50+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in Florida

50+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in Florida
16Apr, 2021

If you’re not experienced with mobile app development, there’s no use in trying to do it all yourself. Instead, you can look for the best Mobile App Development Companies in Florida to help you find an experienced and innovative business that understands what you need and how to deliver it to make your app stand out in your industry.

1. Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is undoubtedly the number one mobile app development company that will help you create attractive and user-friendly apps that you and your customers will adore.

2. OpenXcell

Using the latest tech, OpenXcell works hard to transform the way that you look at mobile app development and ensure the future is in your hands.

3. Cubix

Cubix has developed over 1000 applications, so it’s clear that they know exactly what they are doing, which is sure to benefit your company.

4. Ads N Url

Ads N Url takes pride in developing apps for all industries, including travel, healthcare, and your eCommerce business and will take care of every stage of the process.

5. SoluLab

If you’re looking for an app development company that provides a user-centric experience, SoluLab could be the answer via their love of cloud-based technologies for innovative results.


SPEC INDIA offers custom software development that will align perfectly with whatever app goals you have in mind.

7. NIX

NIX is happy to help you empower your business through the quality of its advanced mobile solutions that are sure to help your company stand out from competitors.

8. Zco Corporation

Zco Corporation prides itself on developing innovative, reliable, and easily scalable solutions that embrace the most recent technology to keep your company ahead of the curve.


With a vibrant landing page, you already know that 3 SIDED CUBE is an app development company you can rely on as they strive to do tech for the greater good and ensure business success.

10. Zealous System

Zealous Systems will happily take your app through every stage of the development process and enable you to fully imagine your company’s application right in your hand.

11. Alphonic Network Solutions

With operations in both India and Florida, Alphonic Network Solutions have mastered the art of app development to help your company achieve the epitome of success.

12. Quytech

Quytech is familiar with Android and iOS development systems and combines quality with reliability to provide exceptional innovation across the board.

13. Steady Rabbit Technology

Steady Rabbit Technology will help you bring your business’ app idea into the real world thanks to experts that understand how to achieve the greatest market share and make the UX one of the best around.

14. Octal IT Solution

For the perfect blend of creative and technical perfection, Octal IT Solution is dedicated to transforming your company’s fortunes and boosting ROI by inspiring customers to hang around and see what you have to show off.

15. HQSoftware

HGSoftware boasts 20 years of experience and is a company you can trust to keep your secrets under wraps until you know it’s time to share them with the world.

16. datarockets

From budding startups to established tech companies, datarockets helps you achieve lift-off and ensures your business reaches the stratosphere ahead of schedule.

17. Digital Scientists

If you’re looking for a rapid turnaround without sacrificing quality, Digital Scientists’ team is the place to look with their vast development knowledge and total understanding of what you need.

18. CodesOrbit

No matter your technological needs, CodesOrbit can provide for you. Its app development department works with iOS and Android and has experience with an array of industries from healthcare to education and beyond.

19. Nettechnocrats IT Services

As mobile apps are the present and the future of business, let Nettechnocrat IT Services handle the tricky code to make sure your company can keep up, and even get ahead.

20. Uplogic Technologies

Uplogic Technologies develop robust apps that can handle all the demands of an ambitious startup that needs a user-centric service to appeal to its target audience.

21. Keyideas Infotech

Keyideas Infotech provides custom mobile app development that doesn’t rely on tired and outdated templates. Instead, you get a wholly unique product that represents your brand on the go.


LITSLINK specializes in many different areas, but it truly excels in developing mobile apps for startups that are hoping to get off the ground and spread brand awareness.

23. KitRUM

KitRUM offers the chance to create an app that is easy on the eyes and easy on the fingers with rapid response times and a logical layout to make sure your customers can find what they’re looking for every time.

24. TrinityWired

Affordable and effective, TrinityWired guarantees delivery of your app within ten weeks so you needn’t waste any more time getting a crucial slice of the market share.

25. Dean Infotech

Dean Infotech emphasizes superior performance for iOS, Android, or even hybrid apps that will help you reach the widest audience.


If security is the name of your game, consider the benefits of FOONKIE MONKEY which develops apps that can handle the most sensitive information and keep it secure.

27. Biz4Group

Operating from coast to coast, Biz4Group has all the tools your company needs to succeed with a focus on IoT integration, providing a streamlined and modern experience.

28. Wedowebapps

Wedowebapps strives to avoid the samey design that plagues too many apps and instead delivers a wholly unique and diverse app functionality that helps your business stand out.

29. Ziggle Tech

The award-winning brilliance of Ziggle Tech gives it the tools to develop your app the way you want and see a remarkable change in your company’s success.

30. Blue Whale Apps

Blue Whale Apps provides custom app development solutions for a range of businesses large and small, meaning everyone can benefit from the tools at its disposal.

31. Analytix Solutions

Rather than overcharge and underdeliver, Analytix Solutions give SMBs an affordable option for app development and then over-delivers with exceptional quality.

32. Plaxonic Technologies

Plaxonic Technologies helps you create a cutting-edge mobile application that streamlines the process and keeps your customers engaged and satisfied.

33. Aipxperts Technolabs

Whether native iOS, Android, or Hybrid, Aipxperts Technolabs brings their experience and expertise to the table that will help you redefine market trends.

34. Intetics

Intetics is dedicated to helping your vision come alive and excels in every step of the process to meet your criteria.

35. DevCom

For a combination of visually stunning designs with exceptional functionality, DevCom is a company that knows how to tick all the boxes, and a few more, too.

36. Split Reef

The Split Reef mobile application development service enables your customers to access your company no matter where they are and keeps them up-to-date.

37. Juego Studio

Juego Studio works with every platform to meet a wide range of demands and combines modern technologies with UI/UX designs that are visually stunning.

38. Chetu

Having worked with numerous established companies in retail and more, Chetu already has the knowledge to help your app excel in your market.

39. Cinq Technologies

Cinq Technologies provides a five-star service through custom software development to help your company take the next crucial step in your journey.

40. Kubikware

Whether designing, testing, or using new technologies, Kubikware has all the tools it needs to ensure a fantastic and easy-to-use app that will establish your business in your industry for good.

41. TechAffinity

TechAffinity will ensure you are prepared for the next generation of mobile users to help you make the most of every scroll, swipe, and tap.

43. CDC IT Services

CDC IT Services has a passion for mobile app development that flows through every step of their process to create a superb user experience for your customers and give you an app that you can be proud of.

44. Simform

With Simform, your customers will find it easier than ever to engage with your brand so you can meet their needs and create a personalized experience for everyone who logs on.

45. WebSkitters

WebSkitters has enjoyed ten years of success and with its high-quality mobile app service with a diverse and effective approach, it’s likely to experience at least ten years more.

46. Rave Digital

Rave Digital can work with a wide range of smartphone systems to help you appeal to the biggest audience and capture imaginations.

47. LotzAp Solutions

Whether specialized or cross-platform, LotzAp Solutions will put its all into your mobile app development and overcome an array of technical challenges to suit your needs.

48. Ucodice Technologies

Ucodice Technologies boasts a top team of app development experts who know what makes an app truly special and what will impress your customers.

49. MST Digital Agency

MST Digital Agency does a lot of things exceptionally well, and it is experienced with numerous industries so you’re assured their expertise for your company.

50. Greelow

Greelow is always looking for emergent technologies that allow it to harness the latest trends before they become the norm, and this results in top-of-the-range mobile apps that look good and operate even better.

51. Inwizards

Inwizards blend its skills with their latest tech to create Android and iOS mobile apps that will stand out from the crowd and help your company make a statement in the mobile industry.

52. Hakuna Matata Solutions

Oh, what a wonderful phrase. Hakuna Matata Solutions has spent 15 years delivering exceptional results for a range of clients and has delivered over 500 projects during that time.