25+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in Louisiana

25 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Louisiana
20Apr, 2021

There can be a variety of reasons why you are looking to create an app. For small businesses and even as individuals, launching an app can be part of a business or a way to make money in and of itself. When looking at the design of your app, it can definitely be worth getting the eyes of experts to share their skills and knowledge and talk you through what will work best, to create a great user experience. They are the ones with the experience in this area, so save yourself time and stress by going to the experts.

Being able to talk in person and see their work can be vital too, to really get an idea behind what they do and see examples of their previous work. If you’re based in Louisiana, then here are some of the best mobile app design companies in Louisiana to help you decide who to work with.

1. Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing focuses heavily on making your mobile app aesthetic but functional, with a design approach to give a great user experience. They build apps that not only look good but that are visually stimulating and that are themed specifically to your requirements and the unique purpose of your app. At Exemplary Marketing, they use state of the art technologies so that they can produce tailored applications that provide a seamless user experience.

2. Susco Solutions

The whole team of app designers at Susco Solutions has the skills, knowledge and experience to be able to create an app that is suited to your business, and works with the ideas that you have, with what they know works. With visual concepts and flow design they can help you to design an app that will be eye-catching and engaging for your ideal customers.

3. LookFar Labs

One of the main services that LookFar Labs offers is app design with a big focus on the overall look of the app, but also on the user experience. From wireframing to user flow diagrams and prototypes, LookFar Labs can help to design a mobile app that goes above and beyond the original scope.

4. Primtek

Mobile apps can be great for business as they can increase productivity and bring your business to the next level. Primtek designs and develops mobile apps ensuring that there is an easy to use user interface, alongside some powerful features. Their mobile apps are also designed to suit both iOS and Android devices, to maximize a better user experience.

5. Novateus

Based in Baton Rouge, Novateus has a team of experienced software developers who design beautiful and user-centric mobile apps that can help to automate different processes. They are also designed with productivity in mind, and you can get some real-time insights from the app.

6. Revelry

Revelry Labs work with businesses of all different sizes to design and digitally transform their mobile apps, to make it easy to use and exciting. Technology is something that should improve your whole business, and not just simply something extra. They have proven experience in a range of industries, from logistics to education, as well as social good.

7. TiaMaven LLC

TiaMaven is a world-class software and development services who can take you through each step of the app design process, from the look and overall experience of the app, to the whole development of the app. They work efficiently and have a team that can produce high-quality code.

8. iCandy Labs

iCandy Labs is a Lafayette based mobile app development company who can also take you through the design of the app. They know that understanding the client’s requirements is vital to get the end result that is desired, so they will really work with you to get to know your needs before a project is started. A design process like this can be delicate and detailed, so as a client, they will allow you to share your own input along the way.

9. Radolo

Radolo are custom software designers, as well as web developers, who will work with you to build data-driven solutions for your mobile app, with the aim to help to streamline the business. Radolo always charges a fixed price and will aim to deliver a quality solution quickly, if there are any issues. They aim to make the mobile app design process easy.

10. CotingaSoft

CotingaSoft has a mission to create simple and focused app design. They understand that the design process can be long but they focus on the main areas of designing and developing an app, so that it isn’t a complicated or complex end product and user experience. They aim to make software that is fast, smart, safe, and easy for their clients.

11. Toast Mobile

Based out of Lafayette, Toast Mobile provides a range of application design for iOS, Android, and the web. They can design, develop, and host different implementations for all of the apps that they help to design, so it can be specific to the needs of your business. Toast Mobile will work closely with you right from concept and then to  testing, ensuring that you are happy with the app, the user experience, and the end product.


ZAP DRD is headquartered in New Orleans, and has a main focus on app development and design. They are a leading company in what they do, with the main focus being on iOS and Android apps and games, though they do have a branch of responsive websites and e-commerce technologies that helps to serve people around the world.

13. Agilink Technologies Inc.

This company has been providing custom mobile app design and development for a number of years, and they specialize in mobile design and development as well as web design and development. They look to create custom solutions that are scalable, but that help to be efficient, look good, and provide a stellar end-user experience.

14. Cyber Fision

Cyber Fision will work with you to provide premium solutions for your mobile app design and development that is  comprehensive. They work with startups in tech, as well as e-commerce customers, to develop and design a mobile app that will be suitable for the business needs.

15. Structure X

Structure X has a range of IT solutions and services that can help clients navigate the design process of mobile apps. Structure X has a focus on providing integration, design, and development services to a range of industries, from healthcare to petro-chemical companies.

16. Medbug Media

Founded in 1998, Mudbug Media is a design and development agency. Their team of staff includes experts in a variety of areas, from graphic design to app development, as well as SEO. With this range of skills the app design can be an interactive communication to help to achieve the objective of the business.

17. Touch Point

More of a digital marketing agency, Touch Point has a simple goal to improve businesses through simple but effective digital marketing strategies, one of which is the design and experience of using a mobile app. They help your business get seen, get more customers,and help to grow your customer base.

18. Flow Digital

Flow Digital is New Orleans-based, and offers a full service of software design and development. They can work with you to provide custom digital solutions that will work well for your users, as well as your business. They develop specially crafted mobile app solutions that suit each client’s individual needs.

19. Pixel Dash Studios

Based in Baton Rouge, Pixel Dash Studios is a production company in digital media, specializing in game development and design. If you are looking to create a mobile app that is game-based, then they can help with the design process as they are experts in this area.

20. New Millennium Designs

NMD is a technology firm who specializes in interactive marketing solutions, including the design and development of mobile apps. NMD creates high-level apps for web and mobile devices, with a focus of the apps being on sales and marketing.

21. LA New Product Development Team

LA NPDT describe themselves as a one-stop shop for development of products and marketing, including mobile app development and design. This means that they cover all areas of the mobile app process from the ideas right until the commercialization.

22. iiicreative

iiicreative understand that an excellent user experience on a mobile app will lead to lasting loyalty and customer relationships. When they design mobile apps, they make sure that the user experience is the priority, crafting an app that not only looks good but really functions well and that customers will love to use.

23. Bandwise

Although the company’s main focus is web development, they do look at mobile app design and development, and are an award winning company in this area. Bandwise can deliver a custom mobile application using robust and cost effective technologies.

24. Datics AI

Datics AI provides stellar solutions that are related to the development of websites, mobile apps, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. The company has a long history in this area, with many satisfied customers.

25. Westguard Solutions

Westguard Solutions provides a mobile app design that is going to not only be aesthetically pleasing, but function well and work to drive customers to buy from the business. They know just how important the web-based activities of you customers are, and look to ensure a great user experience for your customers.