10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Kumamoto

10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Kumamoto
08Oct, 2021

Are you looking for the 10 best mobile app development companies in Kumamoto? If so, check out the following list:

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is currently the number one mobile app development company in Kumamoto, owing to its unique business model. It attains the top spot for three reasons. First, it has a team of world-class software developers who can build a large range of mobile apps across virtually any industry. It has completed projects for everyone from sports to finance companies.

Second, it offers product support. This means that it partners with industry leaders to deploy app solutions that are capable of integrating with business models and scaling seamlessly, as required.

Lastly, it has a gigantic pool of more than 500 on-demand developers that clients can tap into at any time. This allows customers to avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and get everything done in one-stop.

Jet Ruby Agency

Jet Ruby agency has been building apps for customers all across Japan since 2010. In that time, it’s developed a process that it believes can help its clients win. For instance, it will only take a project forward if the app solves a real life problem. It also helps startups with planning, reducing the likelihood that they will fail. Customers can view completed projects on the agency’s website.


Sumatosoft is a high-quality app developer with a proven track record of excellence. So far, the firm has completed more than 100 successful projects across more than 27 countries from its base in Japan. It now employs over 50 team members and has more than 70 percent senior engineers among its ranks.


Exoft is another top mobile app development company. It focuses on providing customers with apps that deliver their specific needs and requirements. The firm offers a fixed price for some of its services and sticks to strict deadlines. It also provides detailed specifications of what it can deliver – great for short-term projects with small budgets.

WeCode Inc.

WeCode Inc. is an innovative team of more than 50 app developers with over seven years of experience in the industry. It works to transform basic customer ideas into projects that will add value to both customers and businesses.

It works across numerous sectors, including travel and hospitality, manufacturing, education, e-commerce and logistics. In its relatively short history, it’s served multiple markets across Europe, Asia and the rest of the world. Many members of the team are English-speaking.


Synoverge is an app development agency that spans two countries: Japan and India. Over the years, it has mastered the art of providing managed application development to a wide range of customers.

The agency is popular because of its ability to take legacy platforms and apply cutting-edge technologies. It’s more general programming experience lets it provide clients with custom solutions that offer exceptional functionality.

BJIT Group

BJIT Group is another successful app development company operating across Japan and serving customers in Kumamoto. It’s main service is custom app design and development. However, it also provides quality assurance, audit testing and even AMS.

BJIT is very open about the projects it has completed so far. Interested customers can view the brand’s portfolio on its website to get more insight into whether its services can benefit them.


Rikkei is a visionary app development company that believes in “breaking the limits” of what an appo can do. It helps companies move faster and create bigger impacts that they thought possible with careful design and implementation.

Rikkei says that it provides customers with everything that they need in one place. App development is only a small part of its technology stack. It also offers business process systems, web systems and QA services.

Neovibe Innovative Technologies

Neovibe Innovative Technologies, under the leadership of CEO Jobby John, has gone from strength to strength. Its mobile app development arm first consults with clients about their business concerns and then offers strategies to enter the mobile space.

So far, the agency has completed more than 150 projects for 40 clients across 11 countries. Many examples of the brand’s projects are viewable on its website, giving an indication of the quality of service it offers.


The last entry on the list is Ikayzo, a slightly quirky app development company that has its very own brand aesthetic. The company mainly focuses on helping clients use their apps to build brand identity. It uses a story-driven approach to marketing, and has assisted firms across a variety of industries, including banking and finance.