20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Bradford

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Bradford
12Jun, 2021

Finding the right company to develop your mobile app is critical if you want it to be a success. There are plenty of reasons to need a mobile app, so you must find a service that caters to your specific needs. With that in mind, if you’re searching for mobile app development companies in Bradford, we’ve got a list of the best around. See below for our top 20:

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is a global brand that serves Bradford and the surrounding area. The company is known for its stellar development skills, particularly in the mobile app domain. Exemplary can help you develop an app that ticks all the right boxes and runs as smoothly as possible. It’s all about a combination of speed and functionality, creating an app that people want to use.

The Distance

Voted as one of the Top 5 UK App Development companies, The Distance can do so much for your business. Every app developed by the company is built around the client’s will. They offer consultancy and guidance throughout the whole process, delivering expertly developed apps across both Android and iOS. That’s not all, The Distance also uses Facebook’s React Native platform to help make your apps cross-platform compatible.


A local mobile app development company in Bradford and Leeds, Krify can deliver numerous benefits. They develop intuitive and interactive apps that offer augmented user experiences. Again, both iOS and Android apps are covered, and the company offers a lot of app testing throughout the development cycle. Krify is keen to provide you with an app that aligns with your brand image and offers the ultimate client satisfaction.


Netsells has been developing mobile apps for UK businesses for many years. It’s the company’s mission to help organisations identify, create and launch innovative technology products that provide an excellent ROI. A UK-based app development team will work across all aspects of the development process for you. This includes wireframing and design, all the way through to building and maintaining your app. The team can offer Android, iOS and Flutter development, and they have generated over £4 million worth of in-app revenue for clients.


Intelivita is a bespoke mobile app development company that can produce perfectly crafted mobile development solutions. You receive a perfect blend of innovation and business solutions that translate into a stunning mobile app. As well as handling the design of your app, Intelivita develops it using the latest technologies to ensure it’s fast, responsive, and appeals to your target audience.


Pocketworks was founded in 2021 and has made a name for itself as a leading mobile app development company in Bradford and Leeds. While only boasting a team of 17 employees, Pocketworks is more than able to deliver expert solutions. As mobile app development specialists, they can help you with all aspects of a mobile app. This includes adding advanced features like biometrics, push notifications, location mapping, and much more.

Eden Agency

Specialists in app development, Eden Agency is a certified digital agency that’s been around for 14 years. Since the dawn of smartphone apps, the company has been developing and building apps for both iOS and Android devices. They know how to create mobile applications that are a cut above the rest, incorporating APIs, web portals or even voice assistants. An agile project management methodology enables swift development while ensuring you’re always kept in the loop.

NewRedo Ltd.

While NewRedo only has a small bunch of employees, they deliver big when it comes to mobile app development. The app development team consists of experts who have built apps across industries such as healthcare, financial services and even the government.


Having been around since 1996, Twentysix is one of the most experienced mobile app development companies in Bradford. It has grown along with the digital age, seeing the rise of smartphone apps first-hand. As such, they offer full-scale mobile app development across multiple platforms. The team works with you to create an app that’s packed full of all the features your customers need.


The experienced development team at Audacia develops intelligent mobile applications that are 100% secure and responsive. They work across all major mobile applications and tablet devices, with both native and cross-platform development available. All mobile applications are created to be as usable as possible, utilising journey mapping and prototyping to ensure the perfect app is built.

Vindicta Digital

A very highly-rated digital agency that offers mobile app development services in Bradford and the nearby area. They understand that the modern business is a mobile one, developing apps that put your business strategies first. A comprehensive app development strategy is used to take you from the consultation stage all the way through to the final app production.

WEBO Digital

Based in Australia, WEBO Digital also provides services for anyone in Bradford. At only 6 years old, they’re relatively new to the app development game. However, their mobile app development services are more than up to scratch. Customisable apps can be made for iOS and Android devices, and they also build on the Flutter platform.


Refractiv can provide ingenious mobile development solutions for your needs and requirements. The focus on developing apps that generate real business value. Having built apps for many businesses across multiple industries, the team knows what it takes to create something that your audience will love. Even after the app has been developed, Refractiv sticks around to provide ongoing support.


Native mobile app development for both iOS and Android devices are available from Limeapps and the team. One of the most experienced mobile app developers in the UK, Limeapps has received a Certificate of Excellence award in 2019. The company comes with a big reputation that’s reflected in the stunning apps developed for clients. This includes apps created for internal use, as well as apps developed for your customers to use.


A mobile app development company for anyone with children as the target market. Dubit has been around since 1999 and strictly develops mobile apps for kids. They have lots of insight and experience in this field, with much of their testing involving actual children, so you get better feedback during the development cycle. All of the apps are created to be as user-friendly as can be, incorporating a variety of modern technologies and features that keep them engaging.


Momentum provides a whole host of software development services, including mobile app development in Bradford. The agency boasts a UK-based team, meaning they will always be available to provide support or answer any burning questions. Innovation is a key part of what they do, developing apps that are designed to stand out while still delivering the perfect customer experience.


Revnosoft looks to bring new life to businesses with a multitude of modern technology services. They have helped businesses in various industries develop mobile apps that produce excellent results. The team can build native iOS, Android and Windows mobile apps, giving you a chance to get recognised across all mobile platforms. All apps are tested by QA experts at every point in the development stage. This speeds up the whole development cycle, enabling your mobile apps to be built faster and with fewer concerns.


Located right in Bradford’s city centre, Sett is a small digital agency that can help you with many different things. As experts in software development, the team is extremely handy when it comes to mobile app development. They’re able to produce mobile PDA apps that are fluid, responsive and follow modern trends. They can even help you build mobile apps that work across tablets and are easily scalable across different platforms as well.

Infinity Works

Combining excellent design processes with engineering expertise, Infinity Works can develop mobile apps that focus on customer engagement. It begins by listening to you and understanding what you want to get out of the app. From here, their team of app developers can come up with prototypes and ideas for how the app should work and which features are essential. Following this, the development cycle begins as they go through all the processes to deliver an app that’s ready to download and easy to use.

Action Prompt

Action Prompt is a web development company to consider if you have a restaurant, cafe, sandwich shop, etc. They will develop simple and intuitive apps that let you sell your products to people online. It’s such a convenient solution to digitalise your food business and drive more sales. Everything is made super easy by the expert team, and you can have your app in no time at all.

All of the mobile app development companies on this list are more than worth considering as your agency of choice. Some serve specific industries and provide additional services, so it’s up to you to select one that you believe will give your business the best return on investment.