20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Uttar Pradesh

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Uttar Pradesh
03Jun, 2021

With more and more people relying on portable digital devices every day in order to manage their routines, track their communications, and even get fit and diet – it is increasingly important for companies across all sorts of different industries to recognise the value of smart mobile app design.

Having a mobile app can, in many cases, be a determining factor in whether or not people actually find it worth their while to use your services or purchase your products – and, of course, the more value that you can provide for prospective customers via helpful services such as a sophisticated mobile app, the healthier your professional reputation is likely to become.

Whether you’ve just created your own start-up, or are interested in expanding professionally, or already run a successful business and simply want to introduce a well-designed mobile app to the picture, getting in touch with the right app design companies can be crucial.

After all, even the best company with the best services on offer will come across badly if they offer poorly designed apps which are a pain to use.

Here is a list of 20 best mobile app design companies in Uttar Pradesh to keep in mind.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is a skilled and sophisticated company that offers a variety of digital services, ranging from iOS and Android-compatible apps that are visually striking and appealing, reactive, and easy to navigate for prospective customers, to web development, graphic design, AI feature implementation, and much more.

With Exemplary Marketing you can rest assured that apps will be constructed in a timely and reliable manner, using the Waterfall Method, and will be available at a reasonable price point. At the same time, the breadth of experience within the company across different but interrelated domains means that the solutions and services you obtain from this company are likely to benefit from a significantly greater “big picture” perspective than with many rival companies.

Additionally, the company operates in the USA, India, and Pakistan, giving it an international perspective on best practice.

Exemplary Marketing also offers an online “Website Grader” via their site, in addition to tools such as an “app calculator” to help you get the clearest perspective on things at the outset.

RipenApps Technologies

Headquartered in India and with successful operations in various other countries, including Egypt, Canada, Australia, the USA and UAE, Singapore, and Germany – and with a team of 120 people – RipenApps Technologies benefits from both a good level of available resources, and also good international connections and insight.

RisenApps has a good track record of delivering quality app development services for Android, iOS, the Web and IoT, wearables, and more.

With 270+ chartbuster apps delivered, and an agile approach to app development, this company strives consistently to maximise long-lasting professional relationships with satisfied customers.

Terasol Technologies

Terasol Technologies is a company dedicated to the idea of making history through their innovative apps – and in particular, apps that help people learn and grow through technology.

This company is particularly interested in supporting new start-ups, and has plans to become an umbrella company in this capacity.

Terasol creates apps for iOS, Android, iPad, games and education, and more.

UpDoer Technology

UpDoer Technology pride themselves on having provided affordable software testing and QA services from their India-based lab for over four years.

Essentially, they offer full software testing services to companies of all sizes, who have a product or service to sell.

The team at UpDoer features high quality software engineers who are skilled in various different dimensions of software testing, such as Mobile Testing, Manual Testing, Automation Testing, and more.

TheMango IT Technologies

TheMango IT Technologies is a 20-person company based in Noida, India, that focuses broadly on Digital IT Services and offers mobile app development services alongside website design and development, custom software solutions, web development, digital marketing, cloud migration, and more.

With a good deal of experience, and a moderately sized team at their disposal, TheMango IT Technologies can handle most of the routine IT and app-related tasks you may want addressed.

Agicent Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Agicent Technologies Pvt. Ltd. describe themselves as “passionate app developers, ready to work!” and focus solely on providing app development services of various types.

In particular, the company prides itself on providing everything you need in order to turn an “app idea” into a real-world, high-performing app that is well ranked on its respective app store, and that gets a lot of public attention and appreciation.

Agicent boasts 5-star reviews on popular developer platforms like Venturepact™, uses an agile system to ensure their app creation process is dynamic, and can benefit from input from all members of the relevant team.

Ammaiya Services Pvt. Ltd.

Ammaiya Services Pvt. Ltd. are one of the key Web Development companies in Delhi NCR, and offer a good range of different services that a company is likely to find advantageous when they are planning on releasing their own app.

Among other things, Ammaiya offers Mobile App Development, Site Development, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design services, and more.

ArohaTech IT Services

ArohaTech IT Services is a large company with over 100 Developers, and with rates for different services starting as low as $10 per hour.

This company leverages the AGILE development methodology, and their team is skilled at front-and and customer-facing services and solutions in particular, including mobile apps.

Appsinvo Pvt Ltd

As you could guess by the name of this company, they specialise in both mobile and web apps. Since 2015, Appsinvo has provided top-notch apps for many different enterprises and start-ups, utilising the latest technology to do so effectively.

Appsinvo strives to create apps that truly differentiate themselves from the crowd, and that establish their own niche in the world.

Appicial Applications

Appicial Applications are a company who specialise in various on-demand, customised, and streamlined solutions for companies who need effective apps to complement their existing services.

Taxi apps, food delivery apps, and even apps that help people to purchase and arrange for delivery of medical supplies, are all things that this company has worked on at one point or another.

eSearch Logix Technologies Pvt. Ltd

eSearch Logix Technologies is a well-respected and well-established digital marketing company who have been active in the industry for over a decade. In addition to providing services such as website design, they also offer mobile app development.

To date, they boast having offered their services to over 500 clients.

iByte Infomatics

iByte Infomatics is a new company with a small team, who are dedicated to offering the best digital services across a variety of different domains.

This company offers iOS, Android, Hybrid and Native App development among other things, and has created apps for all of the Google Play Store’s top categories.

InfoRidge Technology

InfoRidge Technology is a company based, first and foremost, around a highly skilled team of professionals drawn from various backgrounds, and with mutually complementary areas of expertise.

App development is one of the key services this company offers, alongside things like more general software development, and SEO marketing.

Kleward Consulting

Kleward is a leading digital solutions company whose core areas of expertise include App Development and Website Development.

To achieve the best outcomes for their clients, this company stays up-to-date with the latest technology, and maintains an active interest in developments within the app space.


Mobiloitte describe themselves as a premier full-service mobile and web app development company, with an emphasis on security, the scalability of all projects, and reliable performance across a range of different platforms and systems.

Whatever it is you are after, this company is sure to be able to help you come up with solutions in the app space.

Panaesha Capital Pvt. Ltd

Panaesha Capital Pvt. Ltd is a 50-person, India-based creative agency who offer full-service mobile app development and web design, in addition to things like internet marketing.

If you have an app that you would like to work on as part of a broader campaign, this company might be able to help.

Mobulous Technologies

Mobulous Is a top-rated mobile app development company, with over 300 native android and iOS apps developed over the course of more than five years.

With over 60 creative experts on their team, Mobulous are well capable of coming up with innovative solutions.

Resourcifi Inc.

Resourcifi Inc. is an IT solutions and IT outsourcing company, who offer a full suite of services for any business looking to take advantage of the option of having their IT managed by third-party professionals.

App development is one part of what they offer.


Vipra Pitch themselves as “your partner from creation to promotion,” and emphasise creative digital solutions which, at the same time, involve the client actively in the process.

TechGropse Pvt. Ltd.

TechGropse Pvt. Ltd. have a team of 51 iOS and Android developers, and have served over 100 clients as of this writing.

Some of the apps they have worked on include apps for taxi services, restaurants, and more.