15 Best Mobile App Design Companies In Leeds

15 Best Mobile App Design Companies In Leeds
11Jun, 2021

Whether your business is still in its fledgling stages before reaching success, or already hit the ground running with the next world-changing idea, moving into the mobile phone app market is crucial for netting those new pairs of eyes on your project. It’s estimated that we can spend up to four hours a day glued to our mobile screens, so setting up a reliable form of residence in that virtual space we all occupy daily is vital.

Apps are portable, easy to use, and sometimes even reach entirely new demographics- all in all, the benefits to be had from branching out really cannot be overstated.

If you’re thinking of expanding to the world of mobile applications, however, you need to ensure that you’re leaving your company in the hands of a designer you can trust. A good mobile app design company can make or break the client’s first impressions of you. For this reason, here are the 15 best mobile app design companies in and around the Leeds area.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing provides a range of services that is both diverse and detailed. Whatever your business needs to truly flourish, whether it be app design, app editing, branding, social media marketing, or something else, Exemplary Marketing can likely provide the answer with ease.

If you’re uncertain about how exactly Exemplary Marketing can provide your business with what it needs to elevate it to that next level, Exemplary Marketing provides services such as their free website grader, allowing your business to be assessed by their staff of highly-trained experts.

Exemplary Marketing’s reach also extends globally, as they offer high quality services to clientele all over the world. Their highly trained staff are experts in listening to the client and making sure that their needs are met every step of the way.

By making sure that your app is handled by a company with experience and a high level of skill, you’ll be giving your business the best chance at success in a busy, modern-day market. We, as humans, love accessibility, so by meeting your customers halfways in a polished and professional manner, you’ll be sowing the seeds for your business’ future growth and long-term success.


Intelivita’s selection of services consists of a breadth that is impressive- everything from mobile phone applications to games to eCommerce. One of Intelivita’s strongest suits is their revered UI/UX team which is specialised in ensuring that the front-end of your app is as user-friendly as it could possibly be- and looks good whilst doing so. UI/UX design is incredibly important to your app’s success, and by ensuring that the client has a positive experience with whatever your app may be, you can guarantee a level of success.

Intelivita’s highly skilled team has attracted consumers tied to a number of notable names, such as ITV and Microsoft.

NewRedo Ltd.

NewRedo Ltd. offers a diverse selection of services that can be easily adapted to suit whatever your business may need at any given point in its development. From back-end design to live tech support, NewRedo Ltd. is dedicated to ensuring the entire process of the app is user-friendly and runs smoothly- for both your business and your clients.


twentysix’s series of services is extremely expansive, with the capacity to cover any type of aid you might need in order to give your business that extra push it needs to truly grow and thrive in today’s market.

The services on offer include web design, social media marketing, creative assets, and project management. For this reason, twentysix is an incredibly useful company, as they can effectively erase the need for any middlemen when trying to get your business the service that it deserves.

Vindicta Digital

Vindicta Digital’s catalogue of services is incredibly varied, and this is something that really gives the company an edge over the competition. Through their wide selection of services, Vindicta Digital erases the need for any additional companies to enter into the process, thus making the entire experience of getting your app up and running that much quicker and easier.

Refractiv Limited

Refractiv Limited is a company which dates back to 2002, boasting nearly 20 years of experience. Whether you’re seeking app design, web design, or cloud service solutions, Refractiv Limited has an impressive selection of services pertaining to your needs. Whatever your business may be missing, Refractiv Limited likely has a solution to guide you to that missing piece.

Action Prompt Ltd.

Action Prompt Ltd. specialise in providing app design solutions for businesses and startups in the food industry. Having already had some considerable experience in that field, Action Prompt Ltd. can be trusted to elevate your food-centric startup to that next level of success.

In addition to this, their knowledgeable team has over 30 years of experience in software development, and over 20 years of experience in the food service industry.

Llama Digital

If you believe your app request might be a little bit challenging, Llama Digital excels at solving such problems. Their company ethos is one of facing any and all challenges head-on until the customer is completely satisfied.

With the founder of Llama Digital having experience working with some sizable clients such as Boots and Mazda, Llama Digital also has a demonstrated history of success in the field, making them a name you can trust.

Yorkshire Software Ltd.

Yorkshire Software Ltd. specialise in a handful of technical services such as app design, web design, and SMS services. Their ethos is one of customer service first and foremost, so you can ensure that your needs will be listened to and actioned upon.


Dubit is a company that specialises in apps targeted towards children, with a long history of research to back their expertise. If your business or startup consists of a service that might be beneficial to a younger target audience, Dubit’s demonstrated history of success in this field speaks for itself.


6B specialises in an approach to app design that is collaborative, meticulous, and results-driven. With a team of over 30 ambitious and highly skilled staff members, 6B strives to provide the best customer experience as well as the best expert services possible.

The Eden Agency

Through a careful balance of UI/UX design, front and back end development, and a myriad of other forms of technological prowess, The Eden Agency is an accomplished app design company capable of taking the steps necessary to help your business flourish.

Aside from the impressive selection of services they offer to aid you in your mobile app development journey, The Eden Agency also hosts a variety of workshops to help you make the most of your time with them. The topics of such workshops range from UX design to branding, so no matter which stage of your business’ development you’re currently in, there’s a high chance The Eden Agency has a workshop suited to helping you grow.

The Eden Agency also has a backlog of over ten years of app design experience, and a selection of successful past projects in their library.

Netsells Group

Netsells group is a company that specialises in digital consultancy ventures for both mobile and desktop devices. Netsells’ selection of services on offer includes a wide variety of helpful packages.

To Netsells, the ideal approach to such design requests is a holistic one. By approaching problem solving through the use of a combination of strategy, cutting-edge technology, and development, success is guaranteed.

Netsells have been in the digital consultancy industry for over ten years, with an impressive backlog of past satisfied clientele such as the NHS, Trainline, and Uber. With an expansive list of services and past successful projects, the quality of Netsells’ work speaks for itself.

The Distance App Developers

The Distance App Developers focuses equally on clientele from small business to mid-range levels of development and has the ability to adapt their services to suit whatever might be the right choice for your business. By working around whatever you might need for your company, The Distance App Developers does whatever it can to suit your business’ or projects’ needs.

With over ten years of experience in the field, The Distance App Developers has worked with clients such as the NHS, Adidas, and Bentley Motors- to name a small selection.

Pocketworks Leeds

Pocketworks Leeds is a company that facilitates the modern consumer’s need for simple, streamlined user interfaces (UI). Coupled with a department specialising in user experience (UX) improvement, Pocketworks pride themselves on combining efficacy with ease of use.

Pocketworks boasts their ability to be a data-driven business- whilst aggregating the feedback and outcomes of their works, they understand the importance of decision-making at all levels based on the facts of how and why consumers do the things they do.

Pocketworks has an extensive portfolio of past clients behind them, including Travelodge, Asda, football referees, and many others. Whether you’re just getting started on your new app or need a little help tweaking an existing product, Pocketworks’ wide range of services can help you reach that ideal final goal.