20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Manchester

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Manchester
07Jun, 2021

Are you looking for somebody to provide your business with its very own mobile app? You should be, as this can be another way for customers to connect with your product or service. But to ensure your app stands out from the multitude of others online, it’s important to choose the best company when you’re looking for a mobile app developer.

If you’re looking for such a company in the Manchester area, then you have a large number to choose from. But which is the best? Well, it depends on your budget and the type of app you need for your business.

To help you choose, we have listed 20 popular mobile app development companies in Manchester, so have a look and commit to a Google search to learn more about each one of them.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing has helped a wide range of companies, from a variety of different industries, with their technical and digital transformation. They cover all aspects of digital marketing and stand out in all areas, including mobile app development, for which they have become highly well-regarded. Client testimonials highlight their effectiveness, with business leaders praising the talented, pragmatic team at the heart of the company, with special mention on the quality and efficiency of their work. Using top-of-line technologies, they have produced apps that are easy to navigate, simple to use, and visually appealing for the user. Having achieved forty million downloads from the iOS and Play Stores, they could be your number one choice when looking for a mobile app developer.


With a skilled team of 28 people, this company has been specialising in mobile app development for a number of years now. They serve a wide number of industries, including those in the healthcare, retail, and education sectors, and have created ground-breaking digital solutions to help launch successful businesses across the UK. Former clients include the NHS so this is one company that is well-recognised in the mobile app development business.


With the National Geographic, Bean, and Jackbox Games in their portfolio, this is one mobile app development company you know you can trust. They have won a number of awards for their work, so this adds to their credibility, and helps them work towards their goal of being the no.1 Javascript development company in the world.


Apadami have been creating digital products for mobile users for twenty years and have gained a competitive advantage because of the technologies that they use. Clients include a large digital retailer, for whom they made an app to fuel in-store purchases, and they have worked within a number of other industries too. Facebook, the BBC, and Skyscanner are among their former clients.


As one of Europe’s leading digital companies, with offices in Denmark, Amsterdam, and Manchester, you can expect quality app development when you choose their services. One client includes a popular beer retailer, for whom they created an app to drive customers to their products, and they have worked with Samsung and BMW too. They promise great solutions made with stunning design and cutting-edge technology, with support to businesses to help them validate and prototype their mobile app ideas.


Indiespring may have made waves in Manchester, but it’s the global market that they are reaching for. They have worked in markets across the globe, including places as diverse as Alaska and the Bahamas, and they have provided many specialist mobile apps for a range of different companies. Nokia and Oxford University are among their former clients, so this is evidence of the team’s flexibility when creating apps for different sectors.

Foresight Mobile

Did you have the foresight to use this company? Despite being a small team of app developers, they have the combined expertise to provide an excellent service to their clients. They use the latest technologies across all platforms to build long-lasting and performance-driven mobile apps. The company are especially well-versed in supporting tech startup companies, so if you’re looking to grow in this area, you might want to get in touch with this very talented team.


Softwire were named one of the best mid-size companies to work for in the UK, so their employees are obviously very happy. But what about their clients? Well, the team must be doing something right, as they have quite an impressive portfolio, with the Royal Pharmaceutical Company and the BBC being just two of the clients they have worked with. These self-proclaimed innovators in software engineering and digital design are proving themselves to be leaders in their field, so are certainly worth your consideration.


Silverchip define themselves as creative, passionate problem solvers, so if you have complicated needs that have to be met with your mobile apps, this could be the company for you. They provide mobile app development and software development services for enterprise, midmarket, and small businesses, so they should be able to serve your needs, no matter the size of your company.


This creative design studio has won awards for its mobile apps and websites and has helped many businesses, on both a local and a global scale. Clients include those in the gaming and automotive industries, and despite only being a small team, they have more than held their own within the mobile app industry. As per the name of their company, they promise to complete projects in two weeks or less, using design sprints & agile methodologies to ensure their efficiency.

Corporation Pop

With a name like that, you would expect their apps to ‘pop,’ and according to their website, this is what they have become known for. They can create state of the art apps for any platform and device, and if quality design is what you’re looking for, this could be the team for you. They are well-skilled in a number of areas, including creating game design within their development, so if you want to give your customers something fun to play, give the team at Corporation Pop a call.


Based in London and Manchester, the small team at Hustle provides PR and web development services, as well as app development services for small and mid-size market companies. They offer full product lifecycle support to both startups and established businesses, and they offer specialist consultation to businesses competing in regulated industries, such as challenger banks.

Codeninja Inc

With more than 50 employees, Codeninja provides cloud consulting, custom software development, digital strategy, and e-commerce development services. The company serves enterprise and other-sized companies in a range of different industries, including those in the financial, medical, entertainment, and marketing sectors. With over 150 clients, including startups, SMBs and Fortune 500s, they have delivered over 250 products, and have received a lot of recognition for their Android and IOS app development.


CyberPal is a Microsoft consulting partner, with a small team of employees that serves small to mid-sized clients across a range of different industries. Their main focus is on CRM consulting and system integrations, but they also provide web and mobile app development for their clients, and a range of other services. They promise apps that are both affordable and easy to use, with integrated reward programmes that will help you convert visitors into customers.

Exploding Phone

Exploding Phone mainly serves small business and midmarket clients in the manufacturing and health care industries, although they do work with clients from a variety of other sectors too. Unlike some of the other companies on this list, they have been creating apps since the creation of the Apple App Store in 2008, so they clearly have many years of app development experience. Once launched, they promise to keep your app up to date, both technically and aesthetically, via their comprehensive maintenance service.

DCSL Guidesmiths

This bespoke software development company is headquartered in Farnborough, England, but have additional centres across the UK, including those in London and Manchester. They have a large team of more than 250 individuals who provide custom software, web development, and mobile application services to a varied clientele, and support established businesses, government organizations, nonprofits, and startups. In 2020, they were the #1 UK Software Development Company according to Clutch, so are clearly worthy of a recommendation here.

VTS Software

This boutique software engineering consultancy firm offers a full range of services, including custom software, web, and mobile app development. They work primarily with small to mid-sized businesses, with bespoke services that cater to the needs of their clients. Projects completed include a B2B software platform, but they have served their clients in many ways thanks to their skills in DevOps, business intelligence, and web and mobile technologies.

WEBO Digital

WEBO Digital is headquartered in Australia but has an office in Manchester too. They specialise in custom software development, web design, web development, and mobile app development, and have become a trusted market leader during their years in business. There are a number of case studies on their website that point to their success, so it’s worth browsing their site to get a broader picture of all of their services.


ACS have been developing bespoke software solutions for over 11 years now and have extensive experience working on projects for the latest startups and the more established enterprise size businesses. They span a number of industries, from sports governing body FIFA to Angry Birds gaming, and develop their apps in native code, as they believe this provides their users with the best experience possible.


Finally on our list is Dreamr. This award-winning app development company could be the answer to your dreams, as they design and develop mobile application solutions for all types of businesses, from startups to enterprise. They promise apps with designs that will stand out from those of your competitors, which is exactly what you want when trying to win customers over to your side.