10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Kumamoto

10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Kumamoto
08Oct, 2021

In this post, we take a look at the top 10 mobile app design companies in Kumamoto. Check them out below.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is a world-class mobile app design agency based in Kumamoto and comes in at first place on our list. The firm creates apps across multiple sectors including agriculture, aviation and e-learning, and has more than 500 experienced developers in its network, delivering projects to clients across the world.

Exemplary Marketing operates on what it terms an “on-demand” model. This allows it to scale flexibly the number of developers clients can access for large-scale projects and quick turnaround times.

Ranolia Ventures

Ranolia Ventures is another mobile app design company in Kumamoto. It focuses on helping its clients stand out among the thousands of brands that publish apps to the app store every year. It sees itself as both a developer and an advocate, representing brands and assisting them in making their apps a marketable success.

As a company, Ranolia Ventures has a high success rate in helping brands achieve their goals. It makes use of a range of advanced design tools that help it to stand out.

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is a highly technical app developer located in the Kumamoto region. The company uses a variety of programming languages, including Java and React.js, allowing clients to build their app stacks from the bottom up.

It offers skilled and proficient developers, a transparent communication process, and continual assistance across time zones, always keeping its customers in the loop. The standout feature of the company is its customer service, offering communication via phone, Skype, chat and email, depending on the client’s needs.


Appunik is a unique mobile app design company that develops apps for both iOS and Android. The company believes in taking technology “beyond thoughts,” meaning that it wants to expand the way that we perceive what technical innovation can do.

In many situations, clients can limit their horizons by imposing preconceived notions on what app development can achieve. Appunik’s goal is to overcome this tendency by expanding the range of possibilities open to firms and giving them a unique perspective on technical capabilities.

Sotatek JSC

Sotatek JSC is a major app development company that has offices in the Kumamoto region as well as overseas markets, including the US, Australia and Vietnam. The company is a full-stack development outfit, offering clients a host of ancillary technologies to go along with mobile app design, including blockchain, AI and ERP. It also specialises in hooking firms up to the cloud and digitizing their businesses,

Neovibe Innovative Technologies

Neovibe Innovative Technologies is on a mission to provide its customers with cost-effective solutions on a tight schedule. For that reason, it specializes in serving those who need quick turnaround times and high performance. Like some other developers in this list, it believes in using knowledge and innovation to procure business-level change.


Fenrir is one of Japan’s top mobile app developers. The brand has risen to prominence thanks to its focus on UI/UX. So far, the firm has built more than 500 apps for 300 clients and continues to go strong.

Ego Creative Solutions

Ego Creative Solutions is a comprehensive digital agency that also has a small arm focused on app development. It’s been around for more than 16 years and, in that time, developed a reputation for excellence. The brand focuses on turning groundbreaking client ideas into apps that genuinely serve operational interests. It believes in quick turnaround times and a consultative approach with clients.

Moreover, Ego Creative is popular among firms who want to deliver their app to users across multiple platforms. It creates bespoke apps for desktop, tablet, phone and more.

MaeBe Co

MaeBe Co is an application development company that focuses heavily on the mobile market. During the brand’s short history, it has developed many successful apps for brands in the business field.

Its competitive advantage comes from the fact that it offers continual ongoing support after app delivery. Recently, it won a gold award from the Japanese Magazine Publishers Association for the quality of its Android apps. Today, the agency builds apps for financial institutions, helping them reach customers far and wide.

Robosoft Technologies

Rounding out the list of best app developers in the Kumamoto area is Robosoft Technologies. This developer focuses primarily on helping brands complete their digital transformation, moving them away from brick and mortar solutions to bring them online. It offers app development as part of its holistic “road map” services, bringing together diverse functions, strategies and architectures.