10+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in Mississippi

10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Mississippi
23Apr, 2021

Having a mobile app as a business is ideal for improving customer service, increasing brand awareness, and improving conversion rates. With the technology world overtaking traditional marketing methods, it is beneficial to be in line with the times and develop mobile apps for customers to use and engage with. For any business, big or small, looking for a company to assist them with mobile application design, here is a list of the top companies in Mississippi.

Exemplary Marketing

Among many other services, Exemplary Marketing are marketing experts that can help you with best mobile app design. They understand that most customers spend the majority of their time online, thus are turning to mobile apps to engage with brands. Exemplary Marketing offers modern solutions to deliver functional and attractive mobile apps tailored to your business. The team believes that to grow your business, you need to enhance your user experience and ease, which can be achieved through a reliable and easy-to-use application. They believe that mobile apps and their design are what can help drive a business and a customer to engage with a business. Thus, connecting customers to the business is key, which can easily be achieved in today’s world as users love to use apps to be engaged with technology.

Digital Unicorn

Digital Unicorn are a team of like-minded web and app developers, who specialize in mobile app design. No matter if you are a startup company or large corporation, the team can offer you the mobile app design service you need to bring your design vision to life. They can offer specialist features such as artificial intelligence, micro-geolocation, and virtual reality to enhance your ideas and design of your app to enhance user experience.

Alpha Graphics

The team at Alpha Graphics believe and understand that a mobile app can create a more personal and direct link between customer and company. They provide mobile app design services to help all businesses create the mobile app they need to drive sales, improve customer experience, and make your brand more accessible. They will help with everything from design and planning, to creating the best UX possible to drive sales and generate more customers.

Computer Genie

For those looking for a simple and effortless mobile app for their business, Computer Genie can help you achieve that. The team are web and mobile experts, who can create engaging and easy-to-use mobile apps for customers to enjoy. Their apps will enhance user experience and satisfaction, which can boost sales and brand awareness. Computer Genie will ensure your customer is happy when using the app by using the latest features that are simple to navigate.

Valentine Digital Marketing

Valentine Digital Marketing is a value-driven company who offer major mobile and web services, including mobile app design. Their specialist service brings unique selling points to the table for businesses to utilize and integrate into their mobile apps. This helps businesses stand out whilst improving their customers experience when engaging with their brand. They aim to change the way your business connects with customers, for the better.

Ka Genius

If you are looking for a remote team in Mississippi to build your business a design for a mobile app, Ka Genius can help. Their small remote team specialize in web and mobile app design to help bring your vision to life. As well as taking on your individual ideas, the team will offer you their vision to help achieve the best for your mobile app in order to achieve the best user experience and functionality.

Dash Technologies Inc

For those startups and small businesses looking for help designing a mobile app for your company, Dash Technologies Inc specializes in that. They are an all-in-one software service that provides mobile app design to businesses looking for an app that is communicative, functional, and engaging. They care about performance and security, so the design of your app will boost customer engagement and ensure your business and the customer are safe. They will help from start to finish from planning and designing, to UX and UI.


MAXELIT is a software development company that offers web and mobile app design services. Their experience specializes in creating cross-platform mobile features to enhance user experience and keep the customer engaged. With that, they can offer special mobile app design features such as artificial intelligence and graphic design, which will make your app stand out among others in the market. You will work together to ensure your app is in line with your business ideas and enhance your message and customer base.


To build an authentic and fresh mobile app for your business, you may want to consider MarketFresh. No matter if you have a business idea or are already in the game, MarketFresh will help you bring your ideas and vision to life. Their services can help with designing your entire branding, as well as your mobile app. The experts understand that mobile apps are a key component of customer satisfaction and user experience, thus they will ensure your app serves its purpose and gives a good first (and lasting) impression.


CMOLDS are a US based web software company that can help businesses across the US and local surrounding areas. The team has specialists in specific areas. Thus, if you are looking for a person to assist you with enhancing your UX through mobile app design, there will be someone to satisfy your needs. CMOLDS will ensure that all of your custom requirements and ideas are acquired for. They will explore your vision and offer their own ideas to result in the best digital solution. They can build iOS and Android apps, so that your businesses app can be available across all devices.

Hilltop Media Design

From start to finish, Hilltop Media Design will help you plan, design, and create your mobile app for your business. No matter if you are a startup or a large business, Hilltop Media Design will help you distill your vision and make it come to life. They will assess your business and app goals, and ensure the functionality of your mobile app will meet your needs and preferences. They will also offer their expertise to enhance the UX and make sure that all features align with modern needs and demands. For instance, they can integrate the latest navigation or notification features that will boost user experience and make the app more engaging and easy-to-use.

WebClues Infotech

WebClues Infotech is a company that works with all size businesses, to create their dream mobile app to enhance their brand and user experience. Whether you are a large enterprise or startup company, WebClues Infotech and the talented pool of mobile app experts will provide the best solution for your business and your clients. Their expertise will ensure to build a user-centric mobile app, that is designed in line with your business ideas and vision. They will take your goals on board and design a mobile app that uses the top features and functionalities, to enhance your business and the relationship you have with your customers. Whether you want a native or hybrid app, WebClues Infotech and the team will utilize the latest technologies. They are knowledged on the latest trends and tech research that helps provide a quality finished product.

Logo Magicians

Logo Magicians have won UX design awards, so that your business can keep peace of mind in that they will serve you an engaging and user-friendly finished result for your mobile app design. The team works to create cross-platform native apps to increase brand awareness and user abilities. Their prime goal is to help businesses, big or small, design and create their dream app. The team consists of mobile app software experts who will ensure to meet your every need. They will also guarantee to use the latest technologies within your mobile app design to enhance user experience and meet the needs of the customers, as well as your own.


Techliance is a US based company that helps businesses worldwide create mobile and web software to enhance their business, as well as user experience. They offer mobile app design services to enterprises as well as startup businesses. Even if your business is not yet in fruition but you have ideas, the experts can help you design the dream mobile app to kickstart your business. They understand that company branding and UX enhances a brands identity. Therefore, their end goal is to help your business create the best user-friendly app to connect with customers and boost their experience, which in turn will generate more sales. They can help with designing your logos, fonts, and colors, as well as the physical look and functionality of your app. Techliance have worked with businesses worldwide and acknowledge that to grow a business, you need to grow a worldwide presence. Thus, they will help tick all of the boxes to ensure your mobile app is perfected to help users navigate easily, which is the key function of using an app.