10+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in Maryland

10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Maryland
21Apr, 2021

Exemplary Marketing

When it comes to looking for the best mobile app development companies in Maryland, you should look to Exemplary Marketing. They offer the best help and assistance when you are looking for themed and visually stimulating mobile smartphone apps. They use the best in state of the art technologies to ensure that your app is designed and developed to perfection. They will ensure that your app meets your purpose fully, with the right team of experts on your side to develop your app to your exact specifications. If you are looking for specific marketing solutions, the experts at Exemplary Marketing are waiting to be of assistance. They do more than solve problems, they help you to avoid the same issues cropping up again in future.

uVision Partners

Based in Columbia, Maryland, uVision Partners are here to ensure that your business has the best possible mobile development grounding possible. They specialize in web design, branding, digital marketing and mobile marketing – so you know that you’re covered. Looking for the best mobile app development companies isn’t always straightforward: it all depends on what you are looking for! With the help of uVision Partners, you will be able to enjoy well-designed, user-friendly applications that will attract more customers. Whether you are a newbie startup or you are a seasoned enterprise, you will be able to enjoy the help of uVision Partners when it comes to getting your business off the ground. They offer solutions for every situation no matter what, and you can do more to achieve your mission of being the best in the industry at what you do. uVision Partners aim to go above and beyond to understand what you offer, and ensure that this is reflected in your app.

LCG Technologies Corp

Technology is making waves in the face of business, and at LCG Technologies Corp, you will see exactly what that means. Whether you need to get work done or collaborate with your team on your favorite device, they will ensure that your mobile app is designed to total perfection. Development of your mobile app is the next step and they will work with you from the start to the end of your mobile app vision to ensure that you are able to keep up with the speed of your industry. Your business is going to depend on your app to work well, and employees and clients alike are going to come together to help to bring your new mobile app to life. You need your audience to feel as if your business app is a flexible one, and it can be with the right help and support of LCG Technologies Corp.

64 Robots

Since 2016, 64 Robots has provided the business of Maryland with the best, accurate design, build and shipping mobile app development service. As a team, they will collaborate with you to ensure that your business gets the very best in mobile app development and design. They work to bring the vision that you have for your app to life, so whatever you need to be built into the code, 64 Robots will help you to ensure that your secure, efficient and well-designed app is brought to the forefront of your business. This is a team that is one of the best mobile app development companies in Maryland, and they need to get your business working well – which is why their service is worth every penny!


When you need a mobile development expert, turn to Rackner. They are a software consultancy that will build cloud solutions for your startup business, but they will also help medium and larger enterprises, too. Taking the time to get to know what you need for your app, the experts at Rackner will ensure that they build your  mobile app to be one that your audience will continue to come back to again and again.


You are in the market for the best mobile app development companies in Maryland, and iGenero is exactly that. This team will collaborate with you to ensure that you can tell your brand story through engaging and compelling creatives. They will ensure that your business is one that people want to log into and learn from, and iGenero is all about bringing together your vision with emotion and experience to grow your app to be the best that it can be. They have helped a range of clients from startup companies to Fortune enterprises, and they can ensure that your digital presence is much improved. They offer an intuitive result, and they’re not afraid to show you the difference between a good product and a bad one! They will help you to be better and offer a more intuitive option for your customers every single time.


As a business that is strongly focused on creating and maintaining mobile app solutions, Optimuus is going to be able to help you to evaluate your compatibility in the market. They will take your vision for your brand and define a custom development strategy that will allow you to design, test and deploy the perfectly designed mobile app that your audience is clamouring for. They will ensure that they produce mobile apps that look terrific, remain secure and work well. Their team knows just what it means to build an app that will be effective, eye-catching and easy to use. Their whole app development solution is a custom-made one, to ensure that you exactly what your business needs to impress.

AYI Group

You have the opportunity to partner with the experts when you work alongside AYI Group. Not only will you be able to work with a group of expert mobile app developers, you can ensure that you are working to bring your mobile app vision to life. Developing an app is no easy feat, but the experts at AYI Group can ensure that your mobile app in Maryland is developed to perfection today.

Adventure Web Interactive

It doesn’t matter what size your business is, from sole trader to huge enterprise, Adventure Web Interactive will work with you to collaborate your ideas into a tangible, developed app that will bring in new customers and impress your audience. They do this with a creative team of programmers, designers, engineers and writers who will work with you to bring that idea that you have for your mobile app to the forefront. They look to combine the latest and greatest technologies into database architecture, ensuring that your business gets the best possible design systems and solutions. Your business may be new to having a mobile app developed, but it’s not new to Adventure Web Interactive. An app is the staple of the smartphone user, and Adventure Web Interactive ensures that you are a piece of that puzzle!


Experts in mobile development don’t come better than REEA in Maryland. They offer no limits to what they can achieve for your business, and if you are in the market for smart, responsive and efficient mobile app development, then look no further than one of the best mobile app development companies in Maryland. They can ensure that your platform is 100% user friendly and responsive, and that’s exactly what you need for an app for your business.

Megsoft Consulting, Inc

If you are looking for a leading digital product agency, trust the expertise of the team at Megsoft Consulting Inc. You can ensure that your vision is executed and delivered with precision, bringing your customers in and giving them what they expect of your business. Megsoft Consulting Inc are here to help you to handle huge amounts of data, high security and expert customization in your mobile app. They will develop the app that you have in mind, and they have helped some of the biggest brands around – they can assist you, too!

ScottE Software

Based in Howard County and Carroll County, ScottE Software is all about developing and designing creative ideas before delivering them to you. You have an idea of what you want for your mobile web app, and ScottE Software is the company that you can trust to deliver it to you. You get a brand that stands out and looks amazing, and your customers get the responsive, efficient app that they have been calling out for. Your website is the core of your business, and that’s understood precisely at ScottE Software. They want to help you to build your marketing strategy, and your mobile app is going to be a huge part of that!

Infopath Solutions Inc

A global business and technology solutions provider, Infopath Solutions Inc can offer your business an array of integrated services combining technology, design and management with ease. You want a responsive mobile app, and Infopath Solutions Inc can ensure that you get exactly that. They work on business transformation, and you can be a part of that when you work with this expert team. Their experienced software architects can help you to develop your mobile app with ease, so give one of the best mobile app development companies in Maryland a call today!