25+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in Michigan

25 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Michigan
21Apr, 2021

When you need an app design company in Michigan, you have a broad range of choices. There are app design agencies all over Michigan, from Grand Rapids to Detroit. An app design company will take care of the important visual and design elements of your app, such as graphics and wireframing, while app developers will take care of the more technical elements for you. Some app designers might also offer development services.

Take a look at some of the best mobile app design companies in Michigan to find the right company for your requirements.

1. Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing offers both app design and development, among other services. Although their US headquarters are in Illinois, they’re just across the lake, making them an excellent choice for anyone in Michigan looking for the right app designer. Their comprehensive solutions offer everything that you need to create your app and more.

2. SoluLab

SoluLab provides on-demand app design and development for companies across a range of industries and niches. They also have a broad range of different types of apps for businesses ranging from fitness companies to eLearning and laundry services so that you can see the range of solutions that they have available.

3. 3 Sided Cube

Based in Allegan, 3 Sided Cube partners with organizations to help create social impact through app design and development. Their aim is to empower their clients and encourage people to get behind your cause, so they’re an ideal choice for nonprofit companies or anyone with a good cause.

4. Maven Cluster

Maven Cluster can help with native mobile app design and development, hybrid mobile app development, Android apps, iOS apps, and Windows apps, as well as cross-platform development. Their mobile app design takes care of your UX/UI needs. They offer a range of other services too, including software development.

5. City Innovation Labs

This company with offices in both Grand Rapids and Chicago can create custom mobile apps, offering Android, iOS, native, and cross-platform app design and development. They focus on user experience and the people who will be using the app to ensure that they offer an innovative and intuitive experience to users.

6. KitelyTech

KitelyTech has one of their eight offices in Detroit and offers mobile app design and development to help their customers connect to the digital market. As well as design and development, they can help with strategy, support and maintenance, marketing, and app porting. They won’t just abandon you once your app has been designed.0

7. Embitel Technologies

This multinational company has a presence in Michigan, as well as India, the UK, Germany, and the UAE. Embitel Technologies offers affordable mobile app design and development, from conceptualization to deployment. Their developers and UI/UX designers work together to create an app that meets your needs with fixed costs.

8. Augusto

Custom software design and development from Augusto includes mobile app design and development. They offer UX design services and design for mobile applications, with a diverse portfolio across a range of industries. They can build mobile apps that are accessible from multiple platforms and native, cross-platform apps for iOS and Android.

9. Softura

Softura is a digital company based in Farmington Hills, with a number of application engineering services. Their application design and development services include mobile app development to help you reach users on different platforms. They use Windows Azure to help their clients make the most of the cloud and offer UX and UI design.

10. Magespider Solutions

Another company based in Farmington Hills, Magespider Solutions focuses on app development, unlike some companies that offer a broader choice of services. They provide iOS and Android development, as well as UI and UX development. They can help with apps of various types and offer a fixed price model.

11. Michigan Software Labs

Michigan Software Labs in Grand Rapids has been providing app design and development services for more than ten years. They design and build apps, with a number of different services, including custom app development. They use a range of platforms and tools to build apps and can help to scale and measure too.

12. Flight Path Creative

Flight Path Creative has offices in Grand Rapids and Traverse City, as well as in San Diego, CA. Their mobile app design and development services are available to create all kinds of apps for Apple and Android devices, from e-commerce to scheduling apps. They have a diverse portfolio.

13. GalexE Solutions

Although headquartered in New Jersey, you can find GalexE Solutions at Detroit Center of Excellence too. Their application design and development services offer a full selection of services for different industries. They can even work with companies in the healthcare sector, complying with HIPAA and other requirements when necessary.

14. AMBR Detroit

AMBR Detroit provides user experience design, mobile design, and more. They can take care of wireframing and other strategy and planning elements of designing your app. The company uses various platforms, frameworks, and tools to work on projects for their clients. They can help with measurement and tracking for your app too.

15. Ajatus Software Pvt Ltd.

Ajatus is based in Grand Rapids, with offices in India and the UK, and offers mobile app design and development among their services. You can choose from iPhone, Android, and hybrid app development services to get your mobile app off the ground.

16. Grandapps

Grandapps has launched more than 250 mobile apps since 2011. The Grand Rapids company works with businesses in hospitality, fitness, events, music, nonprofits, and various other areas. They focus on improved user experience to provide engaging apps and ensure users have positive interactions with your app, thanks to their skilled team.

17. ThinkLions

ThinkLions is a Detroit-based company that provides app development services, along with other services and resources for startups. They can create consumer-ready mobile apps and enterprise and business solution apps, taking you through the whole design and development process. They include user experience and design in their app development services.

18. One Team US

One Team US is located in Troy, with both web and mobile development services available. They specialize in iOS and Android app development and also offer mobile website design, mobile CMS development, and analytics and marketing services. They have worked on projects such as waiting room apps and student apps.

19. ddm marketing & communications

Mobile app design and development is one of several services extended by ddm marketing & communications. The Grand Rapids company will plan, design, develop, launch and monitor your mobile app to take care of the whole process for you. They can also help with additional needs at the same time, such as web development.

20. Detroit Labs

Detroit Labs takes a people-first approach and can both design and build your mobile app. They will work with you through strategy, design, and engineering and take an iterative approach to building apps. Their products are designed to be scalable and they design web products in addition to mobile products.

21. Fusionary

With offices in both Grand Rapids and Farmington Hills, Fusionary is an award-winning company that provides digital services. They operate together with AMBR Detroit and have been in business for more than 25 years. They have created all kinds of apps and websites for various different industries and niches.

22. Stout Systems

Stout Systems delivers custom software development, including mobile applications. The company is based in Ann Arbor and can take you through conceptualization, design, and testing to ensure your app meets your needs. They also build web applications and other software.

23. Saturn Systems Software Engineering

Saturn Systems has mobile development services available, producing native, hybrid, and web-based mobile applications. Their end-to-end mobile app strategy includes design, development, implementation, and support services so that you can have it all completed by one company. They also specialize in developing apps for integration with other apps and devices.

24. Jācapps

Jācapps Solutions has been creating mobile solutions for over ten years. The company is based in Bingham Farms and uses their innovative app platform Wallaby to quickly configure and publish native mobile apps. They also offer custom solutions to design and build mobile apps from scratch. Additionally, their App Everywhere service helps to make your app available on more platforms, from smart TVs to wearables.

25. Mutually Human

Software developers Mutually Human create web apps, mobile apps, and desktop and cloud software from their office in Grand Rapids. They aim to change the way that people live their lives with their mobile apps and can design apps for different platforms and devices.

26. Blutium

This Novi company offers mobile app design and development in Michigan, with enterprise-grade and business-oriented apps on offer. They can help startups to grow their business with mobile apps and offer both iOS and Android apps. They can integrate web services and web applications under mobile-friendly web interfaces too.

Discover some of the best mobile app design companies in Michigan to find the right app designers for your business, no matter your requirements.