10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Wuhan

The 10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Wuhan
09Sep, 2021

With the fast-paced speed of mobile app development and the impressive competitors in Wuhan and the rest of China, these mobile app design companies are sure to be the best of the best. This list of the top 10 mobile app design companies in China will allow investors and consumers alike to see the flow of the market and where they are likely to place their time and energy.

While deciding which company is best for your needs can seem overwhelming, this classic breakdown of each of the top 10 will help to move your process along. For a list of the best companies that can help you develop fantastic mobile designs for your business, keep reading.

Exemplary Marketing

This software development company is based in Wuhan but provides business worldwide and will work within your time zone. Exemplary Marketing specializes in custom technology solutions through their use of web and mobile app development.

Exemplary Marketing has more than 500 skilled software developers ready to work for you and provide an enterprise-grade solution by utilizing their specific domain experience and technological expertise.

Silicon Valley

Up next is Silicon Valley, known for their Mobile App Design, software development, and web development. They are NASSCOM Certified members and a CMMI Level 3 Certified IT Consulting Company.

Their quality shines through in their ability to program for Windows platforms, mobile applications, and Unix. Silicon Valley has utilized their skills in internet technologies to please their customers for the last 12 years!

Cloud Ten Labs

Cloud Ten Labs cares about the creative aspect of the app product along with their focus on the actual app development. They want their customers to be happy with their product/service and see their appreciation as success.

Cloud Ten Labs currently has one of the highest-profile rankings on Upwork, a huge freelancing platform. If you are looking for soul and creativity in your app, Cloud Ten Labs could be right for you!

ShineTech Software

ShineTech Software understands the importance of mobile application development. If done properly, Mobile App Design can create greater profit for the company, gather a larger audience to see their product, and improve the company’s communication with their customer.

ShineTech Software works through commercial mobile apps and developing enterprises to create this experience for their customers. They are also known for their quick production and sleek designs.

IT Consultis

This digital agency has a team of 70 experts that span across three countries and provide services in creating e-commerce websites, personalized web developments, apps, story experiences, and strategic projects.

With their impressive global reach, IT Consultis works to build great design and technologies while focusing on creating, executing, and researching the best digital solutions. With a team full of different skills and passions, IT Consultis is able to create the perfect service/product for any type, size, or idea of business!

Clever Brainz

Clever Brainz has its name for a reason – this company works to provide the best Mobile App Design and web development for its clients. When working with mobile application development, they can create in both Cross-Platform and Native-Platform. They use frameworks and languages including Java, Objective-C, Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, and React Native. Clever Brainz is made up of senior developers that concentrate on making result-driven software and solutions.


Softtek’s approach is to stay one step ahead of our ever-changing, technology-driven world. Softtek crafts their technology with the purpose of making value for their employees, clients, and shareholders. The company focuses on the creation of evolving business strategies.

They can create anything from agile development at enterprise scale to SRE and DevOps practices. Softtek truly focuses on the flow of the market and considers what their client will need to be supplied with technology-wise in order to be successful in their business ventures.

Reign Design

The 8th slot goes to a multicultural creative agency called Reign Design. They develop and design impressive software for mobile including WeChat solutions, chatbots, responsive websites, and various apps for Android and iOS.

They have worked with multiple start-up companies as well as notable name brands like Porsche, Sesame Street, Hyperloop One, Nike, and Falabella. Reign Design has created multiple apps of their own that have successfully topped the Apple Store rankings worldwide. They work from multiple locations such as Barcelona, Bangkok, Santiago, and Shanghai.

They utilize their talents and varied specialists on their team to bring each client success and profit through their product.

Shandong Blue Fox Network Technology Co., Ltd.

This company specializes in mobile internet application development as well as accurate marketing & promotion services, helping enterprises reach operational goals, and internet & technology solutions. Shandong Blue Fox Network Technology Co., Ltd. is known for breaking the barriers between enterprise marketing that occurs online and that which occurs offline.

MDT Infotech Ltd.

Finishing the group off at number 10 is MDT Infotech Ltd. This company specializes in web development, IT outsourcing, and mobile app development. Innovators, they were mobile app builders on the first generation of smartphones and strive to bring their high-quality and competitive rates to each client. Their clients are said to get wonderful return on investment (ROI) and are pleased with MDT Infotech Ltd.’s personalized approach to each specific job.

It is easy to see that all 10 of these companies bring different wonderful and profitable aspects with them. Take some time and refer to this list and its links for any further questions you may have on your hunt for the perfect company for your business.

These 10 competitors all want to provide an amazing product to you – whether that is an app, web development, IT outsourcing, or chatbots. Consider what you are really looking for in the company you want to work with. For example, would quality be more important to you than price, or are you looking for a competitive rate?

Your decision should reflect the brand of your business and its core values. Reaching a larger audience and getting a big ROI could actually be much easier than you think!