25+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in Georgia

25 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Georgia
18Apr, 2021

A mobile app is an essential tool in your marketing toolbox. With the average American spending more than three hours every day browsing on their smartphones, it makes sense to have a functioning mobile app. It reminds the cell phone user every time they look at their phone – even if they do not actually go into the app – that you exist, and this cements you as a brand into their mind. It is also a great way to reward loyalty, through the use of points and other rewards and use push notifications combined with location settings to remind them to go into your brick-and-mortar store.

The problem is that it requires a significant amount of skill and technical expertise to build an app. Very few businesses have someone who is suitably qualified on their in-house team, so have to look for an external mobile app development company to at least guide them in the process, if not take on the project on their behalf.

But how do you choose one of the best mobile app development companies in Georgia? Well, our list below is a great start, but here are some quick pointers to helping you choose the right one for you.

  • Look for recommendations: Talk to others in your local area or your market niche and see what mobile app development companies that they use. Look at various apps and see which ones you think work and which ones don’t, and see if you can find out who made the better ones.
  • How is the early communication? You will want to speak to a few different mobile app development companies in Georgia, to find out if they can help you and what sort of fee they are looking for. Use this initial point of contact as an almost interview – how professional do they seem?
  • Do they take the time to get to know your business? A good mobile app development company will make the effort and take the time to get to know who you are as a business and the values and ethos that you stand for. After all, their job is to incorporate this into an app, so if they seem disinterested and disengaged with you at the beginning of the process, that does not bode well for the rest of it.
  • What are your first impressions? You haven’t got this far in business without trusting your gut instinct and first impressions at least some of the time. What are they saying now? If something does not quite sit right, it may be a sign that you need to find a different mobile app development company in Georgia to work with you.

Below, we have listed more than 25 of the best mobile app development companies in Georgia to give you a head start when it comes to finding the right one to build your mobile application.

1. Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is Georgia’s best mobile app development company.  They are well-known around the globe for offering industry-leading mobile app services. At Exemplary Marketing,  you can find the most affordable software and applications to meet all of your IT needs. Exemplary Marketing creates cross-platform iOS and Android apps that are easy to use.

2. Appnovation Technologies

Appnovation Technologies works to build, connect, and scale technology in the pursuit of simplified, inventive solutions for your customers and employees alike.

3. Omnie Solutions

Omnie Solutions design and develop flexible but simple enterprise mobile web apps by integrating their global experience, design capabilities, and technical knowledge to address your most complex business requirements. They have expertise in developing multi-device mobile applications which are robust, secure, easy to navigate, and cost-effective

4. Triguna Softwares

Triguna Softwares offers top mobile app developers, programmers, and software engineers on an hourly, part-time or full-time contract basis.

5. Codesmith Development

Codesmith Development creates custom applications that run seamlessly across all popular browsers and provide an impeccable interface with a straightforward and logical layout and mobile adaptation.

6. MantraSys

MantaSys develop high-quality and scalable apps on time and within budget. They specialize in financial, healthcare, and medical domains and while managed in Georgia, deliver on a global basis.

7. Intuitio Labs

Intutio Labs’ developers and engineers collaborate with UI/UX experts to create experience-centric mobile applications, a new marketing tool you can use to maintain consumer loyalty. Their tech is always up to date, and their expertise in hybrid production means they can get the mobile app to market faster and on budget on both Android and iOS.

8. 7 Factor Software

7Factor creates, develops, and deploys custom DevOps and cloud-based applications for forward-thinking businesses and innovative start-ups with brilliant ideas and a dedication to quality.

9. Solution Built

Solution Built specializes in creating mobile apps with multiple user functions, complex databases, and site administration panels that provide real-time web services and push alerts to keep your iOS, Android, and web applications in sync.

10. Neudesic

Neudesic provides solutions and techniques to help you modernize vital legacy applications while lowering the cost of maintaining them, enabling you to redeploy capital to revenue-generating innovation.

11. Inovo Studios

Inovo Studios sets out a clear roadmap for your app project that puts you, the founder, in the driver’s seat. As a business, you are consulted at every step of the decision making process so that you can be sure of complete control over the finished product.

12. Baya Digital

Baya Digital creates apps from scratch optimized perfectly for Apple devices, Android, and hybrids, as well as updating your existing applications with recent features or extra functionalities requirements.

13. JADIS Interactive, LLC

JADIS Interactive designs and develops mobile applications for iOS and Android. They aim to please users as well as maintain business standards resulting in immersive and engaging apps, optimized usage, and performance.

14. One Spring

From mobile applications and responsive websites to large enterprise systems, the dedicated team of technologists at OneSpring builds the user experience using a variety of open-source and commercially available platforms based on industry standards and recognized best-in-class technology standards.

15. Start State

Whether you need a native or hybrid application, Start Stae can help you decide the best path forward. They work to develop Android, iOS, and Hybrid applications.

16. Binary Evolution

Binary Evolution thrives on providing custom, result-oriented application construction designed for a variety of needs by using the most recent technologies in cross-platform application creation. Their experts will provide creative solutions to achieve your goals, whether they are customer-facing, service-oriented, or simply an app that simplifies internal processes.

17. Polar Notion

Polar Notion helps growing companies build digital tools to help improve systems and processes while creating remarkable digital experiences for businesses.

18. Scalio

Scalio focuses on delivering the highest quality coding with the lowest technical debt, so that the app is ready for launching and built to scale in the future, meeting your current goals as well as your long-term vision.

19. 4 Square Solutions, LLC

4 Square Solutions’ expertise is based on the worlds of iOS and Android apps. Their team enjoys the task of navigating the complexities and includes Swift, Object-C, Java, and Xamarin experts.


Waker offers iOS, Android, hybrid, responsive web apps, and backend creation. They take pride in constructing long-lasting, scalable technological infrastructure.

21. GRSP Tech

GRSP only employs senior-level developers – programmers with a BA/MA and 5+ years of experience can handle the design and development of your mobile app.

22. Digital Scientists

If you need an app for an iOS, Android, or hybrid smartphone, Digital Scientists will collaborate with you to design, create, and test an app in 12 weeks. If you need a warehouse inventory app or something that can interact with a wearable medical device, Digital Scientists can assist.

23. Wild Fox Consulting

Wild Fox Consulting will work with you to design and develop your mobile app. They will also provide technology infrastructure consulting to make sure your users are secure and your app can scale.

24. Mobile App Hero

Mobile App Hero is a full-service design and development shop with a focus on mobile, based in the heart of Atlanta.

25. Brain Bytes Creative

Brain Bytes Creative creates native or cross-platform mobile applications that conform to Apple frameworks and Google Material Design. Their front-end and back-end methodologies are easily integrated with APIs.

26. Black Airplane

Black Airplane creates world-class mobile applications for both customers and companies. Their team of innovators and developers is well-versed in cutting-edge technology and can assist you in bringing the app to market.

27. We Got Code

Using Xamarin and React Native, We Got Code creates custom mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. It enables you to attach your back-end systems to your mobile device.

28. Salista Software

Salista Software has a multidisciplinary team that can assist you with every aspect of mobile app creation, from the design of the product to the engineering of the build and production assistance.