10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Harbin

10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Harbin
22Sep, 2021

Exemplary Marketing

All working in-house, Exemplary Marketing brings together over 500 professionals that work on mobile app development, design, user interfaces, user experience, digital marketing, and much more, including specialists in current and emerging technology, such as e-commerce, data analytics, augmented reality, and much more.

This multi-disciplinary team also ensures the best client experience with a focus on transparent and timely communication that keeps you in the loop, answers your questions, and makes sure that you’re happy with your project’s progress. Exemplary Marketing has worked with clients of all sizes across a range of industries and can help you meet your goals with purpose-driven digital solutions.

IT Consultis

With offices across Asia, including in Shanghai, Singapore, and Ho Chi Minh City, this team of custom software development professionals (which includes several developers with experience in developing on all mobile platforms) aims to research, create, and execute the very best digital solutions.

With a team of over 70 employees, with past clients such as Gap, Yves Saint-Laurent, and the Four Seasons hotel, they are trusted by companies of all sizes and across all industries to create the very best in apps, including e-commerce experiences and omni-channel components. Whatever the aims of your organization, IT Consultis can help you meet them.

IT Outsourcing China

This IT outsourcing team aims to help businesses manage a wide range of digital needs. This includes services that utilize the experience of both in-house and freelance mobile app developers that can complete projects for a range of platforms, such as Android, iOS, and Window phone.

With expertise in designing a wide range of apps, such as mobile games, e-commerce apps, and more, they have worked with clients from across a range of industries. With offices across China, they can pull from a wide roster of talent, choosing the designers and developers that are best suited to the aims of your project.


A team originally based in Sydney but with offices across the world, including in China. This is an app development team that works across a range of platforms, including mobile platforms. Some of their specializations including creating and executive ERP software, industrial automation and Internet of Things applications, as well as RFID & Barcode Development.

They use this range of technical competencies to create some cutting-edge apps for their clients, regardless of size or industry.

Cloud Ten Labs

Aside from their web development services, this company also specializes in both mobile app development and design, which includes working with small businesses, startups, and enterprise businesses. As such, they have partnered with some internationally famous brands, like Intel.

They are experts in creating apps that are designed for both consumer markets as well as for B2B interactions. Whilst founded in Southern California, they have since expanded to open up offices all over the globe, including those in China. They are dedicated to a practically driven approach to work in creating the finest digital solutions to meet your company’s needs.


A relatively new team of 8 mobile app developers and designers that are based in Zhuhai, China, they are able to work with several languages, including Core Java, Advance Java, Native Android, and Kotlin.

This allows them to create solutions for a wide range of platforms, integrating the apps they provide with iPhone, Android, and online database management. Experienced in developing, designing, and implementing a wide range of digital solutions, they are proficient with scripting, payment gateways, as well as with submitting applications to the Google Play Store.

This means they can help in not just the creation of the apps that you want to be created, but also in getting them launched, as well.

Angel Echo

Originating in San Francisco, this team has since expanded, including offices in China, like their Shanghai office, from which their eleven expert team members create a wide range of digital solutions.

Working with small businesses as easily as they work with midmarket brands and enterprise organizations, this highly curated team of experts works in mobile app development to ensure that they offer high levels of app quality, as well as purpose-driven design to make sure that the business aims of the clients come first.

With a specialization in educational apps, robots, and virtual reality, they also focus on integrating emerging technologies into their designs.

Chukong Technologies

A huge team of both in-house and outsourced developers that have worked with 400,000 experts in digital technologies. This team specializes in mobile game development, having worked on 7 of the 10 top-grossing games in China.

However, aside from helping develop games, the developers that use the platform at Chukong Technologies have also created a wide range of both consumer and B2B solutions to help clients meet a wide range of needs. As such, they have completed countless projects across industries in over 5 years of experience.

Make Technology

This team of over 30 people, working on a range of projects since 2016, is based across the world in several offices, including their headquarters in Hong Kong. Joining together with the worldwide Publicis One network, they have completed digital solutions for a wide range of clients.

Make Technology offers advanced mobile app development and design services, as well as the same solutions for web apps, that focus on thoughtful production creation methods. As such, they create apps that are ergonomic, efficient, and offer the very best in user journeys.


A global team with multiple offices, including those in Shanghai, China, they create and grow digital products for brands of all sizes. Aside from various small companies and startups, this has included work with famous brands such as Nike, Apple, Walmart, Hilton, Starbucks, Dior, and Alibaba.

This team has gained a reputation for offering mobile app development and design that puts them at the very top caliber of creators in the world, with apps that are used by tens of millions of users. With over 60 team members and having worked for over 50 clients, they continue to grow year on year.