20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in London

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in London
05Jun, 2021

Exemplary Marketing

This highly experienced app development is able to meet a flexible range of mobile app development needs with the help of the waterfall method that prioritizes great navigation as well as highly responsible control. When you work with Exemplary Marketing, you are working with a team well versed in user interface and user experience creation, ensuring that your solutions are matched to the needs of the user, creating great user journeys that keep people using your apps and help you grow your revenue.

Studio Graphene

A custom software development company with a focus on mobile app development through a lens of UX and UI design. This team of experimental professionals looks at new ways to use existing technologies to ensure that apps created by the team feel familiar while also offering something novel and exciting to users. However, usability is never sacrificed for novelty.


A team of less than ten professionals, Digiruu is a team that has helped a range of industries, including retail, eCommerce, advertising, and digital media, not to mention notable projects like children’s book apps. They are well-suited to help small and medium-sized businesses, offering cost-effective approaches to getting the apps you want up and off the ground through excellent mobile app development and a UI/UX focus throughout the design process.


An award-winning team that creates both mobile and web apps, this team has worked with companies of all kinds, industries, and sizes, including new startups and Fortune 500 companies. As well as software designers, this team includes digital product strategies and UX designers to make sure that their products meet all the needs of both the userbase and the clients. As such, they focus largely on innovative solutions that are designed based on specific goals, first and foremost.


Driven by an analytical approach, Sovtech works with a team of business analysts as well as product scientists in an effort to systematically design the apps that best work as the solutions that their clients need. As well as designing and developing mobile app software, they will also deploy and run it, making sure that the app performs as expected, with further QA, updates, and support throughout the app’s life cycle.


A software design and development partner that specialises in bespoke mobile app creation, this team focuses on creating the highest quality solutions that are designed to aid in the operational growth of the businesses that they partner with. As such, they’re a team that offers quick turnaround on projects to make sure that solutions can be launched quickly to take advantage of new and emerging markets with flexibility that allows for changes to be made cost-effectively.


An award-winning mobile app development team based in the city, Fueled is a team that focuses on innovative app design for a range of clients, including brand new startups as well as larger enterprises. With offices located around the world, this is a large team that is able to get app development kicked off in no time, working with UX and UI designers, as well as product managers and marketing experts to make sure that the app keeps performing well into launch.

Hedgehog Lab

A mobile app development that can develop mobile apps from scratch, but also specialises in quickly helping apps course correct when they’re not meeting existing goals fast enough. Hedgehog Lab delivers results fast, working with a range of worldwide brands as well as smaller teams. If you need to quickly launch an app or get yours on the right course, then Hedgehog Labs can be the right partner to help you do it.

Red C

A well-established mobile app development team based in London, Red C has been helping advance digital technology for nearly two decades with a focus on solutions that are designed to help specific user needs and clients’ business goals. They also offer a focus on excellent service and communication through in-person meetings throughout the development process and easy access to project leaders.


With this bespoke mobile app dev team, the focus is on creating excellent user experiences that provoke emotional responses and leverage these responses to drive users closer to the goals of the client. They design using an Agile approach to make sure that cost-effectiveness is always at a key, as well as through a focus on transparency that allows clients to keep a closer eye on the design process, ensuring that their needs are being fulfilled by the solutions provided.

Digital Detox

Branding themselves as a “humanity-led” digital product agency, this is a team of bespoke mobile app developers that focuses on creating digitally sustainable solutions that are able to support themselves even after the development lifecycle is long complete. Their apps are designed to create memorable and impactful experiences that cut through the noise so commonly experienced in the digital landscape nowadays, with efficient and simple solutions.


A highly-rated web and mobile app development company, this team has created over 160 apps for companies large and small, with cross-functional expertise that ensures that any solutions provided can work with a host of other software. Their mobile app development team focuses on pixel-perfect interfaces and immersing the user above all else. With experience across a whole range of industries, they are open for consultations with all manner of clients. What’s more, their agile processes enable flexible and quick support during every part of the app development lifestyle.


A highly professional software solution development team that is helping companies of all sizes modernise their approaches. By building platform-driven solutions, they can help businesses become much more agile and efficient, helping businesses accelerate their level of change. As such, Cognizant focuses on developing apps for the professional user, helping businesses accelerate their operations with the kind of leverage that only modern technology can provide.

Future Platforms

A bespoke digital products creator that does the majority of their work in mobile app development, Future Platforms works primarily with midmarket clients as well as some enterprise-level businesses in a range of markets, including consumer products and service,s logistics, GPS, and more. This team focuses on using the very best of modern technology to deliver mission-critical solutions that help revolutionise the way that businesses are running.


With offices based in London, as well as in Romania and the US, this is a team that is used to meeting the kind of standards in app development expected by clients that operate worldwide. With over 40 employees on the team, they work primarily with iOS and Android app development. As well as a focus on UX and UI design, they also offer strategy consulting to make sure that any solutions provided are able to keep meeting the growing needs of clients.


An award-winning app development company based in the city, this team works on mobile apps, games, and enterprise software. As such, they are highly experienced in both creating simple solutions-based apps as well as more complex projects that are meant to be used across entire enterprise businesses. They offer a focus on business intelligence analytics to make sure that the goals of the app are being met with the data to prove it.

Chelsea Apps

A team that prioritises mobile app development above all the other services provided, this team typically works with mid-market and enterprise clients, but also has experience with small businesses. They work in a highly diverse range of fields and are willing to work with and build off of client ideas to collaborate on projects that push technology and innovate experiences. Ensuring a fantastic end-user experience is a big part of the design process at Chelsea Apps.


This digital products specialist has more than 150 employees working in various offices in the UK, including London, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee. Whilst able to develop a wide range of flexible solutions, they have specific experience in the Internet of Things, mixed reality, artificial intelligence, and incorporating voice technology in their apps. As such, they’re able to create a wide of solutions in many different industry sectors, such as energy, fintech, and digital health.

Ripen Apps

A team that has a lot of experience in helping startups and entrepreneurs with vision, creating mobile apps for a range of platforms through innovative design, long-term nurturing of products and the use of new technologies that can help clients meet their operational growth goals. As such, their focus is on building apps that meet both the set goals of the client as well as the needs of the end-user.

Sonin App Development

Working out of Croydon for over a decade, this is an award-winning team that has plenty of experience working with small businesses, midmarket firms, and enterprises. They bring an innovative approach to a range of industries, including financial services, medical, automotive, retail, and much more. Their flexible cross-industry experience allows them to come with solutions that can meet a very wide range of goals.