25+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in Kentucky

25 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Kentucky
20Apr, 2021

App development is a complex process that can take many months to complete on large projects. There has never been a more pressing need for businesses to have tools like mobile apps to provide to their clients and customers, with just about everyone in modern society using a smartphone. With these two points in mind, this article will be exploring more than 25 of the best mobile app development companies to be found in Kentucky.

1. Exemplary Marketing

As one of Kentucky’s most popular app developers, it makes sense to start this list with Exemplary Marketing. With the ability to develop mobile apps for Android, iOS, and a variety of other mobile platforms, this agency is able to carry out the full design, development, and marketing process for your mobile app. This will make it nice and easy to get your new digital product into the hands of your customers in no time.

2. Echobind

Echobind’s Kentucky office is based in Louisville, and this company has become well-known for its unique approach to app development. Taking you through a development process that will ensure that your app works perfectly and reaches the right audience, this company is an excellent choice for those working on complex projects that need very solid code.

3. Rootstack

Like many app development companies, Rootstack offers its services across the world. Despite this, the main US offices are found in Kentucky, giving residents access to direct support from the developers themselves. App development is at the core of Rootstack’s offerings, though this company also offers web design and automation services.

4. ADK Group

Originally founded in Boston, ADK Group also has offices in Louisville. This app development company aims to make their services as easy as possible to understand, providing a human approach that many clients enjoy. This app developer has worked with large and small companies across Kentucky.

5. Slingshot

As you can see from their website, Slingshot prefers to take a lighthearted approach to app development. With a team built from young people, this app development company is great for companies looking to appeal to a younger audience, all while providing excellent apps.

6. Level 12

Level 12 is an Indiana-based software development company with strong ties to Kentucky. App development falls well into their umbrella of services, though this company can also help with web and software development, making them very versatile.

7. Vividsites

Much like many of the app developers found in Kentucky, Vividsites is able to work on a range of project types. With a focus on quality code, legal compliance, and full-service options, this company is able to provide a big business service to companies that are much smaller. Of course, though, this comes at a cost.

8. Thoroughbred Solutions

Mostly working with small and medium-sized businesses, Thoroughbred Solutions offers affordable app development services that are designed to help you to move your company forwards. Alongside mobile apps, this company can also produce complex web apps that connect to your smartphone offerings.

9. Red Hawk Technologies

Red Hawk Technologies takes a very different approach to app development when compared to other companies. Rather than starting work on your app right away, this company can perform feasibility assessments, ensuring that you are aware of the challenges you might face when you take your app to market.

10. FocustApps

FocustApps can help you to build apps for Android, iOS, desktop computers, and a range of other platforms, with each of them connected together. This can enable you to create a seamless experience for your users, all without having to work with multiple developers.

11. Net Tango

While they don’t typically work with smaller companies, Net Tango is a worthy addition to this list. Working with companies like AT&T, it’s easy to see that this development agency has what it takes to create powerful apps that meet the needs of their customers.

12. GlowTouch

As a company that didn’t start in the world of app development, GlowTouch offers a unique range of services to its clients. Live chat support, database management, and software testing all come under their service list, but you can also use this company to produce professional apps that will work well for your business.

13. BlueGood Design

With more than 10 years of experience working with WordPress websites, BlueGood Design has a team with the right skills for mobile app development. While their approach is more traditional than many of the companies you find today, BlueGood is well-known for offering a no-nonsense approach to their projects.

14. eLink Design

Aiming to offer as many options as possible to clients, eLink Design offers a wide range of app development services that make it easy for businesses to get exactly what they want. As a big part of this, this company is happy to work on projects that other developers have failed to complete, potentially saving a small fortune.

15. DBS Interactive

DBS Interactive is an enterprise-level developer with the talent to create mobile apps that connect to eCommerce websites, databases, and even external APIs. This gives their clients a tremendous amount of power to create complex and engaging apps that are highly interactive.

16. Bitsource

Looking through Bitsource’s portfolio, it is easy to see that this company is able to create complex apps that serve to provide real benefits to their users. Many of their projects have involved working with governments and other non-profits to create wholly unique applications to meet specific needs.

17. Able Engine

Having worked with companies like Toyota and Kentucky Steel, Able Engine has made a good name for itself over the last few years. Developing complex mobile and web applications that offer complex features to users, this company is a good choice for anyone willing to invest in their business’s app.

18. APAX Software

From popular food delivery apps to simple small business software, APAX Software is able to offer a variety of different options to their clients. With a strong emphasis on support and aftercare, this company gives its clients confidence that they will be supported for years to come.

19. RedTag.Digital

With a focus on the brand that drives your business, RedTag.Digital aims to create consistent experiences across all of your digital platforms. App development is a major element of this, with their apps seamlessly integrated into the website that you use to run your company.

20. Louisville Web Group

Like some of the other additions to this list, Louisville Web Group is quite a traditional company. While this means that you can’t expect the most cutting-edge features from their work, it does mean that they are able to produce solid apps that business owners and users will understand. This can be a huge benefit to companies that don’t want to deal with the technical side of their app development.

21. Premier Solutions Inc

Premier Solutions Inc works mainly on web and mobile app development, making them experts in everything digital. Alongside being able to develop solid apps, this company can also help you with SEO and marketing, making it possible to get your new software into the hands of as many users as possible.

22. IdealDigital

Describing themselves as a digital marketing agency, IdealDigital is one of Kentucky’s most popular app development companies. With a dedicated team for UX/UI development, this company is able to produce beautiful apps that work well for customers.

23. Fusioncorp Design

Fusioncorp Design takes a unique approach to app development, with design being at the core of their work. This ensures that each of their projects is unique, while also reflecting the brands that they work with perfectly.

24. Mediaura

A close-knit team with a lot of talent, Mediaura has become a popular option for small businesses in Kentucky in recent years. Alongside mobile app development, this company can also help with web design, SEO, social media, and branding.

25. Cogitools Software Inc.

Offering an approach that will make many small business owners feel comfortable, Cogitools Software takes a traditional view when it comes to app development. This ensures that you always understand what you’re paying for, while also receiving quality products with unique designs.

26. Red Pixel Studios

Finally, as the last development company on this list, it’s time to take a look at Red Pixel Studios. Known for creating apps and websites that feature unique designs, this company is a good choice for small businesses that want to stand out amongst their competitors. Alongside web and app projects, Red Pixel can also help you with branding and marketing.

There are a lot of very talented design and development companies in Kentucky, making it easy for businesses to get the help they need when they are looking for this sort of service. Of course, though, it’s always worth working to make sure that you choose a developer that will be able to meet the needs of your business.