20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Brighton

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Brighton
01Jul, 2021

Over the past year and a half, we’ve all had to change and adapt the ways that oru businesses work as a direct result of the coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic. While Ecommerce was rising in popularity anyway, recent times have seen its popularity amongst consumers skyrocket. There are numerous reasons for this. Government guidelines put in place to slow and minimise the spread of the virus have resulted in many traditional brick and mortar stores having to close their doors and shift their business online.

Even with vaccines being rolled out, many people are still reluctant to shop in physical stores when they can get the same products safely delivered to the comfort of their own home. Now, chances are you already have some sort of website set up for your business. But have you considered a mobile app yet? Mobile apps make it easier for users to shop with you from their mobile devices and can help to boost brand exposure by placing your company name and logo on the homescreen of a device they use endlessly throughout each day. If this is something you’re interested in, here are 20 of the best mobile app development companies in Brighton to help you achieve your goals!

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is a world class app development agency based in Dorset. Their aim is to help companies from a wide array of businesses in their technical and digital transformation. They achieve this by helping small businesses and large businesses alike to develop a systematic and scalable business structure, accelerating the company’s potential growth. With a focus on app development, they can help with everything from app creation to UI, UX and responsiveness on both iOS and Android devices.

Scribble Digital

Scribble Digital is a Brighton based marketing agency who aspire to set the benchmark in user experience. Starting off as a branding company back in 2008, Scribble Digital quickly expanded, growing a team of professional, friendly and reliable staff to deal with all of your marketing based needs. Scribble has been serving clients in different industries including FMCG business, Automotive, and Financial Institutions and more, priding themselves on their innovation, exceptional advertising techniques and incredible customer service.

J B Web Development

JB Web Development is a small Brighton based web and app development company specialising in building modern websites, mobile apps and data driven web applications. The brand works with all kinds of businesses, so whether you’re an existing company or a start up, you’re bound to find their services up to your standards and expectations.

Build 14 Me

This quirky named Brighton business is an agency that cares about your success just as much as you do. Having built beautiful, hard-working websites for more than a decade, their Brighton web design agency has become a popular destination for businesses in the city and beyond. They’ll do whatever they can to help your business grow better. Get in touch to enquire about app development and a helpful member of their team will be able to provide further advice and guidance.

Bright Minded

This company offers custom mobile app development with world-class user experience. Their custom mobile app development service can bring a variety of benefits to your every-day business, including optimisation and automation of processes, increased productivity, improved internal and external communications and lowered operational costs. Whether you want a simple app, or need more complex options, such as mind-blowing Augmented Reality, they can do it for you in a straightforward and cost-effective way.

Agile App

Agile App has always considered themselves more than just app developers. They’re a startup-friendly entrepreneurial team of individuals with proven success in building successful businesses. Their apps reach the app charts and obtain five-star ratings on the AppStore and Google Play. They will make use of cross platform app development to ensure you get the absolute most from their services, maximising your users’ app experience with your brand!


Declaring that they make complex data meaningful, Brightec is an app development company specialising in mobile apps. Their overall goal is to take your vision and turn it into an accessible digital product that streamlines your business, and makes life better for the people engaging with your brand. They create apps that users love to use, and that your users will come back to again and again.

Matt Oakes

Stepping away from the agencies and looking at a more individual approach to app development, we have Matt Oakes. Whether you are taking your first steps into mobile or you need to improve your existing app, Matt Oakes can use his individual expertise to help you along your journey. A mobile app development consultant who works with companies in Brighton, London, and around the world, he can help to build and improve your mobile presence on both Android & iOS using React Native or Native Development.

HARE Digital

HARE Digital are experts in mobile app development that are intuitive and customer-friendly. This company already works with some of the nation’s leading brands and has delivered high-quality and functional software applications to countless clients. They note that they are intelligent in their development process, working through high complexity requirements in an efficient and systematic way. If you choose this company, their App developers and marketers will work closely together with you to ensure you’re able to fully demonstrate your project requirements whilst ensuring brand continuity. Plus, they have all the services to back this up!


When creating your app, DabApps will bringing fresh insight, so that they can really add value by exploring your ideas and business goals fully with you. Their expert team of designers and engineers will seek the best solutions to your problems through a process of discovery, hand in hand with you.


Krify is an internationally recognized web and mobile app development company. This company has over the years demonstrated innovation, integrity, and excellence in the delivery of its projects. You can count on them to help you bring your app to life!

iTech Art UK

iTech Art UK are different with their approach. They state that they destroy custom mobile development myths by creating applications of any complexity. With more than 300 successful projects under their belt, this company’s mobile team builds consumer and enterprise apps with excellent scalability and UX.


Chetu have experience building commercial and internal business mobile apps for Android, leveraging the full power of the Android OS and device-specific features. Their Android app developers definitely know their way around the most recent Android platform and API bundles, as well as Java, Kotlin, C++ and development tools like Android Studio and the Eclipse IDE. They will help you design, code and deploy your custom Android App on the Google Play Store.


Flexion will engage recognized experts in mobile app development to build, test and release your five-star mobile application. They can also extend the reach of the existing web portals and services with content-rich and transactions-centric mobile appsWhat more could you possibly need?


When you choose Overpass, they will develop mobile apps, games, and interactive eBooks for you. They have experience with well-known clients all over the UK and even further afield. The apps that they’ve released into competitive markets have achieved millions of downloads across the world, gaining praise from countless experts, including the guys at Gizmodo!

Pavilion Web

This company understands mobile apps. They believe that with a little improvement in one process or the other, each business can vastly become better. As we are all aware, mobile apps offer a fresh point of view when it comes to business processes, and this company offers that new viewpoint through outstanding app development services. Their design team is highly competent in the creation of apps for different devices and software.

Innovation M

Innovation M claims to be the market leaders in terms of software development in Brighton, UK. They develop the best website development and design, Mobile application solution in Brighton, UK. So, when it comes to great app development companies in Brighton, these are a great choice!

Barefoot Web

Barefoot Web understand the challenges and opportunities presented by different platforms and that tackling this can be an overwhelming process. By sitting down with one of their team, you’ll gain an expert view on how best to proceed with developing your application. They’ll help you decide whether you would be better served by a mobile website, an installed app from the various app stores, a corporate app from your own app store or one of the many other options available. They can also consult on what type of marketing strategy might best follow completion of the product to help your APP get the attention you would like.

West Pier Studio

West Pier Studio take a varied approach to app development. They believe that choosing between iOS and Android is a false dichotomy. They not that you can’t not develop for either platform, and you certainly can’t not develop for Android.


Syntec are a bespoke app development company. They deliver the highest quality software development projects and services at pace, supporting your operational growth by enhancing, modernising and scaling your existing operations. They also understand that your business is always changing, facing new and different challenges every day. Their team is committed to working collaboratively with you to implement solutions that help you to act fast and take advantage of new markets and opportunities.