20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Portsmouth

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Portsmouth
15Jun, 2021

As recently as 2019, there were over 21 billion app downloads on Google Play. As shocking as that is, it is only going to continue to rise. As more and more people around the world enter into the market for smartphones, they will be opened up to the countless choices of mobile apps to download themselves. More and more of us do almost all of our searches and online shopping purely from our phones. Now is as good a time as any to develop your own company’s app, and swing open the doors to millions of customers worldwide.

Portsmouth is a city of many talents but it’s particularly interesting in the mobile app industry. We explored the best Mobile App Design Companies in Portsmouth, taking a peek at their features, services and approach. We hope you use this in your endeavour to create your own app.

Exemplary Marketing

What makes Exemplary Marketing the top choice is their fully modern approach to mobile app development. They integrate machine learning and automation, which allows your app to be improved continuously. The improvements that will be made, will be more targeted and thus within your budget.

They develop their own bots, so they can tailor machine learning to specifically target areas where you think you’ll make the most profit or learn the most about your customers.

Si Digital

This company has a straightforward 3-step approach. They will first design the strategy including research, design and then implementation and monitoring. They seek to fuse user-friendly design that merges well into a userface that looks and feels modern.

They pride themselves on great research so they find out just exactly who your app is being designed for. They also have rapid prototyping testing which is great for making little tweaks and changes to the UX experience.

Infinity Design

One thing you’ll notice about this app design company is how they can integrate just about anything into your app. Whether it’s a menu, photos, videos, streaming, social network, calendars or a news blog, they have it covered.

Pick this company if you want to add more to your app, or if you want to design an app that can be scaled up and additional features added further down the line.

Empire digital

Total brand support is their message to companies who want their own app. The app is an extension of your brand so you need to work with a company that won’t bail on you after they have completed the project.

Within the app, they can create content to keep users reading and using the app regularly. Their team can make rich content pages, with lists, photos, informative content and news-like stories about the industry.

Communication Crafts

Delivering apps that fuel growth, this app design company in Portsmouth has a 7-step process. First they gather all your requirements by speaking with you about your needs, aims and strategy for the app. Then they will go further into the idea and how the UX design would best facilitate your customer’s user habits. They’ll then work their way through to development, testing and then onto deployment.

Blue Bamboo Studios

Mobile apps have to be innovative, and Blue Bamboo aims to deliver in this respect. Technically brilliant, their digital design of the app will focus on the details you give them in your project requirements. Understanding the audience plays a key role in their research habits, so they can make creative features.

Spudd Mobile

Making apps for both iOS and Android, Spudd Mobile makes apps for smartphones and tablets. There is a key difference between the two, so choosing a company that has experience in both platforms is highly recommended. They focus on mobile app design and mobile marketing. So their marketing approach can be integrated into your app.

Graphic details

They create both games and apps for mobile platforms. Graphic Details have created apps that have customer user interfaces with things such as contact information forms, login pages, profile pages, customer information pages, locations and customer history pages too. This is great for a small business looking to start their own app.

57 Digital

This company makes iOS, Android and even apps for watches. It’s a young company, alive and kicking for 6 years. However their rap sheet is great. Making many apps for the famous Minecraft game, an iPad app for the large EE mobile network, as well as for a designer clothing brand.

LGC digital

They start off by building a detailed research report where they discover what kind of app you want and the marketplace for it. They sketch out the ideas in their ‘imagine’ phase. They then design the app and begin testing. Once that’s done then the creation phase of the final product begins. It’s all quite methodical and timely.

Tidy design

Bespoke design is their forte. They help to engage your audience with the app, so it becomes a daily part of their lifestyles. This also means that Google will rank the app higher, as the UX design has been designed to make a long-lasting impression.

Tech Ark

An award-winning company. It’s made mobile apps for restaurants, gift companies and many more. They can make apps for both iOS and Android and merge these apps onto all of your platforms. If you require a simple clean design, this is a company you should contact.

Samaritan infotech

A professional app development company, able to write Android and iOS apps from scratch. They use multiple software options to build up your app, so it can be utilized on tablets, smartphones, laptops and computers. Super sleek and attractive, they can make apps that can be modified later on.

Jan Bask digital design

Focusing on brand authority, they design apps that can create loyal customers. This means that the UX design will be seamless, clearly formatted and easy to use. They also help you to rank your app higher in the store, which is tough doing on your own. It begins like many other companies, with a detailed research report.


Custom-built mobile apps are their bread and butter. They have the skills and the manpower to create an app right from the ground up. Their coders design an app for a lifetime cycle, which is about 5-10 years of an app. That is a lot of value for your money. Considering that their apps are updated and given improvements for their whole life, you could end up with an app that is better than your rivals, but may not have been world-beating upon release.

Loud Canvas

Firstly, you will select your front end framework so you can then focus on your API design options. Performance tuning is one of their best services, which can take your mobile software from a lowly hum-drum level of interaction, up into the top ranks of your industry. Vibrant designs catch the eye, allowing for a more pleasing experience. This is one of their approaches to the aesthetics of your app.

The Web Taylor

Their design approach can be summed up in three words; responsive web design (RWD). It’s aimed at creating an optimal website or app. It’s going to be fluid, flexible and compatible with any platform you can think of. The best way to make your app in the modern age is in this contemporary RWD style. It will detect whether customers are using a feature or logging in as frequently as you’d like. You can adjust your app to cater to whatever challenge is put in front of you.


Although not a mobile app designer per se, they make chatbots that can be integrated into apps. This is the future. Apps that have immediate responses to questions and queries, can help to boost your sales dramatically. You can have automated responses for some of the most common questions, but also, fully human responses from your own team.

Simis Inc

This company focuses on making CMS products. Content management systems are incredibly complex and they almost always have to be made from a bespoke stance. If your business requires an app to manage it’s content data, this is a company you should get to know. They integrate API-level and bespoke coding to create a strong platform for your app to operate smoothly.

Courts design

They do all of the basics really well. They make apps that integrate smart systems, such as interactive video, studying input touches and swipes, and they’ll work on just about any platform. UX design is extremely important with plenty of emphasis on unique features and tried and tested techniques to improve navigation.

If you would like to know more about the key points of making a brilliant mobile app, you should feel free to contact us today. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have for your own application requirements.