50+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in Alabama

50 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Alabama
13Apr, 2021

For all of the best mobile app development companies in Alabama, there’s no need to look any further than this expansive list below. Here are some 50+ best mobile app development companies in Alabama.

1.  Exemplary Marketing

From the design process of the app to the development, Exemplary Marketing are very much that in everything they do – exemplary!

2.  MotionMobs

A custom software development firm that helps to consult and build sustainable and scalable software products for many organizations.

3. PopNet Media

Offers an extensive range of digital marketing as well as mobile app developments as part of their services for all sized companies.

4. KeyQ, Inc.

Elevating businesses to new heights, they accelerate with innovative cloud solutions to build your dream applications.

5. Advanced Systems unlimited

Using years of technology experience, this company helps learn what your vision is before bringing it to life from start to finish.

6. Sigao Studios

A team of experts in software application developments, Sigao Studios provides maximum return on your technological investments whatever is required.

7. LAYOUTindex

A technology-driven design company that transforms those brands and businesses they work with to thrive in a global market. Forever changing and tech-savvy digital media solutions offered.

8. Alabama Website Solutions

Formerly known as BBConsult, this company has shed its former skin to provide the dynamic and modern solutions needed in creating some of the best mobile app development services that you’ll find in Alabama.

9. Eggplant Systems and Design, LLC.

Maintaining and extending bespoke software systems, the experts at Eggplant Systems and Design LLC are certainly breathing new life into the old systems that many businesses have nowadays.

10. Axis Consultant Group And Associates Llc

Providing application development as well as a variety of web-based solutions and portfolio management, this company offers it all. It gives it’s attention both to government and private sectors, focusing in the world of healthcare since 2008.

11. Verge Pipe Media

A social, local and mobile inbound marketing and mobile app company, Verge Pipe Media connects the organizations with their much-needed audience. From mobile devices, social media and word-of-mouth marketing, it provides the resources needed to build a company’s reputation.

12. Dorger Software Architects

As a consulting company, Dorger Software Architects offers the right technology solutions that need implementing within most businesses nowadays. Experts in Microsoft technology and over 14 years building software solutions, they have both the experience and partnerships to exceed any mobile app development requirement.

13. Dogwood Productions, Inc.

Giving both new media and sound design, this full-service firm is driven to provide the innovative and advanced technology solutions needed to produce mobile applications that help your business thrive.

14. Centreville Tech LLC

A company launched to provide technology solutions and software engineering. Centreville Tech LLC develops both custom software and business applications for a number of clients all over the US and right here in Alabama.

15. Teksouth Corporation

Located just north of Birmingham Alabama, Teksouth Corporation offers a wide range of services that include data management, business intelligence and custom application development for mobile devices.

16. Emtec Inc.

An IT consultancy, Emtec Inc. is dedicated to helping provide world class organizations with the tools and software needed to create stunning mobile applications within this modern-day, digital world we live in. It’s grown through technology’s lifespan with over 25 years in the making.

17. WideNet Consulting, LLC

A digital marketing agency that specializes specifically in website development as well as graphic design and mobile applications.

18. One Black Dog

Since 2004, this company has aimed to achieve everything their clients set out when it comes to their online goals by providing top mobile app development, all at affordable prices.

19. New Merkel Consulting Group

A new level of IT support, this is a service firm that’s grown in popularity with website and application design on offer.

20. Next Level Studio

A development powerhouse, Next Level Studio can provide anything that you need on any platform that’s out there right now. Custom softwares SEO and of course, mobile apps, are just a few services they offer.

21. Blockchain Developments

Blockchain Developments thrive on providing innovation and are an idea-centric company. They help focus on what’s needed by the client and how these ideas can be transformed into a mobile application format.

22. Alloy Digital

Empowering fearless digital growth is the main objective for Alloy Digital. Giving clients new digital solutions, they not only simplify operations, they also provide a lot of growth for any business who uses them.


Custom-built software that’s created to help solve any business problems that might be occurring when it comes to mobile applications. Their development is refined and transparent from the very beginning to keep clients informed and aware at all times throughout the project.

24. Appentus Technologies

Providing cutting-edge solutions that offer the latest technology and tools, this team of developers can help ensure that the design and application built is something that will stay valuable to your business for the long-run.

25. DevelopmentNow

Providing mobile solutions since 2006, they’ve managed to work with small startups to big brands on their mobile development applications. Their understanding and importance of mobile devices goes hand in hand with their commitment to providing the best application needed.

26. Wireless1Marketing Group LLC

If you’re looking for something that’s cost effective and that doesn’t devalue on it’s quality, then Wireless1Marketing Group LLC provides it. They’ve helped many small businesses and organizations to create stunning mobile applications.

27. CAN Softtech

With CAN Softtech, their mobile center of excellence is proof that this is a company that can help make your organization more mobile and efficient in its efforts to reach new audiences. The technology that’s used can help provide new ways to drive your sales force.

28. Envision Interactive

With over 100 clients across virtually every industry, Envision Interactive has created many mobile applications by combining traditional advertising methods and mixing them in with modern technologies and techniques.

29. Huebris

Huebris provides a mixture of solutions that are needed for their clients, whether it be through responsive websites to mobile apps that provide something more for the client’s customers than what’s typically expected.

30. Kinetic

Getting the best in mobile app development is something that can be hard to find. With Kinetic, it’s developed applications for multiple mobile devices as well as providing integrated APIs to go with it.

31. Zeekee Interactive

At Zeekee Interactive, the best marketing campaigns provide results and this is a company that thrives off providing unique platforms that enhance your business as a result.

32. Tep.io

With over 40 engineers operating in three countries, there’s plenty of software consulting and engineering on offer for those across the globe with Tep.io. Providing colusting, development, maintenance and support for every client.

33. Hyperlink InfoSystem

With over a decade of experience, Hyperlink InfoSystem provides exceptional services to all their clients to deliver quality frameworks and software for mobile applications.

34. PointClear Solutions

The best mobility services come with Pointclear Solutions. A full color of technology solutions to bring the best mobile app possible for your business or individual needs.

35. Kindred Technology Group, LLC

With their expertise, Kindred has been able to rack up an impressive client list from small businesses to startups. A team of well-versed and professional mobile app development professionals.

36. Platypi

Platypi offers a full service in design, web and mobile development. With mobile app developers offering unique and high-quality mobile applications, their in-depth knowledge brings a lot to appreciate.

37. Sybite Technologies

Developing mobile apps for companies that’s simple, fast and most importantly, affordable. Highly conductive and collaborative developments provided for everyone they work with.

38. Rocket Town Media

A Huntsville-based web and mobile technology design company, Rocket Town Media has developed hundreds of mobile apps to happy customers across the Southeast and the USA.

39. 21Twelve Interactive

Flexible, responsive and accommodating to the fast-paced demands of modern technology. 21Twelve Interactive offers high-caliber mobile app development solutions.

40. Web Tech Strategies

Providing mobile and web apps for funded tech startups. Web Tech Strategies makes the process of building complex software as easy as can be.

41. Webology SEO

A creative design and online marketing agency, Webology SEO provides all the necessary digital and software assistance for mobile app development for both Android and iOS.

42. AppSquadz

Powered by AWS, this company are a top-rated mobile app development business that focuses on delivering a great experience for your viewers.

43. Airship

Designs, builds and maintains software solutions that are custom-made. Airship brings new opportunities to the table, no matter what software project you have coming up next.

44. Millennial Apps

With all stages of mobile app development being important, this company takes you from the package required all the way to the very end and beyond your app’s launch.

45. Stanton Street

Amplifying your online presence is important within any business and this company can offer you with the tools when it comes to mobile app development to help improve your reputation in the online world of mobile apps.

46. Envative

Envative can offer custom web portals to mobile app development throughout it’s specialized knowledge of these areas in technology. Sophistication and advanced developments are at the core of this company.

47. Echo Interaction Group

Echo’s primary business model is through mobile app development. Fearless in their approach, you can guarantee what you get is pushing boundaries that reach beyond your expectations.

48. Synthesis Technology

Making the most important and informative mobile applications are important and Synthesis Technology helps to achieve that for every client that they have the opportunity to work with. They’ll fulfill any and all requirements that you need for the application.

49. Productive Edge

Looking to elevate your customer experience? Productive Edge has powerful capabilities to bring your business into the digital age by creating mobile applications that dominate the market.

50. Appoly Ltd

As pioneers within mobile solution, Apploy Ltd has helped to transform industries with their mobile apps.

51. Black Pepper Software Ltd

Black Pepper Software Ltd have helped businesses get their mobile application product to the market quickly with the right tools and experience on hand. It’s an award-winning company that are worth working with.