10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Kitakyushu

10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Kitakyushu
06Oct, 2021

If you want an excellent app that looks great, has all the most modern features, and most of all help you beat all your competitors, you need to find the right mobile app designer. Kitakyushu in Japan is an up-and-coming area for mobile design development.

There are many companies in and around the Kitakyushu area that can help you design the best mobile app for your business. They will incorporate both the appropriate User Interface and User Experience for your type of business in the overall design to help you create an app that is both business-appropriate and attractive to your customer base.

Exemplary Marketing

For over 10 years, Exemplary Marketing has been a leader in software design. They were there at the beginning of the rise of the mobile phone app and have been busy designing excellent apps that suit all their client’s needs.

With a strong belief that technology can change the world for the better, they incorporate this ethos into every app design. They also have strong ties to some of the most powerful I.T. companies around the world, which enables them to employ state-of-the-art technology to create the best software products.

Ranolia Ventures

This Graphic Design Agency can help anyone looking to reimagine their brand and boost their company profile. They pride themselves on creating intuitive solutions to all businesses’ mobile app design problems.

So, they are able to design mobile app user interfaces (U.I.), which heighten the user experience (UX) for devices using Windows, Android, and iOS. Their solutions help businesses market their products better.

Next Systems

Next Systems is a forwards looking company that focuses on App design, Web design, A.R. and V.R. development, and Artificial intelligence.

When it comes to apps, they are equipped at designing user-friendly systems that cater to U.I. and UX. With a focus on the future of technology, they design things with change and development in mind.

Fenrir Inc

Fenrir Inc has been dedicated to designing technology that has the express extension of making the user happy since 2005. So the UX of every mobile app design is paramount, as well as creating a high level of functionality in every design. They have the perfect synthesis of UX and U.I.

 TechnoArch Softwares

This is a small but highly skilled group of mobile app developers who focus on creating a solid design structure for numerous software products. This means that they create some of the most functional apps available that meet all their client’s requirements.


RE Co has been operating for 16 and focuses on all aspects of mobile app design and development. However, they are especially good at creating and designing brand new systems and have a large portfolio of clients who wanted new designs and had custom-built apps.


This is an elite mobile app design company that is extremely focused on all things mobile app. Their second-to-none mobile app design feature is well equipped for numerous fields, including gaming and information and e-commerce.

Their mobile app design principles are crested to allow gaming on Android and iOS, and they are experts at creating great online shopping experiences.

Tapadia Tech

Tapadia Tech are expert professionals with over 15 years of software design experience under their belts. They can create apps of all sizes and scales, from huge multinationals to all small businesses.

They began as web design and developers, but as the need for apps increased, seven years ago they turned their hand to the smartphone app in the Android and iOS.


This company is actually an outsourcing agency, but they have strong ties with a whole range of software engineers whose skills lie in designing and developing the best mobile apps. They provide their clients with an excellent and broad range of expertise in the Android and iOS spheres.

They are not limited to the type of business they cover as they have a great portfolio of apps that cover beauty products, video playback, as well as on-call data sharing.

FutureWork Technologies

FutureWork is a business that compromises only around 80 employees, but that does not hinder them from creating some excellent and forward-thinking software solutions, especially in the mobile app design spheres.

They can provide outsourcing solutions, as well as mobile app designs for start-ups and ongoing business enterprises. They are well versed in creating highly developed apps with strong functionality and UX incorporated into the design. This is all equipped for a multitude of devices with focused attention in the Android and iOS realms.