25+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in Louisiana

25 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Louisiana
20Apr, 2021

What are the best mobile app development companies in Louisiana that you should get in touch with? This is a question that any Louisiana-based business will be asking themselves when they are looking to create an app for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, or any other platform. Due to the nature of the mobile app development process, there can be a range of companies to choose from. Some companies may specialize in development, whereas others may specialize in the app design or marketing. If you’re looking for a list of companies that have a proven track record, alongside a diverse portfolio, then read on. Who will you get in contact with first?

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is a mobile app development company known for its high-end enterprise software services. They are dedicated to making the whole process simple, while maintaining productivity for the business, assessing functional aspects of the app, and making sure that there is some top-level security. The company has also built their strengths in developing mobile apps that are innovative. With a native app idea, exclusive to the company, it makes the development process very cost-effective, so you can rest assured you will have an exemplary product from Exemplary Marketing.

Pixel Dash Studios

Pixel Dash Studios build apps for any company that wants to engage people with the brand, making things simpler for the customers, and for employees. They specialize in game development and branded mobile games, so it is worth getting in contact, especially if you are looking to develop a mobile app of this kind.

Cyber Fision INC

Cyber Fision has a vision to drive local entrepreneurial commerce in the Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Lafayette areas, by helping small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as non-profit organizations, to access smart technology solutions at affordable prices. They have a team of professional mobile app developers, as well as designers and marketing experts. If you are looking for a smart mobile app that is secure and a company championing local business, then Cyber Fision could be the company for you.

Toast Mobile

Toast Mobile are a company with plenty of experience in mobile app development, developing apps for iOS and Android. Through the whole process, they will work with you every step of the way, to develop the app so that it suits your requirements and the needs of the business. From experience with online strategy games to professional lighting mobile applications, they can help.


Envoc is a local company who is award-winning in the area of mobile app development. They are a full-service digital agency and have a range of services from custom mobile app development, as well as web design and branding.

Twin Engine Labs

Twin Engine Labs are a leader in this industry, developing innovative mobile applications. They are an agency that is focused on creating transparent and wholly creative end-to-end products that will help to develop your business.

Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem has a dedicated team focused on innovation and technology. They are aware of the risks and rewards in mobile app development to create a unique solution for your business, ensuring the mobile app that they develop is compatible and user-friendly. With world-class products that they have previously launched, they are able to combine the thinking of a productive company, all with the precision of a global consultancy.


Apptitude is one of the leading mobile app development companies in Louisiana. They have a focus on producing apps that are well-designed and perform well, and can do this for companies, non-profit organizations, as well as entrepreneurs. They combine what they do into company solutions, which helps to build a strong and positive online appearance for your business.


Revelry is a mobile app development company with a focus on creativity, as well as having a sense of pragmatism. The company uses creativity and their experience to be able to meet different difficulties head-on, so you know you will be getting a mobile app that is developed with this in mind. With a great understanding of mobile app development, you will have an app that will suit your needs exactly.


Susco works with the customer’s needs in mind and is always striving for improvement. As a result, they allow effective criticism from clients in order to get the end result or end product that is exactly as required. They are a company who believes in clarity, and they are reliable, knowing that they are going to do what they say they are going to do.


Radolo is a company who believes that mobile app development isn’t something that should take long. As well as making sure that they are on the same page as you, their client, you should come to expect a quick and efficient service from them, with projects completed on time and to the set budget. Knowing what time-frame you are looking at and up-front costs, it can help with transparency for your business.

Smashing Boxes

Smashing Boxes is one of the leading technology companies in Louisiana who works closely alongside clients, taking a good look at how to solve some common problems with the mobile app development industry. With strategy, design, and a dose of creative vision, they are a disrupter in the industry. They have a belief that successful products come as a result of great partnerships, so they will want to work closely with you.


Primtek has a team of staff who are all trained developers, and they will work with you through the whole process. This is right from the idea of the mobile app, right until the development, migration, and end-product. From their developers to their design team, they will work closely with you to make sure that you get the mobile that you want, and that is specific to your requirements. They can also develop secure and stable apps, allowing you to manage the applications that you have.


Flatstack is a mobile app development company, who also specializes in web development. They have a focus on the staff that they hire, making sure that they are highly trained and have continual staff development. As a result, their team will help you to design an app quickly and efficiently.


OpenXcell is a leader in the mobile app development industry, and creates reliable software and mobile app development. They are a company known for delivering some innovative software solutions, as well as developing very engaging mobile apps. With a stellar reputation in the technology industry, they will stick to a strict timeline and provide a quality end-product.


Resolvit is a technology consulting firm with a strategic center in New Orleans. With a large team of employees, you can expect industry-leading mobile app development in a range of sectors, from manufacturing, retail, financial services, and government sectors. Resolvit looksto deliver highly impactful and innovative solutions for their clients.


ZAP DRD is based in New Orleans, and is known for being a global leader for IT solutions, including, and focusing on, iOS and Android mobile applications and games. They have a goal to provide their clients with quality services and great value, as laid out in your meetings with them.

Medbug Media

Mudbug Media is a design and development agency in New Orleans. They work with smart and resourceful professionals, who are all experienced in mobile app development. Thei team of staff also specialize in graphic design, search engine optimization (SEO), and other digital marketing. Their aim is to make and develop interactive initiatives that will help your business to achieve its objectives.


As a company, Alephtech2020 design mobile applications that are not only beautiful, but that are responsive user interfaces. They have a focus on you as a business, looking at your objectives and business goals, taking into account your budget.

Hoffman Miller Advertising

Hoffman Miller has a clear understanding of the industry and knows what does and doesn’t work. They are a full-service marketing and advertising agency in New Orleans, with a mobile app development string added to their bow. They work with local clients as well as clients all around the globe.

Laan Labs

Laan Labs is a machine learning and digital vision shop who specializes in new technologies. They have developed solutions for a range of top-tier companies, including Nike and NBC Universal. They productize their technologies as mobile apps, and have some that have been downloaded over fifty-million times.

Skuba Design Studio

At Skuba, they are strategic thinkers. They look at projects individually and look into your competitors, so that they can find new ways to reach different demographics and launch new brands. Working closely with you, they will help you to achieve your goals through the development of the mobile app for your business.


LookFar will help you to build and develop a mobile app that is transformative for your business. They are committed to helping more local companies, rather than global ones, to help them to achieve their goals.

Vega Technologies LLC

Initially an SEO company, Vega has a team of experts that can help your business to be seen online. They know that an element of this is through stellar mobile app development, which is why they have a focus on this area.

TiMaven LLC

TiMaven LLC is a company based in Baton Rouge, focusing on software development. They have a small team of just over ten employees, only starting out a couple of years ago.  They definitely don’t lack in skill what they lack in years, creating custom software and mobile apps for clients, as well as blockchain services.