10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Busan

10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Busan
09Oct, 2021

These days, if you want to succeed online, being “mobile-friendly” is no longer an option, it’s an obligation. Mobile-friendliness is a must both for your search engine optimization and for the overall user experience.

Having a mobile-optimized website is a good starting point. It’s even better if you have a proper mobile app. With that in mind, here are the 10 best mobile app development companies in Busan.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing has over 500 software developers on its roster. Its main focus is mobile- and web application development. It can, however, also support other kinds of customized software.

Having a large team means that Exemplary Marketing is able to organize its developers into centres of excellence for various industry types. This can make communication a lot easier and, hence, reduce the overall time needed for a project.

Exemplary Marketing prides itself on its responsiveness and on its ability to create flexible, scalable software. It also commits to transferring full IP ownership upon project completion. This means that you’ll never be stung by licensing fees.

McKinley & Rice

McKinley & Rice are specialists in cross-border software development. This includes cross-border mobile app development. As such, their main client base consists of smaller companies, particularly startups, who want to work across national borders.

As you’d expect from a company of this nature, they have a very flexible service offering. If you want, you can hand all your mobile app development needs over to them. Alternatively, you can use them to supplement your own team for value-add expertise where you need it most.

MNCS Korea

MNCS Korea describes itself as a “content-marketing company”. Of course, on its own, content isn’t very useful. It needs a medium to reach the consumer. That’s why MNCS Korea also supports digital content production technology, including mobile app development.

Overall, therefore, MNCS Korea is essentially a “one-stop, digital-marketing shop” for businesses of all sizes. It is just as capable of helping SMBs as it is of helping multinationals. In fact, one of its major selling points is its network of contacts across all industries. It can leverage this to enable clients, past and present, to help each other.

Technoarch Softwares

As the name suggests, Technoarch Softwares offers a wide range of software development services. Its mobile-app development service is, however, on par with anything offered by most specialist mobile-app development companies in Busan. In fact, it has a very impressive roster of happy past clients.

Technoarch Softwares has the sort of wide-ranging expertise larger companies tend to appreciate. It is, however, also quite happy to work with smaller companies and start-ups. This includes companies in more innovative/disruptive areas such as fintechs.


Although LuxPM is based in South Korea, it works all across the Asia Pacific region. It’s currently working to expand its global reach. It’s not a mobile app development pure-play. That said, mobile app development does form quite a significant part of its service offering.

One of the nice features of the LuxPM offering is that they have particular experience in today’s key up-and-coming technologies. These include augmented reality, virtual reality, and live-stream videos.


DFY describes itself as a “full-service digital agency”. Essentially it offers mobile app development as a part of its general marketing offering.

On the one hand, this means that it can’t offer the same level of technical expertise as pure-play mobile app development companies in Busan. On the other hand, its success shows that there are plenty of companies out there that just don’t need it.

If you’re mainly interested in content creation and just want a mobile app to help push out that content, DFY could be an excellent choice.


WePlanet is a specialist software company. It’s not exactly a pure-play mobile app development company. It is, however, a company with a strong focus on a very small number of services. This means that its level of mobile-app-development-specific expertise is very much comparable to the pure-play mobile app development companies in Busan.

Although WePlanet itself is a fairly small company, it is more than capable of working with much larger ones. Its main client base, however, tends to be SMBs and startups, particularly innovative ones.

D major

D major describes itself as a marketing and advertising agency. It does, however, offer mobile-app development as part of its service range. Given that D major is not really a mobile-app-development specialist, it may not be the best choice for anything large-scale and/or complicated. By contrast, it could be a great choice if you just want a mobile app developed to support your marketing strategy.

PMG Group

The fact that PMG Group offers mobile app development is deeply buried in its website. It mainly advertises its creative services, especially advertising and marketing. The mobile-app development is simply a value-add service to its core offering. That said, if your mobile app is intended mainly for use in marketing, then using PMG Group to develop it could be very convenient.

CHAI Communication

CHAI Communication aims to combine artistic creativity with technical expertise. This includes expertise in the area of mobile app development. If you need a company that can bring a creative brief to life from start to finish, including dealing with all the technicalities, then CHAI Communication might be the company for you.