25+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in Hawaii

25 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Hawaii
18Apr, 2021

If you are looking for the best app development company to support your business in Hawaii then this is the list for you. App development companies need to be a good value for money, efficient workers, and most importantly of all deliver a fantastic app experience for you and your customers. Apps should look beautiful across devices and be easy to use at both the front-end and back-end. Here are the best mobile app development companies operating in the US state of Hawaii.

1. Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary marketing develops and designs the most exquisite multi-functional apps around. Their expert team has a wealth of experience and are happy to help to design an app-based solution for your business. Their competitive pricing makes their offer pretty unbeatable.

2. NDimension Labs

NDimension Labs take care of the technology and digital outsourcing needs of their clients. As such about a third of their business is centered around app development. Being a local company, NDimension Labs has a great knowledge of the specific needs of Hawaiian companies.

3. Ikayzo

Ikayzo has an impressive portfolio of work ranging from designing Japanese social networking tools to an enterprising financial systems app. Ikayzo develops desktop, web, and mobile apps for multiple platforms, including the development of iPhone-based apps.

4. Purplegator

Purplegator has headquarters in the Greater Philadelphia area but is also based in Haleiwa, Hawaii. They design and develop every service they provide completely in-house, meaning they know their apps inside out. Their real specialty is app-based marketing that focuses on geo-targeting client audiences.

5. One Wave Designs

The team behind One Wave Designs proudly identifies themselves as Hawaiin outrigger canoe paddlers, and they incorporate this philosophy into their app designs. Like with the famous Hawaiin waves, these designers want to find the same stroke and rhythm with their clients.

6. Raynbo

Raynbo has made a big impact in their short business history. Having been founded in 2020 the team has secured a worldwide client list with their team of engineers and user experience designers. Raynbo claims to be a premier digital agency for all forward-thinking brands.

7. WahineNet Designs

WahineNet Designs specialize in website design for both desktop and mobile responsive platforms. The company develops apps for both iOS and Android platforms. Alongside this, the company also provides SEO services and logo design. As a small company themselves, they are ideally suited to work with young startups and micro-enterprises on their full digital portfolio.

8. iCoderz

iCoderz is a one-stop-shop for app and website development. They offer a range of services to businesses in Honolulu including app development, branding, user experience, and user interface design, internet of things customer application designs, and maintenance and support for app designs. One of their most popular resources is their template apps which can be used as an instant app-based solution for numerous industries.

9. Hyperlink InfoSystem

While the name sounds like it belongs in a 90s sci-fi comic book, their services Hyperlink InfoSystem provides are bang up to date. Their services leverage the years of expertise held within the company to create bespoke digital solutions designed to increase revenue for clients. They have experience with developing apps using the most cutting-edge technology including Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Apps.

10. SuperGeeks

SuperGeeks were established in 1998, so they have been involved with apps from the very beginning. Now they take pride in doing great work charged at a fair price for their clients. They try to work closely with their clients to create design-based solutions that meet their needs and match up with their methodologies.

11. SaveOnDev

SaveOnDev develops digital platforms that help SaveOnDev’s clients reach their clients. They pride themselves on creating products on time and on budget. Their process is controlled by a fast development platform. The platform allows users to develop apps fast and make changes on the fly which means you can get exactly what you need out of their app development services.

12. ComputerLog

ComputerLog develops elegant apps and marketing solutions that are designed to enhance the online presence and revenue of their clients. Alongside app design, ComputerLog also specializes in user interface/ user experience design, search engine optimization, web design, and web development. This all-round service means you can fully integrate your app with your complete digital presence.

13. Psynapsis.net

Psynapsis.net wants to provide maximum business value for its customers. They design, develop, execute and maintain efficient and high-quality software. One of Psynapsis.net’s unique selling points is the expertise they hold within their team. Their team consists of developers and consultants who have worked across a range of industries and disciplines.

14. Tass

Tass stands out on this list of app developers as one of the few that also develop games. This means that if you are looking for fun, interactive apps that engage users with entertaining content then Tass might be the team for you. They have various pricing packages to meet the needs of a wide range of clients. Tass aims to provide maximum customer satisfaction at cheap rates, making them a fantastic choice for those with a restricted budget.

15. Mix Plate Media

Mix Plate Media also known as MPM is a leading design and development company. They work with their clients to develop a digital strategy that encompasses branding, content management systems, internet marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, web design, and, of course, app development. The company was founded in 2008, so they have built up a wealth of experience working for several years with numerous companies and clients.

16. DigiFutura

DigiFutura is an award-winning company with web and mobile app development services. Their experts based in Hawaii have excellent exposure to different mobile technologies and follow industry-defined protocols and standards to assure the highest quality customer experiences. They have developed apps for iOS, Android, hybrid, AI, ML, ReactJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, and Ruby on Rails. They are committed to transparent and clear communication with clients throughout the development process.

17. Pacific App Studio

In 2016 Pacific App Studio launched SiriusTraffic.com’s programmatic app designed for the ad network. The marketing mobile app was regarded as one of the most powerful and capable on the market. The Pacific App Studio proudly shares this app as a prime example of their intuitive and creative work. They aim to create apps that will help your business grow with custom iOS and Android designs.

18. Gopher Apps

Gopher Apps is perhaps most well known for the work they did before setting up their own development studio. Before this, they worked for a decade with EA Mobile developing games. In their role with EA Games, they were involved with working on numerous best-selling games including Tetris, BlueBlocks, SimCity, and many more. Gopher Apps’ passion for creating fun, high-quality apps is evident in their work.

19. 21Twelve Interactive

Imagination turns to innovation is the tagline of 21Twelve Interactive and they try to apply this to everything they do. The company is relatively young but has a burgeoning client list and offers a bouquet of services to their clients including app development and Magneto development.

20. Chetu

If you want an app development company with a global reach, then it is worth approaching Chetu for a quote. Chetu has built over 20,000 apps for more than 7,000 customers in its history. They can develop apps that work across platforms, taking time to develop consistent functionality and responsiveness on every device.

21. Globant

Globant’s service delivery model, known as the Agile PODS methodology, guarantees innovative and engaging digital products can be developed and put onto the market at rapid speed. So if you are looking for an app development company that can launch your products quickly, then Globant is certainly worth talking to. Their huge team of professionals means that they are likely to have an expert in the field you are looking for, however, their service is less likely to be as localized as other companies on this list.

22. Binar Apps

Binar Apps is a major app developer that uses Kotlin, Flutter, React Native, Swift, and JavaScript to develop cross-platform apps that are easy to use and elegant to look at. Binar Apps provide ongoing support, updating apps with the latest technology, fixing bugs, and searching out code optimization opportunities to help ensure your app continues to deliver a great performance.

23. Yozu

Yozu has worked with major industry leaders like Yodel, developing their customer-facing apps. In seven years, Yozu has worked with an array of industry leaders to create apps that are available throughout the globe.

24. Softwire

Softwire is based in the UK but they have created apps for clients all over the world. The company offers clients an exploratory call where they can describe their best practices and how these can be applied to your project.

25. Inncrewin

Inncrewin has over fifteen years of app development experience and they have been involved in the development of major apps such as MemorizeItAll. They have developed over one hundred apps in their history, using all of the leading app development software and platforms. They are so confident in their service that they even offer to pay a penalty if they do not deliver your app on time. This clear financing structure makes it easy for customers to budget for their app development.