20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in London

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in London
05Jun, 2021

Creating a digital mobile app can be a huge stepping stone for any business. It provides a huge tool for businesses driving their brand forward with digital marketing. More people are using apps than ever before and it can be a challenge to find the right company to suit your needs. From large enterprises to SMEs, there are a range of ways you can use apps to generate business sales, ROI, and impeccable advertising. It’s a vital way to connect to your audience and learn from their habits. How do they like to shop? What do they buy? Apps can make life simpler for customers, a quicker and easier way to shop and browse, quick ways to stay on top of current offers, and more. It is without a doubt, a great way to connect. In addition, users can click on the app to view your brand and not navigate through google searches and websites to find you.

Using app design is key to creating the right marketing goals as well as staying relevant within your industry niche. The times are changing and modern interventions are leading the way and pioneering new ways to market. If you are London-based, you most likely want to work with a company that is local to your own business. A design app company should regularly meet with you to discuss many of your business options and to talk through designs. So, before you make a decision as to which company to work with, we have compiled a list of the 20 best mobile app design companies in London, to make things simpler. From 1 to 20, you can find out about each company’s accomplishments and make an educated decision for the next step in the world of marketing for your business!

Exemplary Marketing

I’m at number 1 is, Exemplary Marketing is a top agency dedicated to creating apps for business worldwide. With offices located globally, they have helped businesses rise to the top with specially designed apps. Their competitive rates and incredibly focused work helps brands across all industries, helping develop iOS and android user-friendly applications with cross-platform compatibility. They have a plethora of experience spanning out over a number of years, and are renowned for being the best at what they do.


They are a mobile app development company that work across New York and Chicago as well and have won prestigious awards in their field. In addition to creating their groundbreaking apps for emerging startups and established enterprises they are focusing on bringing in their clients but money and have brought in over $10 billion in transactions. They work with businesses in all niches and industries and don’t want to limit themselves. Helping businesses develop apps is something they have been doing for 10 years+. They work with UX and UI designers to create an app that works for your customers.

App Monkey

They are a fresh & vibrant mobile application development studio that are focused solely on creating apps. They are UK based and have worked with numerous clients across the UK from. They take ideas and make them a reality; working with you closely to ensure your needs are met. Their slogan “On time, On Budget and On Point!” Is what they work at every single time to ensure customers are happy. There is no denying their motivation and work closely with apps for multi platform devices, which include  iPhone, Android, iPad, Facebook, Windows, PWA’s and more.

This Is Glance

They are a development company that first began their journey in marketing over five years ago and have worked with some brands including Lucozade and Kingfisher. They use ever changing technology to create sharp and easy to use apps for businesses in all industries. Their founder Paul Sissons says “Glance not only understands how to design fantastic mobile and touchscreen apps.”


Dribbble is a trendy business that inspires illustrations and designs to wow. The design and execution is important to them with cool arts and graphics, they are great for those who loves aesthetics. Their website houses hundreds of graphics in their portfolio. Founded in 2009, they have worked with over 40,000 customers and counting. Boasting one of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in America, they also have offices in London and Europe.


Their claim to be the “best mobile app design company in london.” They began their journey in 2013, focusing on analytics and sales. They are focused on making numbers a reality and being driven by clients’ goals. They offer a free consultation where you can speak about your budget and expectations. They use cutting edge technologies and are the “fastest growing enterprise providing various mobile apps solutions across various industries, including gaming, healthcare, dating, and whatnot.”

Pixel Field

They have over seven years experience in their field and focus on helping start-ups, and entrepreneurs build their dream. They also work with corporates to launch their digital products and boost their KPIs. They work with all industries and seek to create a special and unique design for each client. They work on priorities first. One of their latest campaigns was to create a summer Campaign of Kofola, a prominent Czech beverage maker.

BK Web Design London

With over ten years experience this company works to create mobile apps and hybrid apps which are Avon inaction of native and web apps. They establish a clear process from the outset, talking through each stage and offering assistance to SMEs across London and beyond. They have six offices in the London area.

Innovation M

This web design company branched out into making apps not too long ago. They use new technology to drive their business forward with a large team of highly experienced web developers. They focus on a design-centric approach to share an effective and compelling screen-based experience and work on creating apps that are inviting and look aesthetically pleasing. They have worked with the British council and more and work within the travel and construction industries. They are innovative and offer bespoke software solutions for all businesses.


This “smart thinking brand” has worked with numerous companies. Flipside have been in the industry for years creating high impact work for entrepreneurial clients. From inception through to design, they create stunning designs. This company has also worked with Adobe and Nurofen as well as many other prominent British brands. They create science with art.

Sugar Rush creative

The UK App Agency of the Year, Sugar Rush and they work with clients across the UK, scotland and the USA. They work with clients for brands who are taking their shop or brand online. They seek to create user friendly and creative mobile UI designs. This offers clients a great UX. They have an impressive client list, having worked with the BBC and Radio Times.


DCSL GuideSmiths is an award-winning mobile app development company, with expertise in creating mobile apps for iOS and Android. With over ten years experience, they seek to create apps from idea through to design, with your businesses ethos at its core. They work solely to create something special for your company. Their team of expert workers are able to fuse traditional software with modern concepts.

Mint Twist

Mint Twist is a brand that focuses on creating apps for brands across all industries. They are a team of creatively-led individuals, this edgy company claims they have a no-bullshit approach to work, offering their customers a straightforward process with modern day thinking. Having worked with Depop and Tungsten they work within the retail sectors, helping companies set up apps for shopping.

Every Interaction

This company has worked for 7 years in the business and claims their approach is always eco-friendly. They believe that the use of digital products “has fundamentally changed the lives of every smartphone owning person on the planet.” Their work is within all sectors and their ethos is creating a simple and clean app that works. They like clean neat design and have helped design The Economist app for a pleasant reading experience for all users.

Instinctive Agency

With the help of their expert team, rhey help companies’ visions come to life. They collaborate with internal teams to make each system thrive. Since 2006, this marketing company has won many awards and their longevity in the business, they believe, gives them a leg up on their competition. Led by the managing director, Peter Richman, they have worked with Xeus and Capita in the past few years.

Glow Internet

Bourne agency


Magora Systems

Made agency