10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Osaka

10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Osaka
27Sep, 2021

Osaka is one of the most exciting cities in Japan, filled with talented mobile app design studios capable of developing cutting-edge software, web, and mobile solutions throughout various industries.

A complete list of all of the remarkable studios throughout Osaka is too extensive to write, so right here are 10 of the best mobile app design companies available for hire:

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is a customer-focused business, with a proud reputation for on-demand developers with industry experience. The company employs over 500 skilled developers and offers tailored software solutions with passion and dedication. Rather than their vision, they design and develop products based on client requirements

Apps and software developed by Exemplary Marketing always aim to address and accelerate business growth by solving problems. The fully-backed enterprise services offered by Exemplary Marketing include apps across multiple systems such as desktop, mobile and web. They also provide a vast catalogue of modern solutions and extra services. These include but are not limited to IoT management, blockchain, and cloud-based services.


TechnoArch Softwares

TechnoArch is a small yet dedicated team of talented mobile app design and development professionals. The company is based in India yet operates throughout numerous countries. They offer genuinely customized products with a focus on solid design first and aesthetics later. This approach allows them to create highly functional apps that meet client requirements.

The small team are experts in various common languages and tools, including Python, Django, and WordPress, and develop apps for multiple platforms. Android and iOS are included in their impressive portfolio of event management apps, food ordering, and college community interaction.

FutureWork Technologies

FutureWork is a relatively small team of just 80 employees. However, they have an impressive reputation thanks to over 450 completed projects over the past eight years. One of the primary skills of FutureWork is its ability to upgrade and update existing desktop systems to bring them into the 21st century in the form of interoperable and integrated apps and systems.

Because of this, the company provides ongoing support to over 1 million users throughout sophisticated and complex enterprise systems. While specializing in mobile app development, they also offer Internet of Things services across multiple enabled devices using Android, iOS, and desktop programs.


RE Co is based in the heart of Osaka. From their vibrant offices, their dedicated team has been providing outstanding services for 16 years. RE is competent in all aspects of mobile apps development and design, but they specialize in creating new systems. Typically, RE likes to challenge themselves by developing integrated apps for typically offline systems.

For example, they enjoy applying IT principles to other sectors such as construction, where they can upgrade outdated systems to online and cloud-based. However, they have an impressive portfolio of custom mobile apps such as Sugo Log, Great Pazu, and Just Do It. They can also develop such apps in an outstanding amount of time – each less than 30 days.

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley has been in operation for 12 years. In that time, they have achieved a strong reputation for rapid application design and development with a firm adherence to established IT principles and techniques. While specializing in internet technologies, they also develop Android apps across 50 countries for over 11,000 clients.

In addition to Android app design and development, the company offers a complete suite of customer services. These include gaming and multimedia with relevant testing and upgrade services. Additionally, they can apply integral third-party solutions to existing or new developments such as security, location, and communication features.


Fenrir is among one of the most talented mobile app design and development studios in the world. Located in the trendy Osaka Tower, Osaka, Fenrir’s highly professional team of just over 500 serves its clients in a manner that rivals any American Silicon Valley tech company where they have operated for 16 years since 2005.

The elegance and quality of Fenrir’s apps speak for themselves as the finished product goes beyond expertise. This is achieved by the company’s passion and dedication for delivering high-quality products by putting design first to achieve the perfect solution. They also utilize cutting-edge technology and trending design techniques to keep finished products ultra-modern.

Magnolia Ventures

Magnolia is an experienced creative graphic design company, yet they offer many other services such as mobile app design and development, web development, CRM, digital marketing, and eCommerce. A multidisciplinary approach to their projects enables Ranolia to develop innovative apps with lucrative marketing strategies in place.

The company’s finished products are always of a high-quality standard using the latest technologies, features, and design trends across Android, iOS, and desktop. Because of this, they have an impressive and extensive portfolio that includes apps for high-profile companies like Pabor, ANB Shopping, and Residency Success.


Located in downtown Osaka, Cronus is among the elite of app design and development companies. While the company doesn’t offer a wide range of services, they are laser-focused on a specific development. Their top-tier product includes mobile app design for multiple fields such as gaming and information, EC and Proxy development, and e-commerce.

Their general mobile design principles are applied to such things as smartphone gaming for Android and iOS. However, Cronus excels in online shopping. As such, they can develop cutting-edge apps that incorporate the latest integration, such as Yahoo! And Rakuten Ichiba, that make full use of internet technologies across large-scale platforms.

Tapadia Tech

With over 15 years of mobile design and development experience, Tapadia is highly skilled at creating projects to suit all scales and budgets across multiple platforms. They started as web development experts, yet they have adapted their skills to suit mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS over the past seven years.

Development is systematically approached using the latest technologies and languages such as Python, PHP, and Bootstrap. In addition, they can integrate projects into popular eCommerce systems like WooCommerce and WordPress. In addition, they also offer multiple other services, including logo design, marketing, app maintenance, and SEO.


Rikki is an outsourcing agency rather than a focused design and development company. However, they can source highly talented, skilled companies and individuals to complete any mobile app design and development project to a superb standard. AS such, they specialize in many areas of IT, including business processes, AI, and games.

Their mobile app development services extend beyond design. They can offer an extensive suite of services for Android and iOS that covers many genres. Their portfolio includes apps for video playback, beauty products, and on-call data sharing. They can do this using tools such as Objective C, JAVA, and Xcode, among others.