25+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in North Carolina

25 Best Mobile App Design Companies in North Carolina
30Apr, 2021

For the best mobile app design companies in North Carolina, look no further than some of the top ones in the area.

1. Exemplary Marketing

With many businesses seeking modern-day practices in software developments, Exemplary Marketing offers that as part of their many services. Graphic design and excellence in their UX/UI app designs, there’s something that will suit everyone’s requirements and more. A whole variety is available when it comes to this company.

2. WillowTree®

Industry-leading, this mobile and digital product agency has been operating since 2007 and has made a lot of headway within the industry. Award-winning mobile strategists can help find the right mobile app development process for you and it’s managed to deliver over 1000 mobile and digital solutions so far. With big clients like 21st Century Fox and National Geographic, it’s fast become a favorite for many.

3. Designli

A digital product studio that specializes in prototyping new software concepts and helping clients bring their visions to life from scratch. Whether you’re a start-up or entrepreneur in the making, Designli helps to quicken up the process whilst helping create a process that’s detailed and useful in it’s investment, whatever you go for.

4. Thoughtbot

Thoughtbot is made up of a team of expert designers and development consultants. They help bring both web and mobile products from an idea in your head to the real thing. With the right strategy, you can help build the right product for your business and thoughtbot can certainly help you with that too. Strong partnerships with clients and transparency is what this business offers in abundance.

5. Praxent

When it comes to digital innovation, Praxent certainly has it. In order to keep up with digital demands, the organization uses research-back UX design, focuses on the customers and introduces rapid user testing to help speeden up the process of software development in general.

6. Apzumi

Software experts that have a passion for technology and help to bring the state-of-the-art technologies when it comes to developing each product. Apzumi works with visionaries like startups and companies that are willing to take a plunge and try something completely new and disruptive.

7. Flynaut LLC

A fast-evolving digital agency that helps to provide quality and creativity in all it’s collaborations. Flynaut has a worldwide client base and has full-service digital packages available depending on your needs. With mobile app development, web development and more, there’s something for everyone when it comes to building a business and a brand.

8. Savas Labs

A development, strategy and design agent that has strategic thinking to develop web solutions that are complex in their nature. Savas Labs offer consulting, user experience and design as well as web and app development. Not only that but they help to provide support and maintenance too with any products that they create and provide.

9. Lithios

Lithios started its journey in 2014 and wanted to create mobile experiences and products that would have a lasting impact. With this company, they’ve helped create mobile apps that have focused majorly on the quality design, development and of course, the creativity that has gone into it too.

10. RoleModel Software

With RoleModel Software, collaboration is highly important with any clients that it takes on. Knowing the needs and exploring options can be helpful in maximizing the relationship and getting the best results. RoleModel Software offers custom software that delivers value and a good return on your investment.

11. Digital Mettle

With over 200 projects and nearly 100 clients, Digital Mettle have helped many businesses and individuals since 2001. As a mature and well-established company, their stability and durability is what draws clients in and with that established presence as a business, you get serious software development that caters for all sizes.

12. Dropsource

Dropsource is one of the full stack mobile development agencies that helps to take advantage of technology in order to build the most powerful mobile apps on the market. It’s what both users and clients like, which is why they have built many of the industry-recognized technology products that are currently on the market.

From building mobile apps faster and making them more efficient to leveraging technologies, they do it all.

13. Confianz Global, inc

As a global enterprise, it’s been established strongly in both the USA and India. Confianz Global provides quality software services to clients across fifty other countries around the world. They are a company that is committed to giving satisfaction to customers and is interactive in its ability to get things done quickly.

They see automation as being important to help with business growth.

14. Elluminati Inc

Serving clients as an on-demand mobile application development company, they help to serve clients with the best support possible. With the management of on-demand business operations and feature-rich app solutions, Elluminati offers something very special and their products are developed with experienced professionals to provide the very best available.

15. AppTailors

Specializing in delivery of high-quality mobile apps, this is exactly what many businesses are looking for in a company. AppTailors bring business ideas to life with the help of technology and their expertise of course. Outsourcing to co-creation, it all contributes to the final product result.

16. CrossComm

One of the old boys when it comes to app consultancy, they know what they’re talking about after being around since 1998. They’ve got the knowledge needed to create cloud-savvy apps for web and with native iOS and Andrioid too. Being at the forefront of technology is something CrossComm have managed to do for so long now.

17. Savvy Apps

An award-winning creative agency that encourages companies to get involved in the business so that they can help design, build and grow their Savvy App across Android, iOS and the big world wide web too.

18. Linker Logic Technologies

Linker Logic Technologies has helped with many startups and enterprises in becoming innovative leaders. With award-winning consulting, development, design and support services, it’s helped over 80 clients to turn their ideas into a reality quickly and easily.

19. Viget

A digital agency that is made up of engineers, strategist and designers all with mutual aim to create the best products out there that are award-winning in nature. The best experience and tools provided to help inspire customers is something that Viget aims to do everytime they work with someone new. A unique mix is provided by Viget and they have a deep history of digital innovation too.

20. Caktus Group

Clients are looking towards Caktus Group for their web and mobile tools. With an award-winning and co-located team, there’s plenty of hard work that goes into the design, development and launch of applications. They’re also custom built too and work with clients to help ensure the deliverables arrive at the right time.

21. CMS Website Services, LLC (Zrix)

Zrix is an innovative IT and software designing development service that is headquartered here in North Carolina in Raleigh. It also has strong presences in the UK, Singapore, Asia and UAE.

There are lots of services that the company offers, including front and back-end IT services with web design and digital marketing too. The latest technological trends are used to also provide the very best solutions and services.

22. Mindtech Apps

Mindtech Apps help to set up a mobile app via Android and IOS for your startup or new business, depending on whatever it is. This company will go on the journey with you, helping with user experience and managing the project too in all it’s details from start to finish.

23. Massbridge Software

If you’re looking for something a little more boutique and bespoke, then Massbridge Software can offer that through it’s consultancy and shop. They help get software done right and understands it’s critical for a lot of businesses to have nowadays too. It’s something that they aim to provide for all their clients both big and small.

24. Dodson Development

Dodson Development helps to bring opportunities for businesses with their app ideas. New thinking and new development is very important. Specializing in web services and app development, they can really help to create a successful web presence that you are likely after and that so many are after nowadays too. It’s good to be at the forefront of the crowd when it comes to developments in software for your business.

25. Visible Magic LLC

With Visible Magic, it’s made up of a fantastic team of founders, technical co-founders, developers, designers, creators, etc. Build transformative and digital experience is their passion and that’s why they’re so trusted as a business.

26. CodeBerry Solutions

With an elite team of software engineers and data scientists, you can’t go wrong with CodeBerry solutions. Giving you direct access to the leadership, this boutique software that also boasts an analytic studio can help with serving organizations in many ways. From resolving problems with your database to help rescue development projects that have gone bad. Taking your actionable insights, they’ll be able to help create the best for you and what you’re after.

With so many app design companies that specialize in mobile, it’s important to take advantage of investing into your business or start-up with this kind of product or software.