20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in West Bengal

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in West Bengal
01Jun, 2021

When looking to outsource a company for mobile app design in West Bengal, there are plenty of options to choose from. Yet, each company will come with its own strengths and weaknesses. It is easier to compare them against certain criteria: client satisfaction, quality, price, and existing portfolio of clients, just to name a few.

To help your decision-making process, here are 20 of the best mobile app design companies in West Bengal.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing believes modern solutions are required for modern problems. When approaching app design, they aim to create something functional as well as attractive, with user experience at the forefront of their goals.

From your point of view, Exemplary Marketing has a four-step process when working with a brand:

  1. The ‘skeleton’ phase, where you, the brand, and the team at Exemplary Marketing outline the content, structure, and functionality.
  2. The ‘prototype’ phase, where a prototype is made to demonstrate the product’s behaviour.
  3. The ‘interface’ stage, where the style of the product is designed.
  4. The ‘design’ phase, where the Exemplary Marketing team works the app’s purpose into the design.


Peerbits is a large mobile app design company in West Bengal, with over 120 employees. This large scale hints towards the fact that Peerbits is a well-experienced company. Since their first day, they have completed over 600 projects in mobile app design.

When it comes to mobile app design, Peerbits focuses on iOS and Android. They believe that interfaces shouldn’t be intimidating, rather subtle and beautiful. Their designers take a minimalistic approach to design. Clearly, this is an approach that works, as Peerbits has a 92% client satisfaction rate.

Dogtown Media

The experts at Dogtown Media are fluent in coding a design, meaning the capabilities for mobile app design are endless and unique. Also, because of this, Android and iOS apps can be designed without delay.

Their impressive clientele features giants such as Google, YouTube, Lexus, and the United Nations. Their success is likely down to their rigorous work and ethos that constant design iteration and user testing are essential.

Intelligent App Solutions

Intelligent App Solutions will deliver you higher engagement. This comes from their unique goals to offer out-of-the-box usability. Whatever platform your app is on, whether it be iOS, Android, or Hybrid apps, Intelligent App solutions are happy to help and work with you.

Intelligent App Solutions sees its greatest strength as its team of app developers and designers. Their team works with you to create a strategy for formulating solutions. This means your business can always be one step ahead of your competitors.


Appsinvo works with one idea in mind: that technology evolution taught them that only those who are adaptable can survive. For this reason, Appsinvo is supremely innovative and hopes to create a design that is never before seen, so you stand out from the crowd. With end-to-end help, Appsinvo believes they can achieve this.

With over 150 satisfied clients in 12 different countries, it is clear Appsinvo has the experience to back up its ambitious goals.


Kolweb believes the client is the one who should be in charge. Kolweb’s job is to realise your dreams, however ambitious they may be. With clients like WordPress, Shopify, and Android, Kolweb is more than capable to make your vision a reality.

Fusion Informatics

Fusion Informatics has been working for over eighteen years, with many of their employees having experience for even longer. This experience is put to work at Fusion Informatics, where over 1,000 clients have come with their projects. Fusion Informatics has a client retention rate of 97%, showing its excellence. This comes from their skill, customer relationship skills, and the policy of giving 100% money back if the client is not satisfied with Fusion Informatics’ work.

Konnectix India

Konnectix India hopes to help its clients achieve their business goals. With cutting-edge technology and experienced designers, their clients can rest easy, knowing their mobile apps are in good hands.

Konnectix India hopes to foster long-term relationships with their clients, from the beginning of app design to the end, and into a future project together.

Lab Brew Code

Lab Brew Code has been designing mobile apps since 2013. When designing, Lab Brew Code always has the return profit in mind: when putting in an investment, what will the client get back?

Lab Brew Code is always thinking of the competitor. In order to be out of the box, a mobile app needs to stand out in the App Store or on Google Play.


Appinventiv has delivered over 350 successful apps to clients – and that’s just on iOS! These apps have been downloaded and enjoyed by millions. Clearly, their reach is extraordinary.

Appinventiv makes sure to consider all devices when designing their apps. They want them to look perfect, whether consumers download them to their phones, tablets, or smart TVs and watches.


Cumulations has been working for eight years, during which they have streamlined their process into four stages: ideate, design, develop, and deploy. They work on several different platforms, including Android apps, iOS apps, Flutter apps, web apps, Alexa apps, and IoT apps.

When designing, Cumulations focuses on being feature-rich while also being user-friendly. They manage this by conceptualising everything to a detailed level before going into design.

Net Solutions

Net Solutions sells themselves as a way to design apps ‘better, faster & cheaper.’ They manage these claims by working with advanced frameworks, automation, expertise, and processes. Clearly, they are able to deliver on these claims, as their client base is wildly impressive. From Microsoft to Paypal, Mothercare to IMG, Net Solutions have the proof of their great work in these brands.


Established in 2012, Impekable is specialised in UX/UI design. Due to this, they have plenty of cutting-edge technology and specific processes to bring your vision to life.

Through these well-thought-out processes, Impekable has delivered its clients worldwide recognition and acclaim. High-profile awards have been won for their excellently designed mobile apps, alongside publication in many prestigious places.


In 2017, Smarther won the award for Best App Development Company at the Enantra Awards – South India’s biggest festival for Entrepreneurship. They got this acclaim from their hard work and streamlined processes.

When it comes to android app design, Smarther works with all the latest SDKs and development tools. The process includes movements from design to development and testing, then to deployment. They are able to work with any client, regardless of industry, whether it be health, education, automobile, or eCommerce.

For iOS, Smarther lay a greater focus on UI/UX experience. Smarther makes sure to be aware of the most up-to-date marketing and design trends to keep their apps unique and marketable.


Innovination design apps with two goals in mind: ensuring increased loyalty from users, alongside healthy engagement. Though Innovination can design iOS and Android apps, they actually specialise in hybrid apps. Innovination aims to make its apps highly scalable to meet a growing customer base. They must be flexible to accommodate any and all requirements their clients might need in the future. With quality checking at all stages, users will have a great experience, and clients will know they are getting an excellent product.

Web App Designs

‘Innovation is a key in modern society,’ Web App Designs’ website reads. This is essential for their mobile app design – how to stand out from the crowd? How can an app deliver a unique yet user-friendly experience for the customer? Innovation is Web App Designs’ solution.

With options to design apps for iOS, Android, ionic, and React Native, all clients are welcome, no matter their vision.

HTSM Technologies

Working with Android, iOS, Windows, and cross-platform, HTSM Technologies will deliver a well-rounded, user-friendly app design for all companies. HTSM Technologies sees the benefits of a mobile app as minimising the space between your business and your targeted audience. For this reason, HTSM Technologies place emphasis on easy use and attractive designs to reel in customers.

Manu Info Solutions

Manu Info Solutions are not afraid of a big job. However large or small scale your requirements, they will apply themselves with determination and commitment in order to provide you the best design for your mobile app.

They recognise that the world of technology is always changing, so they make it a priority to keep up with the latest trends and developments in design technology.

United Infotech

When designing your app, United Infotech wants to be a catalyst to your success. Their hope is to provide human-centric experiences within the mobile app design, ensuring your users have a meaningful and valuable experience.


Encoders are specific about the goals they set up when designing mobile apps. For them, success is measured in five key areas: stability, security, user-friendliness, resource requirements, and efficiency of applications. With these goals in mind, Encoders aims to design the most successful app for their clients.