25+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in Minnesota

25 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Minnesota
23Apr, 2021

Mobile app design is increasingly important in the modern age. If you’re based in Minnesota and want a local company to help design or develop your app, then you have plenty of options to choose from. Below, you’ll find an extensive list of the best mobile app design companies in Minnesota:

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing has over 10 years of app development experience, with well over 3200 successful apps on the market. With an impressive 4.9 rating and countless testimonials, it’s no wonder they’re right at the top. The company even won the Top Mobile App Development Company award from GoodFirms! Exemplary Marketing also offers other marketing services to further enhance the launch of your map.

Coherent Solutions

Coherent Solutions provides custom Android and iOS app development across a range of platforms. They can create mobile applications that are flexible and coherent, being able to be used across multiple platforms with no issues whatsoever. With a focus on getting your design right, you can feel confident that your app is going to be a success.

Groove Jones

Groove Jones is an award-winning mobile design company in Minnesota. Offering a contemporary style, the business has developed numerous apps for clients across Minnesota and the US. Groove Jones offers both business apps and mobile games, providing a diversity that’s hard to match.


Octobot is all about delivering great digital experiences. As a software consultancy, they can design, develop, and deploy custom mobile apps to suit your needs. Octobot has also made it onto GoodFirm’s Top App Development Software list, and the company boasts numerous case studies that showcase all of its best work.

Excellent Web World

Having launched in 2011, Excellent Web World has become one of the premium web design agencies in Minnesota. They have launched over 300 apps and counting, with a Full Stack team of developers working around the clock. The company is built on innovation, offering unique mobile app development services that are designed to suit your needs.

Think. Code. Go

Think. Code. Go. Follows a very simple business strategy that’s designed to keep app design as easy as possible. The thinking stage revolves around designing your app and focusing on creating a great user experience. The coding stage is where the design gets made real, and expert developers code it and test the app. Finally, the go stage involves branding and promoting the app, getting it out there to as many people as possible!


JMG has been helping companies build apps for many years now. They use software automation to digitize many manual processes, making the whole development cycle a lot easier to handle. Native iOS and Android app development options are available, alongside highly sought-after consulting services.


Mentormate has already designed apps for companies and organizations across a range of different industries. From education apps to healthcare apps – and everything in between – they’ve developed a system that gets impressive results. Many happy clients can testify that their app design services are some of the best around.

Design Center Inc.

With big-name clients like The Home Depot and Haagen Dazs, you shouldn’t be surprised to see Design Center Inc. on this list. Their design services are built around finding the optimal user experience, with clear digital roadmaps to plan out the entire project for you.

New Lion

A relatively new competitor with only 7 years of experience, New Lion quickly becomes a favorite in Minnesota. With flexible and simple app design services, you’re able to create something that stands out from the crowd and provides users with a fantastic experience.


Elko is all about combing an intuitive UX with a simple UI. This is reflected in the app design services they offer, really breaking things down to develop a minimalistic app style. In fact, they boast an entire team of designers whose sole job is to come up with app designs for each individual client. They are highly rated, and the app designs are certainly unique and clean.

DKS Systems

The motto of DKS Systems revolves around finding the right solutions for specific challenges. A team of expert designers will work around the clock to create an app design that’s consistent throughout. Branding is a key part of the service, reflected in the consistency of the messages shown in the design. DKS Systems can also help you market your app, ensuring more people download it.


Specializing in commercial applications, Krutsch offers a product strategy that begins with an exemplary design. Customer research is carried out to find the features that matter most to you, along with the design of an interactive prototype. It all leads to a fantastic app that’s built for the customer!

Modern Climate

Modern Climate provides a range of technological solutions to help with your mobile app design. Boasting positive views from all clients, and an impressive catalog of case studies, this company is one of the best around at offering app design services. All apps are designed to be customizable and integrated across different platforms.

Auxano Global Services

AGS is a creative agency that thrives on delivering unique solutions for a range of clients. Featured across a range of online news websites, this company has made quite a name for itself. Over 65 apps have been designed as of right now, with each one designed to be catered to the client’s precise needs. No two app designs are the same!

The Sunflower Lab

Listening to clients is the number one priority at The Sunflower Lab. This software development agency can design apps based on the client’s specific requirements. The design stage is crucial, ensuring that all points are ticked off to create the perfect app for your needs.


Panacea will help you mobilize your business with innovative mobile app design services. Expert knowledge of user interaction helps the company plan and execute the perfect mobile app design process. This leads to apps that are insightful and unique – a winning combination!


Regardless of your industry, Codiant promises to deliver a mobile app design service that speaks to your target audience. Again, both iOS and Android apps are available, with cross-platform integration also on the cards. Codiant wants clients to maximize value from investments, meaning they deliver products that yield many benefits.


Over 1500 projects, 1000 clients, and 200 team members. Apptunix is one of the most established app design agencies in Minnesota right now. Featured all over the web – and with huge clients like Acura – this company provides excellent mobile app design services for affordable prices.


Speed is the name of the game with Dropsource. The team of app design experts will quickly generate ideas and concepts for you to approve. Once everything has been okayed, Dropsource can continue designing and creating the app in as little as three weeks!


Empirical are experts in the strategy, design, and development of mobile applications. They can identify the key ideas that validate the best branding strategy, implementing these into the app design. This ensures you receive an app that can attract new customers and keep them engaged. A flexible approach to design is provided, with constant customer support available.


Cutting-edge technology is used to deliver app design services from SynergyTop. One of the fastest-growing app design companies in Minnesota, Synergy is all about delivering growth for clients. All mobile apps are designed in a user-centric way, and they can be made across all the major mobile platforms. This means you can get as many eyes on your app as possible!


Nativ3 gives you a dynamic team of creative experts to help you every step of your way through the app design process. They are constantly innovating on new frontiers to provide mobile app designs that can’t be found anywhere else. Clear and crisp design is always assured, as are effective strategies to get your app off the ground.


eMagicOne gives clients a choice of two mobile app design options. You can either have a brand new theme created from scratch or have the design team select the best one available on the market. This caters to all sorts of clients, providing a faster and more affordable solution for those of you on a budget.

Creed Interactive

One look at the website tells you all you need to know about Creed Interactive. A company that’s hell-bent on doing things differently, you’re sure to receive some interesting and unique mobile app design from them. They have worked with a handful of huge clients in many sectors, constantly designing apps to target the different user demographics. Creed also provides app redesign services, helping you breathe new life into an app that’s lost some of its zazzle.

If you are looking for the top mobile app design companies in Minnesota, this is your exhaustive list of the best. As always, do your research to be sure you pick a company that aligns with your values and can help you achieve your vision.