10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Kuwait

10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Kuwait
02Dec, 2021

Since designing an app is a complex process, there are many different aspects to consider. If you’re looking for the best app designers in Kuwait, this article might be what you need. We created this list of mobile app design companies in Kuwait based on their experience with the industry, client testimonials, and ratings by other companies. We also took into consideration feedback from independent reviewers.

What are the best mobile app design companies in Kuwait?

Mobile app design companies are highly specialized, and there are many different factors that make certain companies more successful than others. Customer reviews of the top 10 mobile app design companies in Kuwait will tell you everything you need to know about each one, so here are the 10 best mobile app design companies in Kuwait:

Exemplary Marketing

When choosing a mobile app design company, look for one that has a good marketing presence. Start by checking out their profile page on Google My Business. They must be active on the social network and will have at least 100 friends. Also, they will need to have a list of clients.

Looking at how they interact with their clients is another good indication of a company’s marketing savvy.

A better sign of marketing is if they can offer you a quote before you even speak to them. Then, there are the mandatory questions to ask before signing any contracts. Most of all, make sure that you select the right partner to help you create a fantastic app. Exemplary Marketing specializes in mobile app development, and the company employs dedicated programmers to craft fully functional apps for clients. Exemplary Marketing has worked on a variety of projects, and these range from high-end businesses to tech startups.

Hyena Technologies

Hyena Technologies is Kuwait’s leading mobile app design and development company. They provide a complete mobile app suite, such as design, development, and implementation.

In addition to creating outstanding mobile apps on the Android and iOS platforms, the company employs the latest and most advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, and predictive analytics. The company has also developed hybrid mobile apps for more than two decades.

Cliq Techno

At Cliq Techno, you will find a team of highly skilled graphic designers and developers. The team is comprised of top industry experts who have years of experience, not just in design but also in developing top-quality apps and websites.

Cliq Techno is rated as the best mobile app company in Kuwait for having successfully completed 350 mobile apps projects and serving hundreds of clients. The company specializes in creating custom web and mobile applications for enterprises. As a professional mobile app developer, the company is dedicated to creating responsive websites and flawless, custom mobile apps that are both reacting and iconic.

Wxit Consultant Service Private Limited

Wxit is a smartphone app development and marketing company based in Kuwait. We provide web development, mobile app development and other digital marketing services. Wxit specializes in Android mobile application development and online marketing for existing and new clients.

Wxit is available for both personal and corporate clients. Our graphic designers offer you the complete package when it comes to mobile app design. Let us customize your app to perfection and earn the trust of your customers.

Chrisans Web Solutions

Chrisans Web Solutions is a well-established web design company that provides smart and flexible solutions for small to medium companies. Chrisans Web Solutions has gained immense popularity thanks to the seamless navigation of their website.

Chrisans Web Solutions’ website was designed with a purpose in mind; they provide a complete range of web services that aims to promote customers’ businesses.

Highlights of Chrisans Web Solutions:

  • Support the needs of all digital business solutions
  • Specialized in developing website/IT-based applications
  • Team of highly experienced experts
  • Expert advisory team
  • Level of customer care
  • Systematic maintenance
  • Active social media presence

Apptology Kuwait

Apptology was founded in 2013. They are a Kuwait-based full-service app development company with a worldwide portfolio. They offer custom mobile apps, web application development, and app delivery.

The company has a strong focus on customer satisfaction, giving clients full access to the entire Apptology team to help with problems or offer insight into how to make their app even better.


Ochobase was established in 1982 and has made their mark in the GCC. They have a team of talented graphic designers who can turn your ideas into realistic and eye-catching designs.

Emstell Technologies

Emstell Technologies provides the best custom mobile app development and maintenance for its clients around the world. They specialize in developing highly customizable apps for iOS and Android devices, so your brand image and interactive design are perfect. They also provide maintenance services for one and all, which includes responsive design, fix-ups and general mobile app maintenance.

The team that created popular apps such as Wagento Connect and WebwayForKids were originally contracted for creating web apps for a local travel agency. After receiving much success, they were moved into the app business, where they currently excel.

Sak Websolution Pvt. Ltd

Sak Websolution is an IT company in Kuwait specializing in developing the necessary tools for growth, such as office suites, servers, and servers for laptops and desktops. This is their first mobile app design company, and it’s known for being able to develop all sorts of mobile apps, including games. You can check out their impressive portfolio for the best of the best.

FuGenX Technologies

FuGenX Technologies was founded in 2008. The company leads the list of the most trusted web and mobile application development companies in Kuwait and around the globe due to its dedicated technology solutions and services.

Startups, SMEs, and multinational corporations can rely on it for mobile app development, web development, IoT app development, artificial intelligence app development, and enterprise app development.


Even though the mobile app industry in Kuwait isn’t growing as much as the rest of the Middle East, it’s still a viable option for developing a simple app. Though it’s not nearly as lucrative as apps made for smartphones made in Silicon Valley, Kuwait is a reliable place to develop your app.

Features high-quality product pictures of the app Designed to run on Android and iOS platforms Implements seamless messaging functionality, social media integrations, push notifications, and reminders. Simple to use User-friendly – specifically targeted for the people that would use it One of the few mobile app companies based in Kuwait Constructed from the ground up with mobile in mind.