10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Seoul

10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Seoul
12Oct, 2021

The choice can become tricky when you want to have the best company tackling your mobile app design. It can be challenging to pinpoint the top ten mobile app developers in any given city with so many options.

Mobile applications can add a significant boost for an online business – including restaurants, museums, art galleries, and B2B tech too. Ensuring that you have the best mobile app developer in Seoul and the surrounding area is easy with this list:

Exemplary Marketing

At number one is Exemplary Marketing – Exemplary Marketing has a considerable amount of clients under their belt and over 500 on-demand developers ready to take on any project. They have a wide range of industry experts in everything from Aviation to Real Estate and Supply Chain to Transportation.

They offer a scalable business model, your own source code, and real-time communication.


Nerdyfactory is 28 minutes outside of Seoul but is a highly rated mobile application development company. They have some impressive clients on their books, including LG, HP, and Samsung.

They started as a lean start-up and have expanded to creating large-scale systems. In their own terms – a development company specializing in software for connected devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and IoT devices. They regularly contribute to open-source software projects.

Seoul Web Design

In the very heart of Seoul, you will find the Seoul Web Design agency. They are a full-service web design agency that offers a range of options. App design UI/UX, Web Designing UI/UX, eCommerce development, mobile app design, and some other services. They’re all about being dynamic and agile.

Cliq Technologies

Cliq Technologies aims to be innovative and exciting with the apps that they produce. They also offer a complete graphic design option that covers everything from logos to brochures. Their service list is extensive but encompasses a wide range: mobile app design, testing, business research, SEO, and web development, to name a few.

Backstage Media

Backztage Media preposition itself as a cutting-edge marketing partner that brings your brand to the public. They develop mobile apps that are created around the latest technology and viral marketing concepts. They work with their clients on brainstorming and development.


CodePillow is a small company, but they have a wealth of experience across multiple industries – and are willing to put that to work. They offer a range of services and can step in to consult on projects, or to support a software journey. Their expertise lies in web, mobile, blockchain, and AI.


Their tagline is Apps that make everyone happy, and they are a Seoul-based mobile technology company. They are dedicated to offering the highest-rated mobile applications that are suitable for all age groups.

They work with world-class artists and have several highly qualified and highly-skilled mobile application developers on the team. Unlike some of the other companies on the list, Dualverse is 100% focused on mobile phone applications.

Qt Company

Qt Company is the company behind a massive range of services. Including licensing under commercial licenses, open-source licenses, productization, and development.

What makes Qt interesting is that it offers a development environment that provides the resume of the software code across multiple operating systems, wearable devices, platforms, and screen types. With a focus on the newest technology, this also includes mobile tech.

While many of the other mobile application development companies on the list are relatively small, Qt is used by over 1 million developers. And again, unlike some of the other companies that are on the list, they have a deep focus on the software to create mobile applications.

Monochrome Corp

A creative and intuitive UI/UX agency. Their tagline is that nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion. This creative agency has many interesting clients on their books, including modeling agencies, mobile-only asset management , hospital systems, and more.

Monochrome corp looks to bring a fresh perspective to the user experience when it comes to device environment and brand experience. They offer consulting, SI & Solutions, Apps for both Android and iOS, web & mobile development, and consulting.

Korea Mts Ltd

Korea MTS LTD has a very clear focus on the IT and Medical Tourism sector. The main goal is to help companies target the right customers through a range of marketing development planning, brand design, website design, and software development – including mobile application assets.

They work with international companies and meet the client where they are—offering a range of communication methods. Korea MTS LTD also deals heavily in SEO optimization and IT solutions.