20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Sheffield

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Sheffield
22Jun, 2021

Whether you’re a business in the Sheffield area needing a app design to grow your customer base, engagement, and revenues, or, a business further afield with an interest in doing the same things, this list is for you. Although these top mobile app design companies are Sheffield-based many of them serve international clients. Read on to find out what they can do for you.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is the number one solution for mobile app design in Sheffield, that’s why it takes the number one spot. Exemplary Marketing uses the waterfall method to develop apps for any platform. The apps they create are attractive, frictionless, and themed for the purposes of the business, to make them unique and iconic; depending on your requirements the app development can also incorporate animations and AI for innovative features.

Cactus Design

Cactus Design is a mobile Web design company based in Sheffield. They are a company that believes in collaboration and works closely with the clients to understand the particular requirements of the business and the app. The apps are carefully engineered but Design is where it counts at Cactus. Cactus Design is committed to building apps with user experience at their core. Beyond that,, it’s all about a beautiful interface.

Team Cooper

Located in Sheffield Team Cooper is a digital app Design company with a global reputation. They have won awards for their design work that is both pragmatic and innovative. Unlike other Design companies in its niche, Team Cooper has a fun and playful attitude that resonates with international brands. When you have your business app designed by Team Cooper you can expect to offer customers an experience unlike any other.

3Squared Ltd

3Squared Ltd is a little more niche and a mobile Design company since they work mainly in the transport industry. While this might not suit many businesses, it’s ideal for those in the transport industry. 3Squared Ltd understands the demands of transport consumers and how to optimise mobile apps for best results. They work closely with their clients and develop long term partnerships to advance the app as technology changes.

Llama Digital

Llama Digital in Sheffield is a rounded digital production agency that offers a full suite of services, so if you need a mobile app developed and designed, Llama Digital is the best. Llama Digital liaises with clients regularly during the project and gain close insights into user behaviour and business services. Using this information they apply their extensive skills and experience to the app Design to create an innovative user-friendly interface.

Shelton Associates

Shelton Associates is primarily a marketing agency based in Sheffield, despite this they have app development and Design capabilities that overlap with their marketing experience. In this way, you can collaborate with them to produce an app that understands your target audience and is fully optimized for user experience. With over 80% of Internet users now on mobile,, it makes sense to design your app with a company that knows the numbers.


Introspection is a leading website design and development agency in South Yorkshire. They have several departments including website design, mobile app design, software development, Internet marketing solutions, and SEO. In terms of website design, Introspection produces mobile-friendly interfaces with excellent performance. Your brand logo is stored on your phone’s app list so your customers have ready access to services and you can send them to push notifications through the installed app.


Kreative is a Web Design and development agency based in Sheffield. They operate a small Team with high ideals, they are dedicated to discipline and providing high-quality products to customers. Kreativ has worked in the industry for over 10 years and has full confidence when designing business apps in a range of niches. Kreativ App Design is brand focused and implements smart technology to ensure the user experience is satisfactory.

CNS Media Sheffield

CNS Media is another all-rounder when it comes to the digital experience. As well as web development and Design they provide digital advertising services, media services, and other services in the creative industries. In terms of mobile design, CNS Media works closely with clients on their apps so they are optimized in accordance with the particular requirements of the business. If you need an app that requires better communication or higher performance, that can be arranged.

Switchstance Sheffield

Switchstance Digital is a dedicated digital design service agency in Sheffield with a passion for high-quality design and a guarantee that your digital product will perform to high stands and improve your business. Switchstance operated a small dedicated team committed to outperforming the competition with mobile app development that delivers exceptional ROI, improves customer engagement, and gives your business the edge it needs to stand out.

DS Creative

If you need a mobile app design company in Sheffield then DS Creative has you covered, but that’s not all they have on offer. DS Creative provides marketing services, graphic design, and Web development services. Whether it’s a template design service you want or a bespoke design DS Creative will interview you about your business and come up with a solution that is both cost effective and efficient.


If you want a company fully focused on the digital age and the development of digital enterprises consider partnering with Rework for your mobile app design. It’s their belief that Internet platforms are powerful vehicles for the future and stay on top of current innovation trends to deliver maximum value to your business. Rework is a small family company who work closely with clients and partner with them for the long term, if you need your app optimized in the future.

Redemption Media

If you’re looking for a digital agency in Sheffield that delivers award winning industry results with mobile apps and websites then look no further than Redemption Media. Redemption Media is focused on improving your customer engagement using mobile technologies like tablets, mobiles and apps to harness the power of mobile technology for over 80% of Internet users. Redemption Media loves the beauty of a user-friendly interface.


Pipe&Piper is one of the most well known app development companies in Sheffield providing high quality cross platform mobile app solutions to clients at home and overseas. They are an expert team of mobile app specialists who love innovation and cloud technologies. They will work closely with your business to invent a tailor made solution that will improve customer engagement and user experience. No idea is too challenging for Pipe&Piper.

Kinetic Applications

Based in Sheffield Kinetic Applications is an award nominated  mobile design and development agency with a practical and progressive approach to mobile app development. The company was recognised by Awwards, an industry award for the world’s best emerging talent and we’d designers. When you partner with Kinetic Applications you work with an agency that understands the difference between innovation and template designs.

PaxLife Media

PaxLife Media are headquartered in Sheffield and offer mobile app solutions for businesses. They have many clients in the transport sector and can produce mobile apps for vehicles, but that doesn’t mean you can’t partner with them if you want a mobile Design for a different niche. PaxLife Medias is interested in creating apps for modern users that are frictionless and innovative. No matter your business purposes you will be in safe hands with PaxLife.


Mookat is a small team of dedicated mobile app designers and developers who work closely with clients to determine the nature of the business and requirements of the app. When you work with Mookat you will help them design an app to improve customers UX and add value to your business. Your design can also be future proofed with a long term partnership and guarantee.

Reach Studios

Reach Studios is based in Sheffield. They are a multi-disciplined digital design company with many limbs. Not only do they design mobile apps, they also design Web apps and offer digital marketing and creative solutions such as bespoke mobile app development. Reach Studios will design an app for your business that has quick loading times for SEO purposes, a frictionless interface and fully responsive design for user experience.

Red Dragon Webmaster

Red Dragon Webmaster is another multi-disciplined digital services company based in Sheffield. As well as marketing services and SEO services, Red Dragon Webmaster is a specialist in mobile app design technology. They will work closely with your business to develop an app that is stunning and professional. Don’t be left behind the competition, build a competitive app that will last you for years with Red Dragon.

Xune Solutions

If you’re looking for a mobile app design solution that understands that industry and what’s required for a professional and engaging app, contact Xune Solutions. At Xune they specialise in designs that are clear and simple, attractive and modern. The aim of Xune mobile and Web designs is to grow your business. To do this the team at Xune Solutions seeks to understand the core workings of your business and brand then implements those same values in the app design.