20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Birmingham

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Birmingham
09Jun, 2021

There’s no denying that smartphone and tablet usage has become prevalent in today’s modern world. Most people have an iPhone and Android mobile device, and many of those individuals also have a tablet device they use at home or for work purposes.

As you can imagine, there is always a great demand for apps like productivity tools and even mobile games. Having a mobile app is also good for business, as it allows brands to connect with their customers and provide a more personal service.

You’re likely reading this today because you live or work in Birmingham – England’s “second city” – and you’d like to find a local app developer. In no particular order, here is a list of the top mobile app development companies in Birmingham:

Exemplary Marketing

Undoubtedly one of the top mobile app development companies in Birmingham is Exemplary Marketing. They are an industry-leading app developer, having created scores of apps for mobile phones and tablet devices on various platforms.

Exemplary Marketing is an enterprise software solutions provider, meaning they can curate tailored mobile apps for medium and large-sized businesses and other organizations. The enterprise app solutions they create are scalable and help firms increase their productivity.

Another reason to use Exemplary Marketing is they offer a full suite of marketing services, many of which can positively impact the promotion of newly developed apps. They’re also backed by an award-winning team of technical and development experts.

Exploding Phone

Founded in 2008 and with a very memorable name, Exploding Phone is one of the UK second city’s best mobile app development firms. Located just south of Birmingham, they have a small but expert team of software and app developers.

To date, the company has built over 300 apps and mobile device solutions for a raft of clients in different industries and niches. They’ve also worked with many well-known names across the West Midlands and beyond.


Another popular Birmingham-based mobile app development company is Inforox. They are a results-obsessed team that is passionate about creating innovative, agile, and process-driven mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Inforox also provides other value-added services to its clients, such as website development, IT consultancy, and IT security. The company works with businesses and organizations from startups to large multi-national and international brands and offers tailored solutions.


Although Appoly is a relatively young business, having got established in 2017, the company has gone from strength to strength and positioned itself as one of Birmingham’s leading mobile app development companies.

Appoly has a 15-strong team of UX and UI designers, app developers, solutions architects, and strategists. Their goal is to create mobile apps for clients that help facilitate change and make existing processes more efficient for businesses.


Located in the heart of Birmingham, Ficode is an international technology provider that provides mobile app development, along with complimentary services such as IoT, web, e-commerce, and software development.

They have a 70+ strong team of programming professionals and UI/UX experts. To date, they’ve successfully worked created hundreds of mobile app and software development solutions for their customers. Ficode also offers 24/7 support to all its global clients.


Another of Birmingham’s best mobile app development companies is B60, named after the postcode area where it’s based. B60 is a mobile-focused development business specializing in producing highly functional apps that suit each client’s individual needs.

They also offer mobile app product planning services – helping clients develop plans that guide their digital product development goals. B60 got founded in 2012 and also has global development offices.

Blueberry Consultants

Based in the heart of Birmingham at “The Custard Factory” in Digbeth, Blueberry Consultants has been providing custom software development services since its inception in 1997. Today, the company also focuses on mobile app development for iOS and Android.

They help businesses and organizations of all sizes deploy business systems for use on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Blueberry Consultants also provide additional services, such as technical consultancy and startup business help.


Situated within the confines of Birmingham’s world-famous Jewellery Quarter is Develo. They are a well-known online development studio with a team of experienced app and e-commerce developers.

Their mission is to create innovative solutions for their clients, helping them grow and succeed online. They use mobile app technologies such as Ionic, Vue Js, and Laravel to create cross-platform mobile apps for smartphones and tablets.

Crezo Creative

One of Birmingham’s well-renown app development solution providers is Crezo Creative. It’s a forward-thinking business, helping brands to develop their brands online with beautifully crafted mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms.

Some of the other services offered by Crezo Creative include UI and UX, print and digital media, and online marketing to complement new mobile app launches.

Digital Rainbow

Another Digbeth-based mobile app development company is Digital Rainbow. They offer a whole host of digital services aside from app development, such as digital strategy, project management, and cloud IT infrastructure.

Digital Rainbow’s all-encompassing service provision makes them one of the best mobile app and overall digital services businesses in Birmingham and throughout the UK. Their client repertoire includes many leading names and public sector organizations.


Situated right in the middle of Birmingham is Codevate. As the name might suggest, Codevate are development service providers, and one of their core services is mobile app development for the iOS and Android platforms.

Codevate has been working with businesses and other organizations since 2013, curating cutting-edge digital solutions tailored explicitly to their needs. They also boast a 100% project completion rate, compared to an industry-standard average of just 25%.

Orbit Itech

If you’re looking for some of the best mobile app development companies in Birmingham, one name that you should keep in mind is Orbit Itech. Located in the Small Heath area of the UK’s second city, Orbit Itech provides a raft of digital solutions.

Their services are specifically tailored for the service industry, such as restaurants and hotels, but they work with any organization that requires tailored mobile app solutions for both iOS and Android platforms.

Swof Media

Based in the Jewellery Quarter, Swof Media offers a full suite of digital services such as web design and development, digital marketing, SEO, and custom software programming. They’re also known for their skills in creating innovative mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Swof Media has worked with many well-known brands throughout the UK and beyond and is a flourishing collective of developers, designers, marketers, and strategists.

Fast Fwd Multimedia

When it comes to seeking out top mobile app development companies in Birmingham, one of the best examples you’ll discover is Fast Fwd Multimedia. They create streamlined mobile applications with efficient code and an excellent UI and UX.

While their skills lie in iOS and Android mobile app development, they also offer other services, such as web design and development, digital marketing, and brand development.

Studio 14

Hockley-based Studio 14 is a young, fresh, and dynamic digital agency with a passion for creating cutting-edge, in-demand mobile apps. One of their claims to fame is that 99% of their clients work with them again within 12 months of a project’s completion.

They have an international client base and work with startups and established brands alike, delivering them tailored mobile app solutions.

Lightbox Digital

Based in central Birmingham, Lightbox Digital focuses on creating digital solutions for its clients. Part of its service repertoire is mobile app development, and they create user-friendly apps that offer immersive digital experiences to all users.


One of the most prominent digital solutions providers in the UK is CACI. From their base near Birmingham Airport and offices across England and Europe, CACI offers a full suite of location intelligence, network services, and technology solutions.

Part of their digital solution offering includes mobile and web app development. CACI works with clients across various industries, including construction, finance, and the public sector.

Multi Channel Creative

Deritend-based Multi Channel Creative offers a full range of mobile app development services. Working exclusively with iOS and Android platforms, they create class-leading apps tailored to each client’s needs while ensuring an optimal user experience.

They also offer add-on services, such as mobile app SEO, to help clients target their app audiences online.

Koenig Web Design

Although Koenig Web Design has a primary focus on front-end website design, they offer mobile app development services. They can create native iOS and Android apps, web apps, or “hybrid” apps that are cross-platform compatible.

Koenig Web Design works with businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Alt Agency

Last but not least is Alt Agency. Based in the leafy Birmingham suburb of Harborne, Alt Agency has been developing mobile apps for business clients and other organizations since 2006.

They specialize in business productivity and m-commerce apps but can create anything, including augmented reality games. All apps created by Alt Agency increase brand awareness and engagement.