20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Leeds

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Leeds
11Jun, 2021

When choosing a mobile app development company in Leeds, you want to know you are getting your money’s worth. There are plenty of different companies to choose from – your task is to root out the one that suits your needs best. Do you want someone who will realise your vision? Or do you want someone who will help you from ideas all the way to development? Whatever you are looking for, there will be a mobile app development company to help you out in Leeds.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing wants your business to reach its ultimate potential. By applying a systematic and scalable business structure, Exemplary Marketing knows they can accelerate your company’s growth.

When it comes to mobile app development, Exemplary Marketing will work with you no matter the platform – they cater to Android, iOS, AR/VR, IoT, and Cross-Platform.

They take the same approach with each project: a three-step system that delivers flawless results. Firstly, the team works to understand your problem and maps workflow. Then, they use lateral thinking to find the best design to bring your company effective solutions. Finally, they see you through to launch seamlessly, promoting your app, so it finds the ultimate success.

Netsells Group

Netsells Group’s motto is ‘Building Something Better.’ This ethos is clear in their approach to mobile app development. Netsells Group has over ten years of experience, all of which they will use to help your company transform alongside your mobile app.

Netsells Group’s impressive work ethic is clear through their long list of well-known clients. In their ten years in the industry. Despite these big names, Netsells also enjoys working with startups and helping those smaller businesses grow with an excellent mobile app.


When designing and developing mobile apps, Pocketworks hopes to lighten its clients’ loads. Pocketworks wants to make the process of running a business simpler – with easier ways for staff to communicate and easier ways for customers to use your mobile app.

Pocketworks will talk to you before starting work on the project. This ensures your values and goals are aligned, assisting a smoother working relationship, and therefore much better results.


Audacia wants your mobile app to be robust while being innovative. How do they achieve this? Well, Audacia uses intuitive and reliable technology and their swathes of experience to bring your vision to life.

Their specialties include app development, clear in their ability to work in almost any industry, from manufacturing to pharmaceutical, transport to agriculture.

The success of Audacia as an app development company is clear in their win of Story Homes ‘External Partner of the Year.’


Led by a team of certified coding and design experts, your mobile app is in safe hands with Renvosoft. They want to bring new life to your business, no matter what form this comes in. They have an advanced and wide-ranging set of technological skills – no dream is too big for Renvosoft.

Founded in 2016, Renvosoft already has five years under its belt. They apply this experience to every area of your app development, from ideas to production.

Action Prompt LTD

Action Prompt LTD began in 2008. Ever since they have been growing at an expectational rate. The reason for this? Their commitment to delivering a great service and making your mobile apps the best they can be.

Action Prompt specialise in mobile apps for the food industry – whether this is for the takeaway or cash & carry industries.

Their team has over 30 years of experience in the industry and so are well aware of market trends, even in a market with changes so frequently. This knowledge lets Action Prompt LTD stay ahead of the curve when developing mobile apps.

Yorkshire Software LTD

This Leeds-based team of mobile app developers uses their expertise to bring you the best service. Whether you are interested in software design or connecting with your customers, Yorkshire Software LTD will realise your vision into an easy-to-use, beautiful mobile app.

The Distance App Developers

The Distance App Developers has been developing mobile apps since the first iPhone was launched. Their experience is unparalleled and clear in their work.

They are specialised in native iOS and Android apps for tablets and phones. By focusing on these two platforms, The Distance App Developers can dig deep and truly understand the benefits and challenges of each platform.

Eden Agency

Eden Agency maintains the essentiality of user-focused design. They believe that, by focusing on the user, your app can only serve to grow your business. Though they have been around since 2007, it wasn’t until 2008 that their first app was released – and it stayed in the top 25 for 2 years (an impressive feat!).


An award-winning digital communications agency, twentysix are experts in digital marketing. By using twentysix to develop your mobile app, you will be taking advantage of their commercial thinking, leading to a financially successful mobile app in the long run. By pairing marketing with creativity, twentysix covers all important areas of app development.

NewRedo LTD

NewRedo LTD wants to be there with you through all stages of your mobile app’s development. From design to live operation and support, NewRedo LTD has your back. They aim to reduce risk by employing an agile approach – one that uses regular deployment and customer collaboration.


RF-SMART is the leading brand for mobile app development in the industries of retail, warehousing, manufacturing, eCommerce, and healthcare. RF-SMART use unconventional methods to achieve this title. They have eliminated paperwork by giving their employees access to real-time information and validation of data. This way, they can improve their accuracy to 99.99%.


With clients like Microsoft and ITV, Intelivita is comfortable handling big projects. Their attention to detail and focus on client relationships, however, also make them the best choice for a small start-up.

They have a full team of experts in UI/UX design and Developers. They work to provide a perfect conceptualisation of your vision, leading to successful deployment to the market.

WEBO Digital

Digital success, for WEBO Digital, is achieved by using all areas to benefit the one – whether this is software development, digital marketing, or branding.

By turning your brand into a trustworthy market leader, WEBO Digital aims to close sales faster for your company. They take a different approach from their competitors, ensuring they stand out from the crowd.

Refractiv Limited

You may know Refractiv Limited by their previous name, Sanford Technology, which they used back when they were founded in 2002. Since then, they have accumulated strong reviews and connections to make them a well respected name in mobile app development. The creative side of Refractiv Limited was expanded when they acquired the award-winning web design company Leap Frog in 2006.

Llama Digital

Solving complex technical challenges is Llama Digital’s bread and butter. Founder Stephen Elliott began Llama Digital in 2003 for this very reason. He had been working for Boots, Citroen, and Mazda in a senior position in an international web agency but knew he could do better.

Llama Digital is a product of his great experience and big dreams. By taking your mobile app to be developed to him, you know you will receive hard work that combines vision and practicality.


Established in 1999, Dubit is a mobile app development company that specialises in kids’ research and development. They have a strong track record of producing number one products for global brands. This can only be due to their 20 years of knowledge of children and their digital behaviours, habits, and lives. Dubit has several teams, one for each stage of the process, from ideation, to design, to development, to launch.

6B Digital

In their mission statement, 6B announce they want to provide ‘accelerated digital delivery for ambitious organisations.’ If you are an ambitious organisation, 6B Digital is the mobile app development company in Leeds for you.

The company began with the aim to do something different. They wanted to deliver complex and innovative solutions to their client’s problems. They wanted to focus on people and relationships, as well as technology.

Clearly, they succeeded in this aim. They now have 30 designers, engineers, and strategists, all hoping to deliver high-quality projects.

3Squared LTD

3Sqaured LTD has been around for over 15 years. These years have given them expertise that allows them to bring their clients excellently developed mobile apps primed for success. They acknowledge that the technological landscape has changed at an unprecedented rate, and work to make these changes suit their clients.

Infinity Works

Working since 2014, Infinity Works enjoys working with clients in both the public and private sectors. They provide agile and lead delivery, aiming to transform your business. Whether you want to develop an app from scratch or simply have a small problem to solve, Infinity Works can help you achieve your goals.