20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Belfast

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Belfast
23Jun, 2021

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is a company based in Belfast that delivers world-class mobile apps to businesses. That’s not to be taken lightly. Exemplary media top the list of best mobile development companies for good reason. Whether you are looking for an innovative cross-platform mobile app that is future proof, or a functional app for a short term project, Exemplary Marketing works closely with you to ensure the app delivers where it counts and adds value where possible.

Wasp Solutions

Wasp Solutions is a Belfast-based software and Web app development company. They are committed to developing mobile apps that are competitively priced, efficient, and able to scale globally. Wasp Solutions work closely with your business to ascertain the precise criteria for app development. This might include search features, social media integration, or responsive interfaces. Expect a bespoke mobile app optimized for your business goals and with excellent long-term potential.

Web Bureau

Mobile apps are at the centre of things these days because more people engage with brands on smartphones than ever before. They are easy to use and quick to access if you have a design and interface that is innovative and user friendly. Almost 50% of internet users now access the web via their smartphone device so you need an app that delivers. Choose Web Bureau for mobile business app that is practical and efficient.


If you want a Belfast-based mobile app development company that solves problems and provides your business with a scalable long-term solution, contact 3rddigital. 3rddigital produces all kinds of apps including Android, iOS, Apple, and Alexa apps. They have mobile app engineers with excellent technical backgrounds able to design an app for your business that is modern, beautiful, and competitively priced. Don’t cut corners with your mobile app development, work with an experienced and technically driven app development company.

NEOS Design Studios

If you want a bespoke cross platform app for your business and you are based in Belfast, you might consider NEOS Design Studios. They work closely with businesses to develop apps that interact with the company and provide a value added service to end users. You will be better off with a company that takes time to implement a forward thinking strategy for your business app.

Instil Software LTD

Instil Software is a dedicated mobile app development company based in Belfast. They have been operating since 2005 and have grown to provide services across industries and technologies. Instil Software is fluent in Java, Kotlin, C#, Cloud, Telecoms, Medical, and Finance. The mobile apps developed by Instil are modern and functional. They incorporate excellent search features to help users find company services internally and can build in machine learning features and robust security.


Endeavour information solutions develop mobile apps for business but that is not all they are known for. Endeavor also creates powerful solutions and innovations in software and security. In terms of their mobile app development they aim to provide practical business apps that align with your brand identity and deliver excellent functionality.

Create Gravity

Create Gravity mobile app development company is based in Belfast and fully client-focused. They seek to understand the true needs of a company’s end users which are unique to the company or brand. Create Gravity understands that digital solutions need to be tailored and optimis,,,ed to deliver on the investment and they have nearly 30 years of experience in this field. Expect an app that aligns seamlessly with your brand and business goals, one that is beautiful and scalable.

Glaze Digital

Mobile app development has never been so innovative and beautiful than with Glaze Digital. As their brand name suggests, Glaze Digital are interested in creating beautiful mobile apps that seamlessly work to benefit the end user. Their mobile apps are modern, elegant, and have cross platform functionality.

Lebeau Soft

Lebeau Soft is a dedicated mobile app development specialist based in Belfast, they have technical skills and experience in the areas of database development, e-commerce, digital marketing, and custom software development. Levels Soft apps are beautiful and modern, they are also practical and fully optimised for individual businesses. If you’re a brand or business wanting to expand your reach, retain customers and offer exceptional service, a Lebeau Soft app is for you.


Filmtrip is a company based in Belfast that creates innovative mobile apps and various other technologies in the digital and new media sector. Filmtrip is an innovative company on the look out for changes in the digital and media landscapes and when you partner with them you can expect an app for your business that incorporates the latest technological innovations such as QR codes, brand game experiences, and Machine Learning. Backed by extensive experience in the film industry Filmtrip apps are engaging with high production value.


For over 10 years Origin have been developing mobile apps in Belfast meaning they have the development and insight into the changing nature of mobile app technology. They use this experience to build mobile apps for your business that are modern, functional and innovative. Whether you want an app that blends seamlessly with your ecosystem, one with excellent security measures, or one that incorporates Machine Learning and Augmented Reality, Origin can develop a bespoke app that is worthy of an award.

Elixsr Ltd

If you want a modern and beautiful mobile app then look into Elixsr Ltd services. They use professional mobile app engineers to create apps that bring style and substance to your brand. Think beautiful visuals, attention to detail, practicality, and elegant frictionless User Experience interfaces. Elixsr Ltd has earned a reputation for its mobile apps which is why their user base continues to grow. Don’t compromise your mobile app with Elixsr Ltd.


Empower your business with Scaffold Digital design agency based Belfast, Northern Ireland. Scaffold was founded in 2008 by a design team focused on developing forward thinking digital technologies to modernise businesses and keep them relevant. Mobile apps aren’t their only specialisation, they also provide Web and software development. Scaffold will build an app for your business that is functional and user friendly, for them it’s about bringing company content to customers on the go as seamlessly as possible.


GCD is dedicated to helping companies build their future with innovations and forward thinking approaches. GCD is not only interested in creating apps with frictionless User Experience and high end optimisation, they also incorporate emerging technologies like Machine Learning and AI to build smart apps that are more powerful and provide a better service to users. GCD cab designs an app for your company in any platform including cross platform, so you can be sure your business has an app that’s also fully accessible.

Reflex Studios

For a fun lively mobile app for your business choose Reflex Studios based in Belfast. Reflex Studios are a small team of dedicated creative designers and engineers interested in bringing a new vibrant to your product. They work closely with your business to plan and develop an app that works with your brand but offers something a little different. Reflex Studios will build you an app that is feature rich and looks amazing.

Apps Plus

Apps Plus is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, they develop apps for a diverse range of businesses that are pragmatic and functional. Apps Plus are the engine of app development for business, choose them if you want a mobile app that does what you want it to do without any bells and whistles. Apps Plus can create a mobile app for you quickly so if you have a promotion or a temporary event you can have a seamless reliable app to go with it.

Output Digital

Output Digital is a customer mobile app development company, they are interested in improving businesses by working closely with companies to create apps in line with their vision and business goals. Opt for Output Digital is you want to develop a mobile app that gives your business the digital edge over the competition. This makes all the difference, particularly in industries already saturated with innovative ideas. Although Output Digital will work in any field they have expertise in ecommerce.

Sugarrush Creative

Sugarrush Creative is a dedicated and forward-thinking mobile app development company based in Belfast. They code mobile apps from scratch – there are no template designs here – and build an app for your business that is fully future proof. When you choose Sugarrush for your mobile app development you get a dedicated team with extensive knowledge and experience to build you a unique cross platform app that guarantees you a return on your investment.


Do you have a tio idea for a business app, one that only you can conceive based on  the nature of your business or startup? If so, then Gumpshen is the mobile app developer you need. Gumpshen employs a team of innovative professionals who can get your idea off the ground. Using a range of platforms and frameworks Gumpshen develops mobile apps that are elegant, functional, and have cross platform capabilities. All their apps are created from scratch.