10 Best Mobile App Development Companies In Chengdu

10 Best Mobile App Development Companies In Chengdu
14Sep, 2021

Applications have become an integral part of our lives. For businesses, they can be an effective way of fulfilling customer/client needs. When it comes to mobile app development, you’ll want to ensure you’ve got the best company working on your behalf to help you create a successful mobile app.

Looking for a mobile app developer to help your business? Here are the 10 best mobile app development companies in Chengdu.

Exemplary Marketing

Whatever you’re looking for from your mobile app, Exemplary Marketing is a top choice for mobile application development in Chengdu. With a team of over 500 on-demand developers ready to help you develop your app. Covering a range of industries, and providing product support. Exemplary Marketing also provides a flexible working model, that’s ready to grow in line with your business.

With clients including world’s leading companies, Exemplary Marketing is a fantastic choice for mobile app development in Chengdu.

Space-O Technologies

Space-O Technologies has developed over 3,500 apps for some of the world’s leading enterprises, including Travel Cutter, and count Nike and McAfee among their clients. Specializing in on-demand delivery apps, they’re an established company able to provide professional mobile app development services in Chengdu and beyond.

Working with you to develop your idea from design to implementation, Space-O Technologies is a great choice for your business.

21Twelve Interactive

‘Imagination turns to innovation’ is the message from 21Twelve Interactive. Specializing in creating modern app solutions across a range of industries, they are known for attention to detail and know what it takes to design and build a successful mobile app. Clients include ZH, Ventive, and Agamida Studios. Whatever you’re looking for from your mobile app, 21Twelve can deliver.

App development is just one of the services provided by 21Twelve Interactive. If you require web development, e-commerce development, and other services, they can provide you with everything your business needs.

Chengdu Tanmer

A widely recognized app development and data service company. Providing app development services to a wide range of industries, you can be sure of professional and effective results from Chengdu Tanmer.

With Chengdu Tanmer’s team of experts working with you, you’ll have your new mobile app ready to launch in no time.


Specializing in Android app development, LionMobi is a popular choice for enterprises looking for a quality mobile app solution. In addition to developing Android applications, the company is also experienced in providing iOS and Windows applications, providing a total solution for your business. With a focus on putting the customer first, you can be sure of a high-quality service throughout.

With their technical expertise and years of experience across different industries, LionMobi is a respected choice for your app development needs.


Knoworth was established in Chengdu in 2010, going from strength to strength to establish itself as one of the leading mobile app development companies in the area. Knoworth provides a wide range of services, focusing on developing strong user experiences that make mobile apps worthwhile. Working with clients in various sectors including medical, education, energy, and others, you can be sure of high-quality services that combine knowledge and creativity.

Having a business understand your unique needs is important and with Knoworth, you can benefit from expert solutions to help your business on the path to success.


Envee is a leading mobile app company specializing in a range of solutions for businesses in the travel sector. One of their biggest achievements is establishing itself as the leading in-flight entertainment systems developer in Asia. Based in the Tianfu Software Park in Chengdu, Envee has a talented team able to deliver a wide range of services.

With sophisticated solutions and a long history of working with clients to develop mobile applications and more, Envee is a great choice for development services in Chengdu.

Kunshan Sofmit CloudWise

Providing smart solutions across a range of industries, you can benefit from sophisticated app development from Junshan Sofmit CloudWise. Working across industries including government, tourism, culture, energy and others, their approach works to develop smarter services that benefit cities.

A large company with a strong reputation for delivering innovative and quality services, you can rely on Kunshan Sofmit CloudWise for professional tech services in Chengdu


Symbio provides ‘multi-faceted, flexible and scalable digital solutions based on customer needs’, focusing on helping clients achieve digital transformation through quality services. Their experience has seen them work with clients across a variety of industries, including finance, technology, AI, real estate and others, giving them the knowledge necessary to deliver quality products. A company that works with clients all over the world, you can trust Symbio to provide you with what you need.

Symbio solutions can boost your business’s digital transformation strategy to help you achieve success.


Beyondsoft is an established IT solution and consultancy business that specializes in a range of industries. Providing mobile app development services in addition to other digital transformation support, they are a top choice for any of your development needs.

Providing services globally, they’ve worked with a range of clients to provide them with services that drive businesses forward. Beyondsoft’s industry experience includes technology, telecoms, logistics, real estate, and manufacturing, with a talented team able to cater to complex business needs.

As a reputable company providing a wide range of services, you can trust Beyondsoft to deliver quality products backed by expertise that can benefit your business’s goals.

Finding the right app development company is essential for your business. There are a lot of mobile application developers based in Chengdu and beyond, but it’s important you choose the most suitable company for your needs.

Mobile applications can transform your business, and whether you’re launching a startup or looking to bring modern solutions to your business, having the right mobile app developers working with you can help your business stand the best chance of success.