20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Northampton

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Northampton UK
03Jul, 2021

With the UK regarded as a global app development industry leader, Android, IOS, and cross platforms, development companies are abundant. According to 2019 statistics, 79% of UK adults own a smartphone, with the average brits spending more than two hours each day interacting with their phones. The UK mobile app industry is naturally filled with many design companies in several regions, particularly Northampton, which is regarded as one of its leading hubs. With the increasing number of developers in the UK, here are the 20 best mobile app design companies in Northampton, UK.

Exemplary marketing

Exemplary Marketing is a social media marketing company offering exceptional marketing solutions for brands and individuals in Northampton and beyond. The company has an experienced team of developers offering quality app designs and development. Exemplary marketing has tasked itself with delivering work-class solutions in web design, SEO services, email marketing, promoting social media growth and marketing, and other digital services. The agency has technical expertise in security, efficiency and reliability for every possible issue.

One to One design studio

It is an undeniable fact that mobile apps have become a vital facet of today’s business environment. With many people being more comfortable with mobile devices than PCs or desktops, you’ll need a mobile app to position you above your competition. Fortunately, One to One Studio has the skilled team to deliver app design to do the magic for your business. The company is rated for their various mobile app development solutions. Whether you need a native or cross-platform app design, One to One Studio offers exceptional designs with scalability and rich features to deliver marketing results.


ASYNCORIGIN offers all-in-one mobile and web developers services in Northampton. With a team of seasoned designers, developers and strategists, the digital marketing firm has developed into a fully remote software development agency with teams from London, Madrid and Kyiv. The company works hand in hand with its clients to bring your app concept into reality during the design and ideation process. With ASYNCORIGINS, every part of your project design phase is well-thought and planned to offer the ultimate user experience and value for everyday app enjoyment.


Design-Bi provides all things design, from mobile to graphics and web. The company seeks to offer budget-friendly yet quality design services to the local community. With experience in completing several private and commercial projects, the company appreciates that some projects can be complex, a reason they offer personalized solutions to their every customer.


With over 20 years of experience in mobile app and web design solutions, Easiserv has the team to deliver the best user-friendly and appealing designs that speaks to you. Easiserv believes every brand and business is unique, so they stop at nothing to ensure your design solutions make a difference in your marketing efforts. Other services offered by the company include social media management, paid search management, content outreach and inbound marketing to make your brand very visible online. The company’s extensive project portfolio is an excellent indication of their fantastic results delivered in every they are engaged in.

IComm Solutions

Icomm solutions is a one-stop solutions provider for all things IT. The company provides incredible services at the most affordable prices from web design and hosting, cloud services, mobile app design, IT security and software support. Icomm solutions also offer connectivity services for full-fibre networking, high-speed broadband service and other in and outdoor business Wi-Fi offers. The Northampton-based firm takes a consultative approach to deliver the best package that suits you and your business needs.

MGT Design

MGT Design is an international company based in Northampton offering several IT solutions, including mobile app and graphic design, website development, and other online marketing solutions such as SEO to help businesses reach their full potential. Other MGT digital marketing services include business branding, social media promotion and marketing, and content writing.

Freetimers Communication

Freetimers is an award-winning creative digital design and development company using advanced technology to help its clients grow their businesses. Whether mobile app or web design, programming, online marketing and digital strategy, the company offers everything to enhance your online visibility. Irrespective of your business size and design needs, Freetimers can assist in implementing, improving and optimizing your online presence for maximum results.


Onefoursix is a Northampton web and mobile app design and digital marketing agency assisting businesses to get noticed in the highly competitive business climate. Founded in 2011, the company has grown to forge a name among Northampton’s leading digital business brands. Their services include web and mobile app design, SEO and website solution, photography, marketing consultancy, among other valuable services.

Engine Creative

Engine creative is a leading app development company designing mobile apps across various platforms such as IOS and android to put your business in the hands of the customers. The Northampton company crafts business strategy through its app development. Their app design and development involves project consultancy and technical specification, conceptual work and product design, rapid prototype, UI & UX development across native and cross platforms. The services are tailored to promote brand engagement, content creation, augmented reality, mobile apps, and website services.

Web Alliance

The company offers complete IT solutions from software development, website development, mobile app design and development to SEO and E-Commerce solutions. Web Alliance provides all things IT solutions at affordable cost without compromising on quality service. Their design and program developers are experts in striking the right balance between client ideas and platform standards for the best user experience. They additionally help your business grow by providing ongoing support and host options.


If you are hiring a mobile app developer, you need to assure you a good return on your investment. This is why Ealavan prides itself as one of the best developers offering bespoke mobile apps to suit their client needs and budget. The company works alongside their clients to assess the impact of the mobile app and how to improve and simplify it for the best customer interactions. With a careful business assessment, the company will help with recommendations to simplify your app to generate the most customer engagement.

Other services offered by Eelavan include graphic design, website design, digital marketing and SEO services.


The company has over two decades of experience in the creative industry, covering a wide range of web and mobile design expertise, eLearning, graphic design, and animation. With a highly skilled and experienced team, LiveLogic offers bespoke learning, mobile and multi-device optimization, and other website redevelopment services. The company believes that mobile and tablet are essential to present digital strategies, so they are constantly engaged to offer web apps and game designs using the latest tech.


Appsinvo is a mobile app development company offering top and innovative mobile app designs in Northampton. The company specializes in crafting personalized mobile apps and web software for its clients. Their exceptional capabilities and highly experienced mobile app designers and developers make them one of Northampton’s top-notch mobile and software solutions providers. Appsinvo used the latest technologies and market trends to provide for their client’s specific needs, focusing on technological evolution.


If you are looking for an IT solution for mobile app and graphic design, web design and SEO, website security and domain security, Itabix can deliver the best services. Whether you need a stand-alone or mobile app version of your website, the company can provide high-quality, professional apps for android, IOS, and other cross platforms. Itabix boasts of a team with expertise in native and hybrid apps to work alongside you to deliver the best design and user experience. With Itabix, apps are designed and customized to solve specific client problems and deliver the best results.

Comtech IT Services

Comtech IT is a premium service provider for web installation, website services and complete information security services like network security, data encryption, risk management, cloud and mobile solutions. When it comes to website development, mobile app design, remote backup and other cloud services, Comtech IT services delivers nothing short of a total IT solution. Their other services include delivering quality IT accessories, parts, and other peripherals to schools and organisations in Northampton and beyond.

Clear Vertical

From website services to software services like mobile app design, web development, software integration and marketing services like integrated marketing, SEO, and PPC, Clear Vertical offers several services to promote brands and increase leads. The company designs and deploys IOS, Android, and HTML5 mobile web apps. Clear Vertical aims to transform brands by developing a budget and productive digital processes. Their agile team plan, assess and create the final quality design to push your brand.

Trill Marketing

Trill Marketing is a complete digital marketing company based in Northampton with rich expertise in Search engine optimization, social media marketing, web and mobile app design, and other digital marketing services. With over 20 years of service experience, the company has a locally and internationally trained team that understands and is ready to deliver to help you increase leads and enhance business growth.


Krify is a multinational company based in Northampton with expertise in delivering mobile, software and web applications, content development, digital marketing, quality testing, and other SEO services. The company believes that digital marketing is presently a vital piece of marketing. This is why they offer quality mobile app and web design and development using the latest technology and expertise to help brands achieve their goals. Krify has a dedicated and committed digital marketing team to offer support services and make your business stand out from the competition.

57 Digital

57 Digital is a mobile apps developing company offering its services to customers across the UK, including Northampton. The company has expert mobile app developers to create beautiful designs for your products like mobile, smartwatch and Apple TV apps. 57 Digital has over six years of experience delivering aesthetically pleasing mobile apps for some of the largest brands in the UK. Some of their services include IOS, Android and Watch apps, web design, database and backend analytics and marketing. 57 Digital is known for creating the official Minecraft companion apps.

The present mobile app market is developing tremendously from mobile apps designs related to games and services. The mobile app design companies in Northampton, UK, are increasing daily, and it’s worthwhile to engage one of your requirements. Fortunately, this article should help you with the best so far today.