25+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in Idaho

25 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Idaho
17Apr, 2021

Mobile app development is a booming business and any company, no matter the size can benefit from the amazing solutions that every mobile app development studio can offer. The online nature of the modern world means that taking your business to the next level is no longer a choice, but a necessity.

Around 42% of small businesses already have a bespoke app that offers their customers more functionality and interaction with their company as well as integration into existing systems. Such systems could include accepting payments online, tailored marketing customer engagement, a key factor in modern business.

For the state of Idaho, some of the best mobile app development companies are:

  • Exemplary Marketing
  • 360 Immersive
  • AHG
  • Barton Consulting
  • CKC
  • Coding Inertia
  • Digital 6 Technologies
  • Dreamteam Mobile
  • Elicere Inc.
  • Fast Foundry
  • IdaWebHost
  • Mercury Development LLC
  • Moxie
  • Nerdy Dragon
  • Phvntom
  • QR Ready
  • Resource Data
  • Rapid Innovation LLC
  • Sitewire (now August United)
  • Snap Mobile
  • Speakeasy Media
  • Ventive
  • Wedowork
  • Zenware

Exemplary Marketing

Specializes in Android and iOS app development, UI/UX, and web development. Also offers graphic design, copywriting, and AI services with marketing via Ad Words, Facebook and Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email. Can manage systems using CRM, SEO, and IT through software as a service and other managed IT components.

360 Immersive

Specializes in the development of VR training systems. Can deliver a project from initial consultation through to content creation and eventually deployment and offers enterprise solutions with full QA and software integration with world-class UI and UX development from highly skilled programs and designers.


Develops bespoke apps for Android and iOS with a specialty in mobile business apps focused on increasing productivity, customer engagement, and time and money management. Also offers ready-made BLE mesh apps for inventory management (QR and barcode), mobile forms, and cloud data storage.

Barton Consulting

Specializes in SEO based web design and app development that includes online digital marketing. More of a website developer, they are highly skilled in developing applications with Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Python and PERL (LAMP) with accompanying mobile apps across multiple systems such as Apple, Shopify and WordPress.


Offers web development and design along with mobile app development using Django and Python as well as media development and VR systems. Established company with ties to Microsoft and NASA but also works with small and medium businesses and provides API and software as a service integration with existing apps.

Coding Inertia

A developer of cloud based solutions that can help streamline business productivity and specializes in the healthcare field. Mostly utilizes legacy Micosft libraries including .NET and C# but also uses Vuejs and Xamarin for Android and iOS. Projects mainly consist of improving workflow and efficiency for new and existing systems.

Digital 6 Technologies

Develops custom mobile and desktop apps for multiple devices with modern interfaces and services including cloud solutions, custom development, and AI interfaces. Works well with small businesses and startups and also provides managed IT services such as data backup and storage, cybersecurity, and software as a service.

Dreamteam Mobile

Highly skilled in multiple devices and technologies that include mobile app development for businesses and consumers alike that covers GPS, ordering systems and Unity video games with cross-platform development for iOS, Android, PC and VR systems. Also offers multiple cloud-based solutions using Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.

Elicere Inc.

Develops mobile app and web-based projects as well as legacy programs covering everything from consultation, UI, and UX design to implementation and management for both government contracts and commercial services. Complex backend systems are provided as part of the service such as scalable databases, COTS, and software integration.

Fast Foundry

Offers business-focused mobile app and web-based solutions for a range of sectors including healthcare, marketing, and finance. Will handle all aspects of the development process from initial consultation and planning through design and development and concluding with rigorous testing of developed apps.


A software development agency that specializes in cloud-based mobile and desktop apps for the development of new systems or the integration and augmentation of existing ones and prides itself on providing the best employees possible for your mobile app development projects where the necessary expertise is crucial.


A web hosting agency specializing in mobile web and app development hosting that supports all currently known CRM and CMS systems including analytics, unlimited email accounts, 24/7 technical support, and no fixed-term contracts. Also, they offer responsive web development services that include custom graphics and content across traditional and mobile devices.

Mercury Development LLC

Provides custom development across multiple devices including legacy and mobile operating systems including web development, iOS/android, and multiple advanced devices including VR and wearable tech.  Specializes in processes such as BlueTooth and iBeacon and other wireless technologies for software integration with compatible devices.


Well-respected and very creative company offering full developed apps of all kinds from video games to healthcare and will handle digital marketing and CRM via a comprehensive UI and UX development cycle. Known for working with international clients such as Coca-Cola, Porsche and Walmart among many others.

Nerdy Dragon

A mobile web and app development company that focuses on internet-based solutions and digital marketing campaigns that include fundamentals like CMS development, SEO, and PPC as well as social media and e-commerce. Can deliver custom mobile apps across Android and iOS that include expected functions such as communication, rich media, and transactions.


Specializes in digital marketing and technical solutions through traditional web-based sites and apps or mobile apps for Android and iOS. Incorporates a full solution suite that includes marketing, business, advertising, and rich media content as well as additional social media and traditional SEO management.

QR Ready

Offers mobile development solutions that incorporate custom QR functionality for a wide range of applications including business, inventory management, and branding. Also offers a QR code printing service as well as the ability to augment existing QR apps with improved systems through API integration of other apps.

Resource Data

Offers custom software, database, and GIS development and IT consulting for various legacy and modern devices and operating systems including desktop and mobile with Android and iOS. Highly specialized in data acquisition and tracking using multiple methodologies including SQL, SSR, C#, and Python, among many others.

Rapid Innovation LLC

Blockchain-focused web and app development company that utilizes the latest technological methods when approaching a project. Specializes in rapid development and deployment from start to finish ideas, UI/UX design, development, and deployment in 90 days or less. Also offers an aftermarket upgrade service and consultation.

Sitewire (now August United)

Different from standard development companies and specializes in web, mobile, and app marketing through a network of the world’s top internet influencers and utilizes cutting edge data analytics methods for boosting results including IBM Watson and Google AI in order to track real-time data and identify key demographics.

Snap Mobile (now Proof Works)

Leverages multiple data acquisition technologies to develop apps for business growth, customer engagement and product innovation. Mobile apps are developed using modern techniques such as UI and UX design alongside web-focused features for Android and iOS and can be launched from the ground up or integrated into existing systems.

Speakeasy Media

Offers mobile and desktop app development across multiple devices as well as website design and development and consultation. Specializes in CMS integration, e-commerce, and API integration by implementing up-to-date design and development methodologies with a highly skilled team and places an emphasis on creativity.


Specializes in UI and UX development for web and mobile devices but also offers software as a service and uses a custom BOLT CRM platform. Able to develop bespoke software from the ground up or augment existing software and provide SaaS as required and can effectively develop many different types of apps for various services and commercial sectors.


Offers custom app and web solutions incorporating responsive content. Prides themselves on developing platforms for small businesses and startups and can manage everything from platform development and prototype design to production management and UX design. Systems such as e-commerce, analytics, and social media integration are also available.


Comprehensive development company offering solutions such as web and mobile apps as well as desktop programs using a wide range of technologies such as C#, C++, and SWIFT for Android and iOS. Also offers cloud-based solutions and IoT-capable apps that include e-commerce, app integration, and database development.

Mixing the creative with the technical, mobile app developers are able to combine the best of both worlds that results in a fully functional app that is right for your business on the backend while being easy to use for your customer and employees alike.

From simple UI-based marketing and promotional tools to efficient streamlining and specialized and fully integrated apps, there is no shortage of choices since Idaho is home to some of the most highly skilled and respected mobile app and web development companies in the world with clients all over the globe.