25+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in Wisconsin

25 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Wisconsin
07May, 2021

Are you looking to create an amazing new mobile app for your business? If you’re not confident in your coding or design skills, don’t worry. There are plenty of professional mobile app design companies in Wisconsin that can help you. By outsourcing your app design, you’ll have access to better resources such as state-of-the-art technology and trained experts with industry-specific experience. They’ll be able to create the most user-friendly and professional-looking apps that your clients will love.

Today’s customers expect the best, and apps need to be totally mobile-friendly, convenient, and informative. A reputable mobile app design company can help you provide a more efficient service to your customers, and give them all the information they need at their fingertips. We have compiled a list of the best mobile app design companies in Wisconsin, so you can make the right choice for your business.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is one of the leading mobile app design companies in Wisconsin. You can expect visually appealing, easy to navigate, and highly responsive apps compatible for both iOS and Android. With sector-specific expertise, you can ensure tailored apps that are themed precisely to your purpose and business goals. Exemplary Marketing uses state-of-the-art technology so you can make a better impression on your clients.


Headway is a Wisconsin-based mobile app design company that helps local businesses launch new ventures. All app and design and development is based on research in the market that will help give your business a competitive edge. Work with their experienced design team to bring your ideas to life. The team at Headway will help you future-proof your business by creating impressive digital products.


FreshinUp can help you design beautiful apps for your new brand or eCommerce. You can take advantage of their visual planning boards which allow you to communicate with the design team and evaluate their ideas. Each digital product created is tested to ensure ease of use and compatibility across devices.

Spin Group

Spin Group is flexible with platforms and is very customer-focussed. They provide a tailored service along with a technology consultation, so you can rest assured they’ll help you create the right solution for you. They specialize in mobile app and website development, you can ensure your business is set up with all the tools you need to offer an efficient service.


TESCHGlobal offers product development services catered towards mobile applications and web applications. They have expertise in creating imaginative products to solve the most complex of business challenges. They will also provide ongoing support with the onboarding of your product. TESCHGlobal offers long-term assistance to businesses and continues to help them enhance their digital products.

Lackner Buckingham

Lackner Buckingham offers flexible solutions to suit any content display needs. They are a private interactive and web design company and their talented experts are savvy in creating native apps for both iOS and Android. They use their own platform and state-of-the-art tools and pride themselves on their level of artistic craftsmanship.

Cream City Digital

Cream City Digital has been providing web design to local businesses for over twenty years and also specializes in mobile app development. As well as offering tailored mobile app design services, they provide ongoing analysis of mobile analytics to help you optimize user experience.


Northwoods helps businesses provide their own custom software and app solutions and has worked across a number of industries. They can provide sector-specific insights and recommend a variety of options based on your own unique business needs. The app designers at Northwoods are also used to working with a range of budgets.


ZyQuests is an innovator in the technology industry and a premier team in mobile, web, and application design. They have businesses launch new ventures partnering with forward-thinking clients, startups, and entrepreneurs for over twenty years. They specialize in customer experience and user experience solutions and help you create mobile applications that are easy and convenient to use.\


PortalMedia offers native mobile app design along with full-stack web development. The experienced team will either work with your preferred technology stack or help you find the right one to meet your business needs. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense customer-first approach, then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll get a clear explanation of design plans and guidance along the way.


Thiel can help you develop mobile app design that truly reflects the personality of your brand. They are primarily a branding agency that also specializes in web and app design. Thiel is ideal for those looking to make their eCommerce stand out, or to boost brand awareness for their business.

Noble Applications

Noble Applications will design and develop your software for you and help you achieve your business goals along the way. If you’re not familiar with the mobile app design world, they can build intuitive and elegant experiences for both iOS and Android that will truly make a lasting impression on your clients.


Ionic is a platform for independent web designers, providing open source tools and services to make professional app development accessible for everyone. If you’re looking to design your own mobile app, you could use the services on the Iconic platform.


Centare has a large team of experts that specialize in user experience and design and application modernization. They also offer a full technology consultancy service and can help you create the right solutions for your business. The team at Centare work closely with their clients and value trust and transparency.

Xorbix Technologies Inc.

Xorbix offers various mobile solutions along with custom-designed mobile applications. If you’re looking to create a versatile app for your business they can help you create a solution that’s compatible with Android, iOS, and different devices. They also offer free consultation so you can find out more before you commit.


DesignsTouch is one of the most innovative mobile app design companies in Wisconsin. In order to provide quality assurance, the design of your mobile application starts with research and business analysis to ensure that the results reflect your company’s vision and goals.


Metova can help your business provide mobile access to your services at your customers’ convenience. Mentova has a long history as is a well-known name in the industry. You can rest assured their team of web designers will help you provide the best service by extending your business to mobile applications for your customers.

CI Design

CI Design specializes in creating multi-platform mobile applications along with augmented and virtual reality apps. They also work using business and marketing strategies to ensure they create the right designs to give you a competitive edge. You can expect digital solutions that really perform as well as looking amazing.

TechAnalysts, Inc.

TechAnalysts, Inc. provides complete mobile app design services in Wisconsin. They will help your business take advantage of built-in device capabilities and compete with bigger names on the market. They typically use Microsoft’s Xamarin for cross-platform projects enabling them to reduce cost and time to market.

Iron Forge Development

Iron Forge Development gives businesses access to fantastic technology and can help you create stand-alone apps, or mobile developments to compliment your web platform. If you’re looking to design an app that really stands out in the crowd, their iOS and Android experts have the industry knowledge and experience to help you do so.

Real Wisconsin Website Design

Real Wisconsin Website Design is one of the most popular web design app companies in Wisconsin. This is because they cater to small businesses and nonprofits, offering mobile-compatible solutions for reasonable prices. They will help you optimize your website and mobile apps and help you boost your online presence and make a name for yourself in the field.

Greenleaf Media

Greenleaf Media has an expert team of designers, web developers, and digital marketers that specialize in web programming and mobile and app development. Along with mobile applications, they can also help you design custom software for your business. They’ll also provide you with marketing insights and industry advice to help you get ahead.

Web Hill Tech

Web Hill Tech can help you develop a mobile app that is directly connected to your business growth and ROI. They offer iPhone and Android app design at a reasonable cost and are committed to helping local businesses reach a wider network of clients. If you’re looking to expand your brand and your business you’ve come to the right place.


WebCitz specialize in web design and helping eCommerce businesses provide mobile accessibility using the latest software and tools. If you’d like to take your online business to the next level, the dedicated and friendly team at WebCitz can certainly be of assistance.

Gradient Creative

Gradient Creative is one of the best web design companies in Wisconsin, creating groundbreaking mobile apps with amazing features such as augmented reality capabilities. You can also take advantage of their extensive archives, resources and tools. They’ll help you design an engaging app that will enhance customer experience and boost brand loyalty.