20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Leicester

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Leicester
24Jun, 2021

Mobile app development is an extremely important part of your business needs. It’s an industry that almost every business desires to work with because of what it can do for sales, customer satisfaction, brand awareness and reputation approval ratings. To keep your customers interested they must feel as if your app provides great content, information, educational posts and is easy to use. They must be able to utilize the app fluidly, so navigation and layout are paramount.

However, it’s also a very new industry, as it’s only been around for about 10-15 years. So choosing the right company in your location is the first and biggest step towards building a successful app. Here are the best Mobile App Development Companies in Leicester.

1. Exemplary Marketing

Incorporating artificial intelligence into their app development, this company has become widely recognised across the city. Not to mention, they also have a brilliant approach to your CRM and how it could be fitted into your app.

They have a customer rating of 4.9/5, 40 million app downloads, 250+ in-house designers and developers and boast a record of making over 3,500 apps. They’ve racked up quite the record for just being in business for 10 years.

2. Hyperlink InfoSystem

They make apps for both iOS and Android, and focus on the UX design of your app. This will encompass the design phase, centred around the need for an eye-catching appearance, simple but spaced layout and great color schemes.

They also have a great prototype phase which is used to see how well your app has turned out before it needs improvements. They also assure that the app will be 100% bug-free which is a great incentive.

3. Creative.onl

One of the best approaches to app development is infusing great content. If you write a business blog regularly, your organic growth will skyrocket. However, the content has to be seen to be read, so they can focus on this during the app design.

They also focus on UX design as you would imagine. Is there anything truly unique about their approach? It could be that they want to focus on the smoothness of the user’s purchasing process.

4. Opmen

They also make apps for both iOS and Android, and they focus on making the app cross-platform. They want to merge your website with your app, making it easier to get the same content and links from your website into the pockets of your customers. Your apps can also be made for AppleTV and the OSX platform.

5. Swipe & Tap

They’ve been around since 2011 with a great small team that are great at UX design. Many companies espouse this but they have proven they can make a great app that flows smoothly, feels natural and also keeps your brand’s continuity. They can show off your business branding, artwork, marketing campaigns and wireframing to it’s best effects. They focus a lot on visuals such as animations, logos, backgrounds, patterns and characters, etc.

6. Digital Ethos

Not only do they design apps for iOS and Android, but they also do app maintenance. So if you have an app that you need to update, improve and make faster, then you should speak with them. This is a rare service that only top mobile app developers offer.

So even if you don’t want a new app built, they can improve the existing app you have. This could mean you change the entire look, but maintain the same framework. It’s a nice affordable rebranding option if you need to update your app’s style and image.

7. Signature Digital

Some of their customers have been Shire, Novartis, and Roche. It’s an impressive list of clients and that’s because they focus on sharp designs, efficient controls and great navigation. The key is to make an app enjoyable to use, and their animations do make this possible in their projects. They also have a list of cast studies you can view on their website.

8. Xibis

They have been around since 1998, and served up quite a reputation. They are a small business app developer unlike many others, so they have multiple teams that can work together on your app. They specialize in e-commerce development, so if you have a purely online business, check them out. You should utilize their knowledge regarding the latest payment methods, such as fingerprint and voice recognition.

9. Atom Engine

They call themselves specialists in mobile app development and it should be noted. Many companies that do mobile app development, focus mainly on web apps. So working with a specialist could be better. Their apps collect and sync data with your cloud based system for better marketing campaigns.

10. Gooii

This particular mobile app developer makes ticket apps more than any other type. This is great if you are an events company that needs a simple app where customers can buy tickets for your shows. That does mean they will spend most of their time on the purchasing process, such as the cart design.

11. IGS Solutions

They’ve been in business since 2004 and have a small business status. So they too have multiple teams that can work on apps. They don’t just focus on UX design, they incorporate SEO techniques into the app, so your product descriptions, content and keywords feature naturally.

12. Appella

They make apps that integrate your social media accounts, which is very important for your marketing needs. They make apps for both iOS and Android and also present many solutions regarding UX design. If you require backend support they have a team that provides this type of service, which is important for making regular updates. It also helps with virus protection and malware monitoring.

13. Velox

They have a 4-step process that begins with immersing themselves into your business ambitions and processes. They will move onto investigating several design ideas and researching their effectiveness. The plan and create stage occurs next, then releasing and the iterative approach to improving. So if you require continued service after your app has been made, speak with them.

14. AIS Technolabs

They have made a range of mobile games which as you may know, require a lot of technical know-how. They also make elegant apps for businesses that require a smooth design, UX design that just works and great research techniques to improve the app after release.

15. Williams Commerce

They have partnered with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Paypal, Xero, TrustPilot, and Amazon. This kind of rap sheet is impressive. They focus mainly on making apps for large businesses, focussing on customer experience, unique designs, brand awareness, cross-platform and purchasing. The apps are easy to update and their support throughout the lifecycle of the app is brilliant.

16. IEdigital

They have built apps for corporations that require absolute quality before anything else. They’ve been around since 2012, working in a small niche team that serves companies that are trying to grow in size. Medium and large companies around the world have been served by their mobile app developing solutions.

17. Add Reality

They have 3 key areas of expertise as a mobile app developer. They focus on virtual reality which is incredibly important for any contemporary mobile app. They also do projection mapping, which is required for companies that are running a tight schedule. The apps they make are also geared towards retail engagement also.

18. Techchaps

Elegance and affordability is their approach to app development. They work with both small and large businesses to boost app and brand visibility. Their apps focus on increasing sales and productivity, which is great for customers that want a fast and smooth app. They also have tools for testing apps, which leads to best practices being incorporated naturally. Their project coordinators will work directly with you to meet deadlines and schedules.

19. Hidden Web Genius

In business since 2008, they have over 10 years of experience specifically designed mobile apps. They provide online marketing solutions through your app, such as PPC, videos, keywords, SEO content, etc. They only have a small team of between 2-9 people. However, they give your app their sole attention so there’s less chance of running over deadlines.

20. Mindera

It’s one of the largest mobile app development companies in the world. They create apps for all kinds of clients, whether it be for a business, for retail, games, banking, etc. they also do performance testing of the app. This is important for the app if you are a large company, with millions of customers. They have hundreds of employees with teams around the world. This gives them a wealth of knowledge to retreat into when designing an app.

If you would like to know more about mobile app development and the various things you should demand when making your app, speak with us today. Call us on 312-858-6578 or send us an email at info@exemplarymarketing.com.