leary Development

Conor Leary is a Boston-based full-stack freelance mobile developer. Although not a company, he does code mobile apps for small to medium-size enterprises and makes this list because he has worked on numerous high-profile mobile app projects in the past.

22. Quintegro

Quintegro focuses on building mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms and custom web applications that often connect to those apps. Located in the heart of Boston, the firm helps turn each client’s concepts into fully packaged digital solutions.

23. Jinn

Launched in 2016, Jinn is a relatively new player in the mobile app development marketplace. They offer a rich blend of mobile app, web development, and other technology solutions for small to mid-size enterprises across Massachusetts and beyond.

24. Boston Byte

Boston Byte is a Marlborough-based company that provides a range of mobile app and product development services. The 50-strong team of highly skilled developers has experience of working with small business clients in the medical, IT, and media sectors.

25. Fuseideas

Fuseideas is one of the larger providers of mobile app programming services in Massachusetts. They have offices based in Winchester, MA, other U.S. states, and an international office in the Czech Republic. Fuseideas also provides other digital solutions.

26. Zagaran Software

Zagaran is a Boston-based mobile app and software development house led by a team of Harvard alumni developers. Founded in 2013, they work with clients of all sizes, ranging from startups and nonprofits to Global 500 firms and local and state government agencies.

27. Consensus Interactive

Another global digital technology company based in Massachusetts that provides mobile app development services is Consensus Interactive. The firm has worked with some well-known international brands, but they also work with startups and small to medium-size firms.

28. Extension Engine

Extension Engine is a company based at the Harvard Innovation Lab in Boston. Boasting a team of almost 200 experts, Extension Engine offers a full suite of mobile and digital services, including app development, UX design, and system integration.

29. Rightpoint

Last but not least, there is Rightpoint – a well-established company that offers a variety of digital solutions to clients. They have particular expertise in producing digital product, e-commerce and m-commerce, and digital experience solutions.