20+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in Arizona

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Arizona
15Apr, 2021

Exemplary Marketing

A Chicago-based social media marketing agency, Exemplary Marketing are all about worldwide delivery of outstanding marketing solutions and are one of the Best Mobile App Development Companies in Arizona. Alongside this delivery, the team works to provide exceptional service in Application Designs and Development as well as solutions to a range of business around the world. They have the experts who will produce every solution with efficiency and reliability – they’re troubleshooters for any problem your business has within the marketing sphere.

Fusion Informatics

Started in 2000, Fusion Informatics has been instrumental when it comes to providing technology solutions that are cutting edge! They work with budding startups and small to medium businesses with a few larger enterprises sprinkled in. They believe in delivering consistent solutions in the digital world for all of their clients. They also believe that they should be accessible at all times.

Mobile App Development Company

As a leading Arizona app business, Mobile App Development Company, they offer their clients engaging and highly advanced mobile apps across multiple platforms. Their work ethic is what makes them one of the Best Mobile App Development Companies in Arizona. With incredible UI/UX strategies, each app is developed meticulously and is tried and tested with high class software.

Etoile Info Solutions

One of the Best Mobile App Development Companies in Arizona is Etoile Info Solutions, a visionary company that offers their clients a range of web design and marketing services. This includes SEO, SMO, web development, social media marketing, graphic and logo designing and more. They offer a strong track record of excellence for their clients, and they are fantastic about getting their website design and development right.

Vanity Mobile Apps

A full service digital service provider, Vanity Mobile Apps is on the list for Best Mobile App Development Companies in Arizona for a good reason. Whether a company needs website development, help with online advertising, expert interactive design and more to get their marketing off the ground. Vanity Mobile Apps are dedicated to finding the best solutions for their customers, with comprehensive digital web strategies on offer, too.

Dot Com Development

A close team of creative, digital engineering professionals, Dot Com Development work from Scottsdale and are a group of problem solvers and doers looking to ensure that they can make a difference. They’ve been around since 2004, and they know their methods work!


Offering a range of website solutions, mobile app design options and development options, Fyresite remains up there as one of the Best Mobile App Development Companies in Arizona. They develop and manage the app and website development for a range of businesses, and they do it well!

Blueprint Apps

Whether you need Android or iOS development, Blueprint apps are the one to watch for one of the Best Mobile App Development Companies in Arizona. They can work on and create the top native Android apps using either Kotlin or Java programming. They can also help businesses to establish their presence on Apple platforms! Alongside these, their web development efforts are solid, especially for small and medium sized businesses.

XLR8 Development

At XLR8 Development, they believe that with the necessary support and the right training, all developers have the potential to be excellent. They work together with clients who are always impressed by the methods and results that are on offer and even without those decades of experience, it doesn’t mean the developers aren’t excellent – they are! It’s evident in every corner of their work that they aim for and achieve excellence!

Surge – A Catalyte Company

With over 20 years in the industry, Surge – A Catalyte Company, has been the go-to for on demand technical resources to ensure that you can meet your business goals. They have a vetted network of software engineers who are able to help you to quickly integrate resources into your network, and they work with you to ensure that you can address the immediate and continuing initiatives. They don’t have a minimum term or commitment, and clients have the total flexibility to scale up or down on demand where they need to, and their experts are willing to start right away!

Sonatafy Technology

Sonatafy is listed up there as one of the best mobile app development companies in Arizona because their team works to identify the skills and needs of their clients in order to verify, transform and maintain software engineer efforts.


A leading management consulting and software development firm, Propeller works with leaders to accelerate their business performance. They are committed to one goal – making sure that you meet your goals and move their business forward. They believe in a deep commitment to their customer’s goals and they work to be relentless in their pursuit for service excellence. They are enablers and they will develop an experience that their customers rave about behind the scenes.

Intertec International

An IT and technical services company, Intertec International was founded in 2002 and is based in Phoenix. Their offices are filled with experts who have extensive technical backgrounds that will help your business to bring the vision to life.

Magnitude Management

Magnitude works to develop agile business growth strategies that will improve your digital sales channels. Magnitude will work with clients really closely to develop their websites and mobile apps to bring them to the best that they can be.


With a passion for technology, Neudesic offers innovation that defines them as a business. They offer design, development, support and management services to their customers, with decades of experience and a proven working framework for a disciplined approach to delivering reliability. They work as one of the best mobile app development companies in Arizona to offer quality solutions so that clients can get a leg up on the competition once and for all.

Single Focus Web

At Single Focus Web, you will find another of the best mobile app development companies in Arizona who are committed to giving non-profit businesses the websites that they need. They will be able to further their goals as a result and bring in more donations. They only take on non-profit clients and only build a few projects at a time so that they can give them their all. They will only choose to work with clients that they know they can support all the way to success.


At Nerdery, you’ll find one of the best mobile app development companies in Arizona. As a digital business consultancy, you can bet that Nerdery are allies to a client on their digital journey. They prepare their clients for the on-hand opportunities and the bigger ones down the road, too. They work to create things that make a business accelerate as a whole and across all platforms.


The one thing that makes ScottsdaleBizz one of the best mobile app development companies in Arizona is the hundreds of successfully completed projects done for more than one hundred companies. They work coast to coast and their strengths are right there with business to business, medical, financial, insurance, real estate businesses and more.


At Paragon9, you will find a great mobile app development company who seek to find a deeper meaning in what they can do. They want to be seen in the marketplace and they are – it’s why they’re one of the most popular mobile app development companies in Arizona. They work to ensure that they offer a consistent and meaningful service to all app development clients.

Seven Infinity

Whether you are looking for marketing, website building, branding or multimedia services, Seven Infinity is there to help. There is over a decade of experience here and Seven Infinity utilizes several complex campaigns to meet client objectives at any time. They work to strive for long-term solutions and adapt to changes that the algorithm and market can offer.

Synapse Studios

Two entrepreneurs came together to create Synapse Studios with the sole purpose of developing a passion for web development and design. They work together to run a business that offers exceptional marketing and mobile app development services.


A digital firm based in Phoenix, Arizona, PhoenixBizz are the experts in software, mobile app development and website development. They are proud to be associated as a technical partner with some of the biggest businesses in the industry, as well as the upcoming businesses looking for a push. They offer proficiency in developing the unique, customized products for clients to ensure that your business has some of the trusted names in the website design field.


A leading custom software and mobile application development business, SofHub is based in Phoenix, Arizona, the US and the UAE. Their team of software developers and product designers work to ensure that your business has exactly what it needs. They offer a wealth of experience and knowledge across a range of industries. SofHub offers clients many different avenues for success, and they help with website and software projects, marketing and advertising campaigns! Their creativity and mobile app expertise is at your disposal.