20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Nagaland

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Nagaland
28May, 2021

Some years ago, when interacting with a customer, the first question they asked was your office location. Later it moved to the telephone number of your company. However, today, the primary inquiry that customers are likely to develop is mobile applications available for your services.

Regardless of the type of business, it is essential to have a mobile app. Having a mobile app for your services proves the suppleness with which your company runs and the convenience offered to customers. The mobile app design market is increasing fast due to the increasing number of companies that develop mobile apps. So, if you are in Nagaland and looking for a mobile design company for your business, here is a list of some companies that will help you.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary marketing is a mobile app design and development company based in Chicago and has footprints in Nagaland. More people are spending their time online, and to reach them, you need to go where they are. Exemplary marketing can help you by designing a functional and visual Mobile App that can convert your products into a fascinating touchpoint. Exemplary marketing can help you increase your customer base by building visually appealing, attractive, and theme precise mobile apps for your company.

Apart from mobile app design and development, Exemplary Marketing specializes in web design, SEO, graphic design, software development, copywriting, artificial intelligence, CRM, and IT management, among many other services.

Base Infotech

Base Infotech is a Mobile App Development company that specializes in Web Design, Software Development, Logo Design, SEO, and Digital Marketing. Base Infotech uses the latest technology like bootstrap design, responsive design, and code igniter. This mobile app development company has a technical team that is always available and has completed numerous projects for clients.

Vrudhee Solutions

Vrudhee Solutions is an IT service and solutions company specializing in Mobile App Development, Software Development, Search Engine Optimization, Ecommerce Solutions, and SMS Marketing. Vrudhee is a company that optimizes the design of your mobile app based on your specific requirements. This is done to ease the user experience and lower the learning curve. All the android mobile app designers are tech-based and passionate about their work.


Appsinvo believes that the best things usually don’t come easy. Therefore they specialize in building ground-breaking Mobile Apps and are among the leading mobile application developers in Nagaland. Apart from Mobile App Development, Appsinvo specializes in Software Development, Web Development, and the Internet of Things. This company is committed to offering end-to-end services in Mobile and web applications.

Appsinvo understands that technology is evolving, and the only way businesses can survive is by adapting to that culture. Additionally, the market is ever-changing, and they can help you catch up with all the mobile application trends.

Spark Infosys

This is another leading Mobile App Development company in Nagaland with more than a decade of experience in web services. Spark Infosys can analyze a businesses’ needs and offer mobile app development services that will match all those needs. Companies in Nagaland can get these services reasonably priced in a friendly way until they achieve their business goals. Besides developing and designing Mobile applications, Spark Infosys offers other services like Web Design and Development, Digital Marketing, E-commerce Solutions, and Web Hosting.

Global IT Solutions Group

Mobile applications are now playing the most vital role in growing businesses globally. Similarly, websites offer an excellent platform for businesses to promote their services and products. However, many people still use mobile apps to make purchases and interact with a business’s product or services. Global IT Solutions Group helps businesses by designing websites and mobile applications for them.


An increasing number of people are accessing the internet using their smartphones. And this only puts more emphasis on the need for businesses to have a mobile application. At WebGhar, the best mobile applications are developed and designed following superior mobile app guidelines and usability principles for all the leading platforms like Windows phones, Androids, and iPhones.

WebGhar uses innovative techniques to crack the hidden potential of your mobile for all the major platforms like iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows mobile. Besides Mobile App Development, WebGhar specializes in Web Design and development, Software Development, Internet Marketing, and SEO.

Microtelesoft Pvt. Ltd.

This is a leading software and mobile app development company in Nagaland. Microtelesoft has the best experience team when it comes to mobile development. They use the best-known tools, app, and software development methods. This company is known to deliver modern technology with superior, cost-effective, and on-time mobile app development services to businesses in Nagaland. Microtelesoft has developed and launched many applications in App stores, google play, and market stores. Also, it has invented countless applications for schools, travel, retail, hospitals, automobile companies, and many other platforms.

Beside Mobile App Development, Microtelesoft also specializes in Web Development, Software Development, Digital Marketing, SEO, and Web design.


Groveus is a competent mobile app development company in Nagaland that is highly acclaimed for developing mobile applications for businesses. Groveus is a very experienced company, and its team is passionate about creating custom and secure mobile app solutions to meet the specific user’s needs and demands. This company has over ten years of experience delivering high-quality mobile application development services to businesses all over Nagaland. Apart from android app development services, Groveus Informatics Pvt. Ltd. specializes in Web Development, SEO, Digital Marketing, Landing Page Designing, Software Development, and Responsive Web Design, among many other services they offer.

Manu Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The need for businesses to have a mobile app is increasing every day. Additionally, many people are using smartphones to search for information and buy products over the internet. So, to help businesses stay relevant and attract more customers, Manu Info Solutions develops mobile applications. Companies that want to have a performance-focused mobile application can get these services at affordable prices and in a way that meets all their needs. Mobile apps developed and designed by this company are unique, have rich features, user friendly, and are a powerful marketing tool.

Madhug Technologies

Madhug Technologies is a mobile app design and development company in Dimapur, Nagaland. This company focuses on user design and interface and offers your business attractive and practical mobile application design. Madhug focuses more on simplified app interfaces, functionality, and usability with simple theme colors highlighting the users’ actions.


Encoders is another mobile app design company in Nagaland specializing in services like Web Designing, Software Development, Ecommerce Development, and Web Development. The app developers from Encoders can help you reach your target customers and build an enduring relationship by building and designing mobile applications for your business.

Rev Infotech

Mobile applications are now becoming the future of businesses and brands all over the world. Consumers worldwide are spending most of their time on the internet using smartphones, and a majority of them are on mobile applications. So to help your business reach these clients and increase your business revenue, Rev Infotech creates mobile applications for your business.

Samaritan Infotech

Samaritan Infotech is an online marketing company in Kohima, Nagaland, specializing in mobile application development, web development, software development, digital marketing, eCommerce solutions, and political branding. We specialize in delivering unique solutions associated with various technological advancements.

Ramietech IT Solutions

This is a company that customizes mobile applications for you based on your unique business needs. Apart from designing mobile applications, Ramietech specializes in Web design and development, web app development, database administration, IT infrastructure development, and biometric system management.


Smart5Solutions is one of the leading mobile applications development companies in Nagaland. This company offers the most intuitive and user-friendly mobile application to help businesses in Nagaland increase their revenue by reaching their customers wherever they are. Mobile apps developed by this company have many features, including a responsive design for different screen sizes, simple navigations, and high security.

RNT Software Solutions

RNT Software Solutions is a software solutions provider in Nagaland specializing in digital marketing, mobile application development, and web design. RNT’s main aim is to exceed their clients’ expectations by delivering distinct and excellent customer service, increased agility, and greater value. All this is done to improve system functionality and operational proficiency.

AK Finserve LLP

AK Finserve LLP is a business and finance process outsourcing company that has its main offices in India. This company can handle mobile application development services and software development services to help businesses in Dimapur, Nagaland grow and increase their customer base.

Omninos Solutions

Omninos Solutions is an Android Application Development company that is also offering its services to businesses in Dimapur, Nagaland. This company has over five hundred successful mobile application development projects with a highly experienced technical team of developers. Omninos also specializes in Web Design, Software Development, IT Consultant, and PHP Development.

GreyScales Ads

GreyScales Ads comprises professionals who deliver the best to companies looking to have mobile applications to increase their revenue and attract customers. This company is well known for designing mobile applications to meet the particular needs of businesses.