20+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in Maine

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Maine
22Apr, 2021

It’s no secret that a good mobile app can be a powerful tool for businesses. Giving your customers access to a platform that you can control comes with loads of benefits, from increasing awareness of your brand to providing genuine benefits to customers that other companies simply can’t offer.

Of course, though, the skills required to develop an app can take a very long time to learn, and this leaves small businesses across states like Maine in search of a company that can help them. This article will be exploring more than 20 of the best mobile app development companies in Maine to get you started.

1. Exemplary Marketing

To begin this journey, it makes sense to look at the very best of the app developers those in Maine have on offer; Exemplary Marketing. With skilled developers, UX/UI designers, and business experts among their team, this company has everything you need to take your app to the next level.

Alongside offering app development services, Exemplary Marketing can also help you with web design, marketing, social media, SEO, and a lot more. Not only does this mean that your app launch will have a higher chance of success, but it also means that you will have the pleasure of dealing with passionate professionals as you work on your app.

2. Portland Webworks

Working mainly as a software development company, Portland Webworks has had the opportunity to work on a lot of different mobile apps in the past, many of which are based in Portland and Maine. Software development companies are always a good way to go when you’re looking for someone to put an app together for you.

3. Exult Cyber Solution

With a website that some would consider out of date, Exult Cyber Solution has been able to convince a lot of businesses throughout Maine to produce their apps for them. This company has a lot of experience with interactive design, having worked on games, software, and websites in the past, making them ideal for projects that will revolve around user interaction.

4. Fuse Ideas

With a focus on marketing, web design, and app development, Fuse Ideas has a wide range of services that can all tie into your app development project. Based in both the US and Europe, this company has worked with companies across the world, giving it a good understanding of what it takes to make apps that appeal to people from around the world.

5. Maine Creative

Branding can be crucial when you’re working on an app, and good designers often start their careers working with logos and house styles. Of course, Maine Creative is much more than a branding company, though, and this agency also offers web and mobile app development to its clients. This makes this company great for small businesses that want to compete with much larger ones.

6. Raka

Founded in 2004, Raka is an agency with a wealth of experience in the industry. Working hard to stick to the principles that started the company, Raka has made a splash across Maine, offering professional and beautiful apps that work well for the people that they are designed for. Having more than 15 years of experience is a huge benefit in a field like app development.

7. OGO Sense

It’s rare to find companies that are willing to put their money where their mouth is, and it can often be hard to trust the claims you find online. OGO Sense aims to put all of their customers and clients at ease, providing a guarantee that means that you can get your money back if you aren’t happy with your app development project once it has been live for 6 weeks. This takes aware many of the risks that come with working on a new app, while also making it easy to feel confident.

8. Bowst

Bowst is a company that focuses on minimal and modern design, creating apps and websites that are incredibly user-friendly and solidly built. This makes them a popular choice for larger businesses, though they also have a lot of experience working with smaller companies. It’s rare to find an app developer that is happy to work hard on the design, especially in a world where rapid development is seen as key.

9. Clever Coding

As their name suggests, Clever Coding is a software development company that focuses on produces clean and functional code. This is excellent news for companies looking for reliable apps, as it means that you’re likely to save money down the line when having to roll out fixes and updates.

10. Graphic Details

Taking an artful approach to branding and app design, Graphic Details is able to produce beautiful smartphone software that reflects the brands of the companies it works for. Many modern apps follow the same design language and styles, but Graphic Details can make your applications look distinct, saving you from getting lost amongst the other apps available online.

11. Big Room Studios

Big Room Studios is an agile software development company that embraces a very hands-on approach to app design and building. You can choose to work with them as a normal contractor, but you can also pay their experts to join your own development team directly. This makes it much easier to produce complex apps that would otherwise take months to produce with a company that is completely outsourced.

12. Perch Design Studio

With a heavy focus on interactive design, Perch Design Studio has become well-known in Maine for producing a dedicated Toolkit that can be used by museums and other organizations to educate the local community. Alongside this work, Perch also works on websites, apps, and marketing, enabling them to help with your entire project.

13. Rideout

Many of the app designers and developers you find on the market will only work with native apps, and this means that you have to pay for two pieces of software to be developed to cater to the largest audiences. Rideout is different, creating cross-platform mobile apps that enable businesses to offer the very same experience to users on Andriod and iOS. This can make development faster and cheaper, while also creating a consistent experience for users.

14. Digital Unicorn

Digital Unicorn has been working in the field of app development for a long time. To make full use of their experience, this company works hard to help their clients when it comes to making decisions about their new app. This can involve performing feasibility assessments, but it also takes a lot of support and advice.

15. Freeport Metrics

Freeport Metrics is far more specialized than many of the other app designers found in Maine. Focusing on building software that is designed to be sold to businesses and other organizations, this company can be perfect for those who are looking to market an idea that will work best in a commercial space.

16. Virtual Employee

Having been around for a long time, Virtual Employee has managed to make bases across the world. While this means that you may not always be dealing with professionals from your home country, it makes their services much cheaper than many of their competitors. With a developer like this, you can enjoy the affordability of Indian developers with the professionalism of a US-based agency.

17. Snowdog

Snowdog predominantly works on website design and development using e-commerce platforms like Magento. Alongside this, though, this company can also create apps that connect up with your e-commerce system to enable you to sell directly through your app. This is a huge benefit in the modern world, especially for small companies that wouldn’t usually have access to features like this.

18. Dirigo

Dirigo is a specialized company that has done most of its work developing tools for vacation resorts and CMS systems. While quite specific, these fields tie nicely into many other business areas, giving their clients the chance to create complex apps that offer real value to users.

19. Sephone

Sephone has been providing web-based solutions for nearly two decades, offering design and development services to companies of all sizes. With a mix of front-end and back-end developers, this company has everything you need to build an app that will stand the test of time and provide what you need for your business.

20. A2Z Computing

Focusing mainly on web design and development, A2Z Computing is a traditional company that will appeal to many of the smaller companies in Maine. Having worked on many web development projects, this company is well-placed for building mobile apps and has demonstrated a keen ability to produce mobile designs in its portfolio.

Building an app can be a great way to make your business stand out, but you need to handle this process correctly if you are going to find success. Working with a skilled app developer is the first step in this process, but this list should help you to find the best mobile app development companies in Maine.