10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Goyang-si

10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Goyang si
13Oct, 2021

Mobile apps are no doubt massively helping companies with getting more brand recognition, credibility, and more sales. This is a tactic that more and more companies are moving toward each day as more customers are relying on apps. Over the last decade, mobile apps have been booming and they will only continue to grow as more people use tablets and smartphones for day-to-day use. This is a goldmine that any business should hop on as it’s almost becoming expected nowadays that any company that wants to expand will have to get an app for themself.

So is it easy to find a company to hire so business visions can come true? Of course, it is! Outsourcing this type of work is so effective because it saves your business time from having to search to hire a freelancer or someone in-house. But it also can be so much cheaper in the long run. You’ll have a whole team of experts with the right cutting-edge technology that will be there to assist in creating this functional and very effective mobile app. These are some of the best mobile app development companies within Goyang-si that shouldn’t be missed.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is an excellent company that knows what to deliver to its clients. Serving clients within Goyang-Si and the rest of South Korea for years, they also have experience in delivering excellence within the Asian market, as well as on a global scale. Exemplary Marketing is perfect for any company who is wanting to have a mobile app developed that can change their industry. Having more than 500 experts in mobile and web development, they can definitely get the job done for you.

Exemplary Marketing prides themselves on the high quality that they always deliver to the clients, but also will go above and beyond for their client’s needs. This includes handing over all intellectual property rights, original source files, and the source code for the project. If you want to transform your company by getting more sales and recognition, then Exemplary Marketing will get the job done for your company.


Solvd is a software company that may assist in the needs of tech companies. They offer a large array of services for their clients which includes software development, creating digital products, as well as focusing on mobile app development.


EWIDEPIUS is a software development company that has been helping out companies for over twenty years. They offer multiple services such as mobile app design, finance, and consulting.

Code Pillow

Code Pillow is a software company that mostly concentrates on creating products from client ideas. While they mostly focus on creating software for their clients, they do offer services in mobile app development as well as mobile app design.

PMG Group

PMG is a marketing solutions firm that focuses on creating more visibility for its clients. This can include digital marketing services such as social media and ads. However, their services can also scale as far as creating a mobile app within their firm as well for customers.

Creatip Global

Creatip Global is another marketing agency that offers a variety of services to help their client’s brand expansion. They’re very flexible in terms of what they will do for their clients and they can also include doing tasks such as web design, SEO, market research, and even mobile app development.


Monochrome is another digital marketing agency that primarily has a focus on being creative and utilizing their creativity to help scale their clientele businesses. They offer multiple services such as web development, mobile app development, content creation such as blogging, copywriting, photography, and social media marketing.


FeelingK is a small-scale company within South Korea that has been slowly making a name for itself. They serve clients all over South Korea, especially in Goyang-si. FeelingK offers multiple services from AI messaging, software creation, but they also offer multiple services for mobile app development as well.


TVStorm is mostly known for their software and app development for Smart TVs, however, they also have experience in creating software and mobile apps for other devices as well.

IGA Works

IGA Works packs a punch as this small company and delivers big results to your company. They’re helped create more than 13,000 mobile apps and they only continue to move forward.

No matter what type of project that you’re needing to be done for your company you can expect these top ten mobile app development companies to serve businesses like yours in Goyang-si. With their excellence in customer service, a large team of experts, and the wide variety of services that each of these unique companies brings, you can expect nothing but the best.