10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Shenzhen

10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Shenzhen
10Sep, 2021

Exemplary Marketing

A team of mobile app designers and developers with over 500 members on their team, all of them working in-house to bring a diverse range of fields of expertise together to help you create the apps that you need.

This team makes use of real-time communication to ensure that the client is always kept informed as to the progress of the project and has the ability to step in at any point to request the changes or give the feedback that they need. Clients also retain ownership of the source code at the end of the project, giving them full control over the software they want.


Having grown from a small team of engineers since 1993, EPAM Systems has become a global name in designing and developing digital products for all platforms, including on mobile. Turning complex challenges into innovative solutions, they aim to help drive opportunities for their clients and help with a variety of specializations, including IoT, Cloud software, big data, and more.

They also offer white space design so that businesses can more quickly integrate and customize the solutions that they need into the business, ensuring that all apps match the business’s preferred experience.

Hyperlink InfoSystem

A global team that has worked with some of the biggest brands around, including Viacom, Disney, and the BBC, HyperLink InfoSystem offers a range of digital solution services, including mobile app design.

This team designs and develops a wide range of apps for all platforms, including Android and iOS, aiming to craft excellent applications to help businesses and start-up meet their objectives. They specialize in high-quality tailor-made mobile apps, with access to the latest technology trends and a passion for creating excellent user interfaces and experiences to make sure that apps meet the user’s needs as well as the client’s.

Suntrend Technology

Originating in Hong Kong but with an R&D team based in Shenzhen, this team is a digital solution provider that has been designing and developing business software and applications for over 20 years.

Mobile app development makes up the bulk of their business and, since their founding in 1995, they have created all sorts of solutions, including EPR software, document management platforms, content management platforms, business process management, and more.

As a business consulting firm alongside a mobile app and software design and development team, Suntrend Technology also has the understanding of business objectives and strategy to ensure that their solutions align with your needs as best as possible.

Angell Echo

A team of software developers, designers, video artists, and more that work together to create all manner of customized apps to meet a wide range of needs. This team specializes in creating solutions in the field of education, as well as those that make use of virtual reality technology but are willing to work with clients to bring all manner of mobile app solutions to life. This is a global team with offices in Los Angeles, San Jose, and more, alongside Shenzhen, with a wide roster of talent to pull from.

Cloud Ten labs

With over 250 developers, designers, and other team members working to create mobile app and web development solutions since 2018, this relatively new but fast-growing team is able to provide the expertise to build all manner of apps to meet their client’s needs.

This design and development team primarily works with small and mid-market teams, with a particular focus on business services and food products. Despite their relative newness in the market, however, they have already worked with some very well-known names such as Intel and Uber Eats, speaking to the quality of their work.

DynaSys Solutions

With over 100 members of their team, and 25 years of experience in providing help with all manner of digital solutions, this team has been offering a wide range of services to over 500 customers. This includes their application design and development services, which have seen them work on a wide range of solutions, including supply chain, digital lab, waste information management, and security software used across all industries and sectors.

With a specially designed work method that streamlines production and always involves clients through real-time responses, DynaSys ensures that all the needs of their clients are met in a timely manner.


Originally based in NYC, but with offices across the world, HacknCraft aims to provide digital innovation to its clients. With over forty projects complete, including a range of mobile apps, they make use of specialized technology and the range of expertise found on their team to not just meet client expectations, but to push boundaries and create truly unique and effective digital solutions.

Some of their work includes solutions that have been made for the NHL, Appfriends, Madison Square Gardens, and more, spanning across a range of sectors and industries.

Shinetech Software Inc.

Founded in London, UK, before spreading worldwide, this team has spread since its founding in 2010 to encompass over 600 clients in offices across the globe.

An IT strategy consulting firm as well as a custom app and software designer and developer, they have a deep understanding of the needs of a business, especially when it comes to designing solutions that are built to streamline workloads and offer extra productivity.

Some of the solutions they have provided include work in staff augmentation, health care, gaming, and online betting, and more.


Named after a portmanteau between app and artisan, this team’s name encompasses the approach they take to mobile app development. Bringing creativity and tech aptitude together, this team aims to create unique and effective solutions to any challenges their clients bring to them.

As such, they have completed a wide range of projects for companies across the globe, including for hospitality businesses, transport and moving companies, fashion companies, and much more. With both native mobile application and hybrid mobile application services, they can make sure that the apps you need work the best on the platforms that you want to hit.