10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Tokyo

10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Tokyo
27Sep, 2021

Japan is known to be one of the tech capitals of the world. The only places that come near Tokyo in particular, are California and London. The rest are a little below these three cities when it comes to sheer technology giants, talent and trends in the mobile app design world.

Companies in Tokyo however, could lay claim to being the best as they are often highly responsive to trends, able to inject new features very quickly and get as much feedback from customers as possible.

This is due to their coding practices, talent and approach, but also due to their culture as respect and honesty are highly valued. Let’s now explore the 10 best mobile app design companies in Tokyo.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is probably your top choice because it’s incredibly thorough in it’s approach. They create apps that have robust sets of features that have been custom made for the brand.

These are also scalable so you can remain flexible and improve features as you grow and get used to what you offer customers.

Not to mention the interoperability of apps that can help you run businesses such as medical and healthcare companies. They have a huge 500-person team to help make any kind of app you want.

21Twelve Interactive

It’s very young but has amassed an impressive portfolio of working with some of the best mobile applications around the world. They particularly work with entrepreneurs in Japan but also Western companies that want to develop apps for the Japanese market.

They were started in 2016 but they have become widely known among app development companies. They mainly operate in the Java field and have a history of making great Android apps.

Monster Lab

They make apps for end-to-end solutions using iOS. However, they can also do this for Android platforms and for web applications such as extensions for Chrome. They are located in Tokyo and have been voted the most trusted top-tier mobile app development company in the country.

They focus on creating an amazing UX so users feel free while using your application. Because each app is customized, problem-solving has become their calling card.


Monaca creates hybrid mobile apps which are easy to use on iOS and Android. They can do this because they are experts in HTML 5. Their high performance apps are created to be beautiful, responsive and exciting.

Their cloud-powered app enables web developers to create great apps so you can use their platform to make tweaks and changes. However, their workflow and development environment is what keeps customers satisfied.


They only began in May of 2010 but they have become known in the industry, especially in Tokyo. Their ability to change the app world little by little has been recognized by their customers time after time. Their name Ignis is latin for fire and their approach to app development and design has certainly lit one under the industry. It’s a highly motivated team and has shown itself to cater to both Japanese and Western tastes.


For those that want big data solutions particularly for your financial business, this is the app developer to contact. They have been increasing their knowledge and skills in the retail investment world for a long time.

They have partnered with a number of financial institutions to be the first to provide custom solutions to both the local and global market. They have a number of key founding members, some of them strong academics from the University of Tokyo.

Mouseless Media

They have worked with Fortune 500 companies and local small businesses as well. Their UX and UI design and development is fantastic and trusted among their core customers to deliver results.

Clients want their customers to feel unhindered when using apps that are already on small devices. Their high-quality app development has been matched by their dedicated team’s hard work, making them a great choice for a company that wants their app redesigned.


It’s quickly becoming known as Tokyo’s best choice of mobile app development. With a long resume of more than 500 apps made and improved, they are racking up an excellent track record.

They focus mainly on UX and UI design, allowing for any kind of retail app to run smoothly, allow customers to use it naturally and intuitively make improvements as feedback rolls in. They have a vast history, working with over 300 companies in all industries.


They have a studio in Berlin but also one in Tokyo. They have been creating apps for a number of years now, working with big corporations and small businesses.

They have been able to inject their fresh approach to design with relative ease, just look at their Prottapp website and Balto.io. In particular, they have been working with startups, so they’re at the forefront of new design and innovation. It’s got a Western background but it caters for the Japanese market and clients without any hiccups.


This is a cloud-type of application, which you can use to just drag and drop different features to create an app. It has taken a lot of engineering and design to make it work but many companies that want to test new app designs and approaches but don’t want it to be too expensive, use this company for this purpose.

The idea is to just create whatever kind of app you want, see what kind of features mix and which would hinder the UX. you won’t see many app developers give you this option, so take advantage of it and see if your crazy new idea might just work or not.

If you would like to know more about best mobile app design companies in Tokyo and what kind of company would be best for your needs, just ask. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.