10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Yokohama

10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Yokohama
28Sep, 2021

The mobile app industry is said to be worth around $200 billion and is continuing to expand all of the time due to the never-ending evolution of smart devices and technology. Millions of apps are downloaded every day and range from healthcare to finance.

Companies, governments and professional bodies all over the world are turning to mobile applications to enhance and grow their outfits and of course, be more accessible to their users. Smartphones and tablets are filled with mobile applications to make your everyday life easier and more efficient.

So what is mobile application design?

Mobile application design is essentially the task of designing mobile applications for smartphones and tablets. Each app will have a variety of uses and functions but ultimately all apps need to be designed in a way that ensures optimum usability, accessibility, engagement and an overall positive user experience.

What application designers want to avoid is their app being sat in your smartphone not being used, better yet they want to see their application rising in the online application charts.

Given their rapid growth and popularity it stands to reason that mobile app design is big business and companies all over the world offer application design services. There is no better place to seek out high-quality mobile application designers than in Japan. Here is a collated list of mobile app design companies in and around the Yokohama area in Japan.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is a software development and support company for global enterprises. They are proud to have served more than 500 satisfied customers.

They have built more than 1000 mobile applications and have a team of over 500 developers, not to mention just under 50% of their business is from repeat and referred customs. Exemplary Marketing’s application designers can build Cross-Platform and Hybrid applications that can be developed for iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

Lotus Quality Assurance

Lotus Quality Assurance are the self-proclaimed ‘rookies’ who maximize on the energy of youth, learning from the ‘big fish’ and using the latest technology to produce the highest quality services at a reasonable cost.

They have offices in both Yokohama and Vietnam and provide international support in a variety of languages. They offer high-quality end-to-end IT services including Software Testing & Quality Assurance Service, Software Development and AI processing.

KK Infocrat Nihon

KK Infocrat Nihon has offices in Yokohama and headquarters in its native Bangladesh. KK Infocrat started life in 2007 and has a modest but highly equipped team of 30 plus whose expertise lies in web applications and mobile applications.

NTQ Solution

NTQ Solution is a truly international company with offices in Yokohama, Seoul, Kowloon and Hanoi. Their mobile application design teams cover everything from the early stages of design, development, testing all the way to and including post-launch support, for iOS, Android and Hybrid apps.

They consider themself to be a ‘‘reliable partner for the digital future’ and have in excess of 600 software consultants. Typically NTQ offer IT consulting, services and solutions to empower small, medium and large enterprises all over the world. In fact, their latest statistics report that they have over a 200 strong client base consisting of big and medium enterprises across 18 countries with a staggering 90% client retention rate.

EGO Creative Innovations

Ego Creative Innovations are hybrid and native app designers based in Tokoyo, just 35 minutes outside of Yokohama, They are trusted by small and medium enterprises in Health Tech, Education, Automotive, Finance and Insurance.

It is their mission is to transform ideas into apps in a transparent and cost-effective way, all of which is done within industry standards. They also offer clear budgeting based on competitive prices.

Transfer Technology Solutions (P) Ltd

Again, just a short drive from Yokohama you will find Transfer Technology Solutions, a software development company with a passion for developing future proof software for the here and now. They have a customer base of small and medium enterprises to Fortune 100 Companies from the USA, Japan, Europe and Australia, specialising in mobile app design in healthcare, industrial, retail and media markets.

Transfer Technology Solutions can manage your application design from the early design and development stages through to long-term maintenance, with vast experience in a wide range of technology areas.

Robotsoft Technologies

Robosoft Technologies has a vision to simplify lives and offer full-service digital transformation. Interestingly their first client in 1996 was Apple Inc and they have since spent the last 25 years in software development actively contributing to the ever-changing interface of digital experiences.

Their time in the market has seen them partner with large scale brands including ESPN, McDonald’s and Disney, with their apps having been downloaded billions of times. What is more, they were voted ‘Mobile App Development Company of the Year’ at the Amazon Mobility Awards in 2019.

Robosoft Technologies have experience and expertise in a large landscape from Banking and finance, to Healthcare, to E-commerce.


Yappali provides a slightly different offering to your typical application designers but are ones worth a mention nonetheless. Based a short distance from Yokohama, Yappali is a small design company with a modest number of employees, having only been founded in 2017.

What sets Yappali apart from its competitors is that they offer a cloud-type application management platform that allows clients to design applications with a drag and drop method. This reduces the need for engineering and development and design companies and gives more power on the customer to bring their ideas to fruition.

Deha Viet Nam

It may not come as a surprise that as well as offices in nearby Tokoyo Deha Viet Nam also have offices in Vietnam and are considered to be in the top 10 companies for tech in Vietnam. They serve clients from Japan, the USA and Vietnam and seek to build a sustainable relationship of trust and happiness.

By their admission, they strive to deliver true happiness be it by excellent services, lines of code, successful projects with high standards or extraordinary results.

Monster Labs

Monster Labs offers end-end solutions for iOS, Android Platforms and Web Apps. They have 16 offices across 8 countries with over 800 in house application designers, they have served over 500 clients and 900 projects. They believe their global experience allows them to deliver world-class application design standards to any budget.