25+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in New Hampshire

25 Best Mobile App Design Companies in New Hampshire
28Apr, 2021

Mobile apps provide a host of benefits for businesses, brands and web users. If you’re looking to reap the rewards of using apps to promote your business and enhance customer experience, here is a list of the best mobile app design companies in New Hampshire.

1. Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing provides a raft of digital marketing and app development and design services. Offering innovative design technologies, the Exemplary team produces apps that are tailored to clients and customers across several sectors. Clients can benefit from mobile app design as an independent service or as part of a targeted marketing strategy. Providing services for clients in New Hampshire and beyond, Exemplary Marketing works with customers looking to utilize the latest marketing innovations to drive sales, gain a competitive advantage and put their brand on the map.

2. Ascendle

Based in Portsmouth NH, Ascendle specializes in web development and accelerated software production and delivery. Ascendle prides itself on offering a tried and tested process with over 30 years of experience in providing clients with tailor-made solutions. The process involves 5 key steps: vision, strategy design, delivery, and support. In addition to mobile app design, Ascendle also offers web app development, platform development and product strategy and design services.

3. Finish Line

Specializing in software design, Finish Line works with small businesses looking to utilize innovative software solutions to develop new products and evolve and grow. Services include mobile app design and development, cloud software design and plug-in design in addition to a raft of services dedicated to creating and designing new products, building prototypes and getting products to market.

4. Matterialize

Matterialize is a forward-thinking New Hampshire mobile app design company, which works with clients to bring visions to life. The Matterialize team specializes in designing unique, tailored apps for small businesses and brands operating within a diverse range of sectors. Services include iterative UX design, hybrid mobile development and Internet of Things.

5. Zco Corporation

Award-winning mobile app development company, Zco Corporation, has been producing apps and custom-designed software for over 30 years. This is a large firm with over 300 project managers, designers and programmers located all over the world. Serving clients in New Hampshire, as well as national and international customers, Zco has established a reputation for providing scalable, intelligent, creative software solutions for organizations of all sizes.

6. Blade Multimedia

Founded in 2001, Blade Multimedia offers a full-scale multimedia service, offering clients the opportunity to benefit from expertise and experience in web design, mobile app design and development, graphic design, web hosting, video editing, animation and digital audio production. The Blade team works with small businesses, large corporations and individuals looking to use professional multimedia productions to promote products, raise brand awareness and turn heads.

7. ManekTech

With over 8 years of experience in designing mobile apps, ManekTech has emerged as a leading app development company in New Hampshire. The aim is to design and develop apps that not only cater to current trends and consumer preferences but also prepare businesses for the future. ManekTech boasts an experienced team of more than 150 designers and developers, which has developed over 1,500 apps. The company has a 5-star rating on Clutch and GoodFirms.

8. Mooseworks Software

Established in 2003, Mooseworks Software prides itself on taking an interest in the mobile market before ‘it was cool’ to do so. A local business founded in New Hampshire, Mooseworks has worked with clients all over the world, designing and developing hundreds of mobile apps for organizations and firms across myriad industries. Specialist areas include native mobile apps for iOS, Windows CE and Android, data synchronization software, app store release and database design and management.

9. Bowst

Based in Portsmouth, NH, Bowst is a successful software development company, which creates complex mobile applications that are easy for mobile users to employ. Bowst offers a wide range of services covering a broad spectrum of categories, including strategy and design, development and systems and marketing and maintenance. Clients can think of Bowst as a one-stop-shop for all their mobile app design, implementation and marketing needs.

10. Raka Creative

Claiming to offer clients the opportunity to create more leads, make more sales and attract more traffic, Raka Creative is a cutting-edge marketing agency providing a diverse range of services in-house. With a base in New Hampshire, Raka Creative has clients across the US and it is famed for establishing long-lasting relationships. The team has expertise in inbound marketing and it utilizes the latest digital marketing techniques to deliver results based on individual objectives and sales goals.

11. Graphic Details

One of the longest-established agencies in New Hampshire, Graphic Details launched in 1991. Based in Portsmouth, Graphic Details specializes in web, print and digital marketing solutions for nonprofits, schools and businesses that have a strong focus on corporate social responsibility. The experienced team offers a raft of services, including web design and development, mobile app design, graphic design, branding and logo design, marketing for schools, advertising, automation and social media management.

12. Omnisource

New Hampshire web design company, Omnisource, offers an array of development and design services, working with clients across New Hampshire, Greater Boston and New England. Services include responsive web design, search engine optimization, WAI-ARIA web design, social media optimization, mobile web and app design and development, web analytics and mobile-friendly website design. The Omnisource team takes on a wide range of projects working with small, medium and large businesses.

13. Vital

With offices in Portsmouth, San Francisco and Boston, Vital is a modern digital agency, which provides web design, digital marketing and e-commerce development services for small businesses and leading brands. An award-winning company with ambitious plans to continue growing and developing, Vital has a large number of high-profile clients and it has been named as one of the best places to work in the US.

14. Plumb

Plumb is a leading name in app development in New Hampshire. Known for creating smart, tailored software products, mobile apps and platforms and websites, Plumb prides itself on building products that connect with audiences. Plumb offers companies across all sectors access to web design, digital marketing, web and app development and design and branding services.

15. Millennium Agency

Located in Manchester, NH, Millennium Agency is a dynamic, creative marketing agency offering a diverse selection of branding, digital marketing, web and mobile app design and development and PR services. A boutique agency, Millennium focuses on working with clients to raise brand awareness and set businesses apart from their competition. Clients include Dunkin’ Donuts and Marriott.

16. ATOM

ATOM specializes in working with startups and new businesses, providing web development, software design and cybersecurity solutions that are designed to build a safe, secure future. A third of ATOM’s portfolio comprises new businesses but the ATOM team takes on a broad spectrum of clients, including established companies. The company was founded based on a mission to enable customers to utilize the power and potential of software to reach the next level.

17. Sequel Designs

Based in New Hampshire and Maryland, Sequel Designs is a progressive marketing agency, which focuses on creative web design and marketing solutions. Services include website design and development, mobile app design, social media marketing, SEO, brand strategy, TV and radio marketing and web programming.

18. Clever Coding

Boutique design agency, Clever Coding, is a leading name in mobile app design and web development services in New Hampshire. The primary objective is to work with clients to turn ideas into effective, successful, popular apps. Customer contact is a priority and the team works with clients to conjure up ideas and discuss options before designing prototypes and modifying versions to build the perfect app.

19. Vulcan

Bringing ‘makers, doers and thinkers’ together, Vulcan is famed for its passion for creativity. Vulcan services range from mobile app design and development, social media marketing and SEO and branding and product design to content creation, prototyping and graphic design. This is a one-stop-shop for businesses looking to utilize cutting-edge techniques, tried and tested methods and imaginative thinking to put their company on the map.

20. V12 Marketing

Offering tailored marketing services for businesses across New Hampshire, V12 Marketing focuses on growth, development, design and support. Clients can benefit from individual services, including mobile app design, as well as marketing packages that are designed to drive traffic, attract new customers, boost retention rates and increase sales.

21. Snappii

Snappii is a very well-known mobile app design company with an expansive client base. Offering ready-made apps, as well as customizable solutions for businesses and organizations, it has never been easier to use apps to stand out from the crowd.

22. Pivot

Pivot is a small agency, which specializes in crafting unique, tailored experiences for clients. The team is proficient in design, development and strategizing, offering everything from content development, SEO and social media marketing to web design, mobile app design, user experience and video production.

23. Common Places

Based in Northampton, NH, Common Places is an interactive agency, which provides access to a host of development and marketing services. The Common Places team adopts a holistic approach, offering customers the opportunity to enhance experiences and enjoyment for their clients.

24. Menadena

Keene-based digital marketing agency, Menadena, offers a diverse array of services designed to get businesses noticed. From marketing strategies and app development to communications, advertising and e-commerce solutions, clients can take advantage of a host of targeted, tailored services.

25. Hyperlink Info System

A global name with strong ties to New Hampshire, Hyperlink Info System specializes in designing and developing mobile apps, as well as games, web platforms, TV apps and blockchain technology. With almost a decade of experience in mobile app design and over 4,000 apps already developed, Hyperlink Info System has an excellent reputation.


Mobile app design services are in demand, as businesses look to utilize apps to drive their companies forward. If you’re on the hunt for the best mobile app design companies in New Hampshire, you can use this handy list to locate an agency close to you.