20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Odisha

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Odisha
27May, 2021

Anyone who has been in the digital stratosphere over the past decade or so will know all about the importance of mobile apps. Websites and similar kinds of central hubs have been vital cogs of businesses and all kinds of other projects, but apps have become just as important in the year 2021.

If you ever wish to create a business that works well, you’re going to need to get this side of the work handled properly. The chances are that you’re not going to know absolutely everything about mobile app design, though. That’s where specialist firms can come in and help you out.

If you’re in Odisha or the surrounding area and would like to work with a designer or design team that will provide results, then you’re in luck as there are plenty to go around. Here are the twenty best mobile app design companies in Odisha

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is first on the list. If you’re looking for a mobile app design firm that will easily give you what you need, then this group will have you covered. They operate in many areas of the world and have all the experience required to produce a good-looking final product. If you wish to get in touch, then there is an easy-to-fill-out contact form on the contact page. You can also find them at info@exemplarymarketing.com or call on 312-858-6578. Check out their site and see for yourself!

Ratna Technology

Ratna Technology is a web design and mobile app development company that will literally specialize in getting this kind of service done for you. They also work in digital marketing and general web design as well as SEO, so they’ve a fair idea of what works best. You can get in touch via a contact form or email at sales@ratnatechnology.com. They also have a skype account that you may contact.

Swadhin IT Solutions

Swadhin IT Solutions is a company based in the area that will be able to provide so many different digital services. From HTML5 and web development to e-commerce, they’ve done and seen it all. They’ll be able to provide a swift and smooth application for you if you so choose. You can get in touch via WhatsApp or follow the details on their website in terms of getting in touch.

BK Graphy

A web design company, BK Graphy focuses primarily on creating the best-looking sites and applications for clients. If you’re in need of something that will work perfectly while maintaining its good looks, then this firm will be more than able. They have a Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, and Skype account, so they won’t be too hard to get in touch with. You can hop onto their website and select a live chat if necessary or email at @sanjay@bkgraphy.in.


Typically an SEO company that focuses on getting your company to the top of search results, CLFSoftTech will know what it takes to stand out and make sure you’re different from the others. They have all the proven methods to make sure you are more than just another business and your app will be in fine fettle.


Alphosys are a company that works in web hosting, digital marketing, web development, and, of course, mobile app development/design. They have an array of specialties and have worked in a lot of different industries, so you can rely on them to choose the right style for your business/project. Email them at sales@alphosys.com or fill out their contact form.


Cakiweb is a leading IT and Software Company with an aim to provide creative and successful web solutions for any online business. They have an array of services, including web design and e-commerce development. They, of course, provide excellent mobile application development and design, so they’ll be able to help you out if ever you struggle with finding the perfect supplementary app. Get in touch with them via email at info@cakiweb.com or fill out their easy-to-find form on the contact page if you have any queries.

Crushaders Tech Solution LLP

As a company that deals with lots of different industries, Crushaders Tech Solution will be able to handle whatever request comes your way. E-commerce, health care, hospitality, manufacturing, agriculture, and so many other walks of life have benefitted from their solutions. Being a large company, they have offices in many places. USA, UK, and India are taken up by them. Head to their website and check out their physical addresses if you’re interested! If you’re ready to get started with them, they’ll require your name, your email, and a brief message regarding the things you wish to discuss.


With over 10 years of experience and operation, Mokuls will know exactly how to deal with the issues that you’re currently undergoing. Cloud computing, digital marketing, business process management, and mobile app design are just a few of the jobs they undergo each day. They work with over 350 clients at any given time, so you know that they are to be trusted. Finding their contact page couldn’t be simpler – and then it’s just a case of filling out their form, as always. Their further details are also located on the contact page!

P9V Technologies

They describe themselves as smart people with innovative ideas. P9V Technologies is the kind of thing anyone would want when hoping for a group that deals with web design and mobile app work. They cover a wide range of different services relating to websites, SEO, and the content involved, so they’re no stranger to all of this. Check out their site in order to see their vast collection of ways you’ll receive help and guidance.


SHOPWEB will provide award-winning software, web design and development, CRM software, video shooting and so many other areas of digital work. When it comes to their mobile app work, they’ll use extensive experience to develop high-performing, digitally transformative, rich applications. The business phone and mobile phone numbers are readily available if ever you need to get in touch.

Appman Technologies

Appman Technologies are next up. Again, they’re well-versed in the digital world. They’ll deal with web development and mobile app development. Digital marketing and creative design are also a part of their work, among many other areas. Email sales@appmantech.com or find their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn pages for more information! Again, they’ll be speedy and happy to hear from you.

o9 Market

At o9 Market, you’ll be getting a one-stop solution for the needs of an online entrepreneur. They focus on digital marketing and web design primarily, so you know that they’ll know a thing or two about mobile app design, too. With plenty of clients to vouch for them, you can bet that they’ll know how to create the right application for your project. Email support@o9market.com if you feel as though they’re the solution for you. They also provide a phone number for direct business calls and a WhatsApp number.

Pixel Kare

At Pixel Kare, you’ll be getting quality and creativity. You’ll also receive a transparent work process with industry-standard UIUX. They’ll help out with branding and web design while they work on a mobile app design exclusively for you and your work. On their contact page, you’ll find a contact form as well as a location on the map where you can find them. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram pages are also available.

Oricube Technology And Services

Oricube is a company in your area that has been around for a while and, thus, knows a lot of the likes of web design, development, content management, e-commerce, and mobile app services. They are able to go above and beyond for you as they find the right kind of app for you. Just tell them the kind of thing you’re looking for and they’ll get to work. Details, again, are displayed clearly on their contact page – all you have to do is read along.


Fastwebsites.in should tell you everything you need to know about what they’re looking to do. They’ll create quality websites and apps for you while providing all the right content in doing so. They’ll also provide hosting, too, which is obviously a bonus. Their work with mobile apps comes in a package with plenty of other services, so you know you’ll be getting something special. Give them a call or email them at hello@fastwebsites.in for more information.


Mozvilla want to help you as you make your business better than your rivals. They’ll provide premium quality for a lesser price as they do a professional and helpful job for you. They make rich, high-performance mobile apps for all kinds of websites for an affordable price. You can email, live chat, call or visit their workplace all very easily.

Aptiks Technologies

Aptiks are a helpful company that deals with web design, digital marketing, and an array of specific jobs under these umbrellas. Their mobile app work focuses on android, IOS, and hybrid app development, so you can trust that they’ll cover all bases. They’ll also help with maintenance over time. Email them at ifno@aptiks.com for more info.

Sanit Design

They describe themselves as a dynamic team of creative people as they provide graphic design and website development services. Sanit Design focuses on a huge collection of areas including T-shirt design and printing for customers. In terms of their mobile app designing, they’ll speak with you about certain topics, and create an original application for you and your business. Head to their site and check out their easy-to-fill form. They also have every means of contact clearly displayed for you!